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A Digital Marketing/Social Media Campaign proposal for Ralph Lauren

Transcript of Adv 892 final project ralph lauren

  • 1. Katherine Becsey Digital Marketing Campaign

2. Ralph Lauren: American Classic 3. Challenges & Goals CHALLENGE S State of the Economy Increasing Competitio n GOALS Global Leadershi p Social Media 4. Social Media Building a Relationship with Customers Create Official Twitter lphLauren By using social media, PRL will connect and build relationships with their customers 5. Ralph Lauren Photo Contest ren 6. Twitter Get Involved Use Twitter for: Updates on new products, sales, events, etc. Integrate with Facebook page encourage followers to visit Exclusive discounts for followers Q&A sessions with RL designers 7. Ralph Lauren Newsroom on Ralph Lauren Clothing Blog: A Blog About The Extraordinary World Of Designer Ralph Lauren Blogging Connecting With Customers 8. What Is Everyone Saying? Social Media Monitoring & Blogger Outreach: Track all profiles using application like Google Alerts 9. Success or Failure? Google Analytics Website Traffic Likes on Facebook Followers on Twitter Comments on Blogs Buzz on the Internet 10. Cost - What We Really Care About Budget: Facebook = Free! Twitter = Free! Google Analytics = Free! SMM = Free! Costs: The Facebook Photo Contest +Blog Giveaways = $20,000-$32,000/year Wages for Social Media Team Timeline: Social Media platforms need to be used continuously throughout the year The only timeline suggestion = Facebook Photo Contest (4 times per year, coordinated with each season) 11. Thank You! 12. Photo Credits - 1st slide picture - 2nd slide source business/index.html - 3rd slide (challenges) - 4th slide twitter logo - 4th slide facebook logo - 4th slide ralph Lauren logo - 5th slide facebook logo - 6th slide twitter picture - 7th slide blog icon - 8th slide social media monitoring - 9th slide - online success %20sunglasses%20mens%20photos final slide photo