Ad:Tech Conference 2014

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The Ad:Tech 2014 conference at London

Transcript of Ad:Tech Conference 2014

  • 1. Context-aware mobileadvertising: turning ads into!real-time engagementFilip MaertensFounderhttp://[email protected]@fmaertens

2. A CURRENT STATE OF AFFAIRS 3. The perfect storm called ubiquitous computing Computing is everywhereand anywhere. 4. Clarifying the ambient intelligence paradigma pervasive computing principle that is sensitive and responsiveArtificial Intelligence Affective ComputingEmbedded &NetworkedInternet of ThingsContext awareSensor fusionPersonalizedBehavioral profilingAdaptiveA.I. & learningAnticipatoryPredictive analysisPrivacyTrust & PrivacyUXHuman Centric UX 5. Putting some numbers in perspectiveWearables30B units by 2018Up to 10 sensorsConnected DevicesUS$ 290B by 2018Up to 6 sensorsSmart-phones2,8B units by 2016Up to 12 sensors 6. Context-awareness explainedwhat I tell my grandma what I do We help your phone know you sowell, it helps you to interface with theworld in a much more natural,proactive, and personalizedmanner, so it behaves like a sixthsense 7. Engage in a context-aware mannerEngaging at the right m o m e n t , under the right c i r c u m s t a n c e s .TimeFeelingActivitiesHabitMoodWeatherRoad typeBehavior 8. How context upgrades your contentKnow what you arelistening toUnderstand the!circumstances youare listening to 9. Whats up with mobile advertising? Seriously. 10. 2014. And my toaster situation. Search or buy activity trigger ad-serving. Conversion moments on mobile are amere few seconds. Retargeting hell. 11. Re Pre-targeting is fundamental to mobile conversionRe-targeting!Pre-targeting!Bid on users that have left the sessionHigh conversion at low costCant get the real-time aspect rightTrying to convert users after the factsdoesnt work on mobileBig data spray and pray approachExperimentalBid on users before they enter a sessionHeavily rely on behavioral algorithmicprocessing of contextual data, to betterestimate a conversion momentEmerging out of recommender systemsand contextual computingSmall data precision targetingAccepted 12. Traditional versus full context-awarenessOnline advertising: based on explicitsignals, expressed by humans.Mobile advertising: based on implicitsignals, learned by machines.CLICKSSENSORSRicher, real-time and accuratepersonasClicks, page views, andaudience segments 13. Some fundamental challengesEngaging for conversion on a mobile device?Using stale data to understand fleeting moments?Using explicitly entered data from users? 14. Some groundbreaking opportunitiesInternet of Things Internet of ChannelsSensors. Sensors. Sensors and behavioral profilingThe offline channel has become connectedContext-awareness leaps beyond location 15. Mobile users live in the now, man!Mobile terrainPastPresentFutureA smart-phone is an impulse device that captures the presentwhere real-time and context-awareness are essential 16. How mobile users want to be servedSensed & Learned:!- Just woke up!- Walking!- Sunny weather forecast!- Had a good nights rest !Sensed & Learned:!- At the gym!- On the treadmill!- Busy day a head!- Music playing + 100BPM!Sensed & Learned:!- In traffic jam!- Daily commute home!- Had a short night of sleep!- End of a busy day!- Frown eyes, unhappy face!- Negative text message detected!- Aggressive typing text message!- Stress in her voice! 17. Argus Labs has created a pre-targeting platformcapable of near real-time contextualizationand profiling using deep learning Context w Mood w Behavior 18. Sensors as building blocks for attribution dataSensors are a devices equivalent to possessing human-like sensingcapabilities and allow to sense and understand contextual cues.Automatic gender detection, through walking patternsMood detection, through mobile handlingSound source detection (gyroscope sampling)Activity detection (walking, running, sitting, )Automatic in- versus outdoor detectionMood detection, through heart rate and oxygen level [email protected] 19. Its a service layerAccess through SDK and APIHandling > 1 million requests per secondAmbient sensing technology (no input needed)Android, IOS*, Microsoft Mobile** & Tizen**Built for mobile and embedded devicesProprietary IP and patentedProvide real-time push/profile updates to DMP*Beingported/tested**Por0ngstarted 20. Personas & MomentsUnderstand, profile and predict habitsUncover habits, profile and predict human behaviorSense and understand contextSense and interpret the contextual cues of a mobile userUnderstand personalities and emotionsLearn personalities and emotional states of a mobile userLAYER 3LAYER 2DEPRESSION SOCCER MOMSUSCEPTIBILITY SCORELAYER 1BIKING SLEEPING TIMESRUNNINGLOUD ACTIVEMUSICLOCATIONHAPPYLAZY SADEXTROVERT NERVOUS ENGAGED IN MEETING IN TRAFFIC STRESSEDINDOOR 21. Privacy as a trading functionGyroscopeAccelerometerMicrophoneCameraGPSLightIn-App UsageExpectedvalueUseracceptanceWi-FiBrowsing HistoryCalendarSMSGSRThe more permissions are required, more added value is expected from the mobile app!The type and quality (value) of a mobile app, not quantity, determines the ad estate value! 22. Start to build mood- and contextuallyaware real-time mobile campaigns 23. Context-aware mobileadvertising: turning ads into!real-time engagementFilip MaertensFounderhttp://[email protected]@fmaertens