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  • 16-07-2019


    Experiences of Technical Cooperation

    between Govt of Bihar and ADPC for

    Implementation of DRR Roadmap, Bihar - Preliminary insights

    ADPC’s Vision

    Safer communities

    and sustainable development

    through disaster risk reduction

  • 16-07-2019


    Background and Evolution

    Offices and representations

    • Bangkok, Thailand

    • Dhaka, Bangladesh

    • Yangon, Myanmar

    • Colombo, Sri Lanka

    Our Locations

    • Jakarta, Indonesia

    • Bihar State, India

    • Kathmandu, Nepal

    • Manila, Philippines

    • Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    • Islamabad, Pakistan

  • 16-07-2019


    Addressing the Needs of Countries

    � Continue to offer fee-based courses on 30 DRR topics

    Key Highlights of GoB- ADPC Technical Cooperation in Bihar (MoU signed on 11 July 2016)

    Objective To provide technical assistance to the Government of Bihar for selected priority

    activities of the Bihar Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Roadmap of the Government of Bihar

    Nodal / Lead Department

    Disaster Management Department,

    Government of Bihar (Roadmap focal agency)

    Funding Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

    Duration of the Program

    November 2015 – June 2018 (Phase1 )

    July 2018 – June 2021 (current phase)

    Pilot Districts Supaul, Nalanda, East Champaran

  • 16-07-2019


    • Hospital Emergency Preparedness Plans (HERPs) piloted in 3 districts

    • SOP and Operational Guideline on Management of Mass Casualty


    • Risk assessment toolkit & Atlas for use by Health dept. functionaries

    • Training modules

    ADPC assistance in the Health Sector

    • Chapter on DRR and climate resilience in 2017-22 Agriculture

    Roadmap of Govt of Bihar

    • ‘Meghdóot’ scheme- telemetric Hydro-met Early Warning System

    • Risk atlas for Agri sector

    • Training programmes on disaster and climate resilient livelihoods

    Ongoing assistance in the Agriculture Sector

  • 16-07-2019


    HRVA in Agriculture and Health Sector

    • Strengthening of State and district level EOCs

    • SAMBAL and DRR Infothon

    • Dharohar- Traditional DRR Knowledge from Bihar

    • Mimansa – Reflections from 2017 flood response

    • AV based IEC (eg Managing snakebites.) materials for early

    recovery - 2017 floods

    • Training of govt functionaries and PRIs on DRR Mainstreaming

    ADPC assistance in Disaster Management

  • 16-07-2019


    ADPC approach to BCM and tailoring this for India

    ‘‘Business Resilience’’ in action…

    1) Enhancing the disaster resilience of businesses themselves:

    ensuring enterprises can be adequately prepared for disasters,

    recover quickly from disruptions and even reduce disaster risk

    2) Contributing to disaster resilience of the communities and

    societies: since businesses are an important part of the

    communities and societies, they are an important stakeholder for

    disaster resilience both in terms of preparedness, recovery and

    disaster risk reduction

  • 16-07-2019


    4 simplified steps for undertaking BCM

    1. Business Continuity

    Management framework

    2. Business Analysis (Business Impact

    Analysis & Risk Assessment)

    3. Business Continuity Strategy

    4. Exercise & Plan- Do-Check-Action

    (PDCA) Cycle

    (APEC BCP Guidebook)

    Business Continuity Management (BCM)

    Business Analysis

    (Risk Assessment &

    Business Impact Analysis)








    PDCA Cycle

  • 16-07-2019


    Business Continuity Management (BCM) for

    PSUs in Bihar

    • Initiated with FICCI, ARISE India

    • Targeting critical support functions

    delivered by PSUs of various

    departments of the GoB.

    • Sensitisation, training and hand

    holding support to undertake

    Business Continuity Management

    • Leadership of Managing Directors of

    PSUs and Principal Secretary,

    Disaster Management Department.

    Emerging lessons

    “whole of society” approach, collaborative and coordinated action

  • 16-07-2019


    Emerging lessons

    “whole of society” approach, collaborative and coordinated action