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Adobe Flex. Framework and Tool. Stephen Oney. Brief History. PenPoint OS (1991). GO Corporation Tablets & PDAs. PenPoint OS. SmartSketch (1993). FutureWave Software For PenPoint OS Vectors For tablets. SmartSketch. PenPoint OS. SmartSketch (1994). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Adobe Flex

Adobe Flex

Adobe FlexFramework and ToolStephen OneyOpen browser to:

Open FlashOpen Flex1Brief History2PenPoint OS (1991)GO CorporationTablets & PDAs

PenPoint OS3Starts with PenPoint OSCreated by GO Corp., one of the best funded startups at the time (1987) eventually burned through $75 million. Attracted high profile developersMain developer: Robert Carr, who had a long history of developing software for the Xerox Alto, the first computer to use the desktop metaphor

PenPoint: OS developed especially for tablets and PDAs (picture is of IBM 700T tablet from )

Features included gestures, dynamic layout toolkit for portrait & landscape modes, many other features present in Windows Tablet Edition(2 lawsuits from GO Corp. for Windows)

3SmartSketch (1993)FutureWave SoftwareFor PenPoint OSVectorsFor tablets

SmartSketchPenPoint OS4FutureWave software was small company that made SmartSketch, a vector-based drawing program4SmartSketch (1994)GO (now under AT&T) abandonedNo Platform for SmartSketch

SmartSketchPenPoint OS5What next for SmartSketch?Windows / Mac?Macromedia FreehandAdobe IllustratorSIGGRAPH 95 FeedbackAnimationBrowser PlaybackMacromediaFreehandAdobeIllustratorWindows / Mac OSSmartSketch???????6Could port to Windows and/or Mac but would be competing against tech giants Adobe & Macromedia and Freehand & Illustrator respectivelySIGGRAPH 95 in LA6FutureSplash Animator (1995)NetscapePrototype used Java (slow)Plugin-in APISee Tobias presentationShips 1996

Windows / Mac OSNetscapeJavaFSA

FS Animator

7FutureWave software was small company that made SmartSketch, a vector-based drawing programWanted to add animation to product 7FutureSplash Animator

8FutureSplash AnimatorRejected by AdobeMSNTV over InternetDisneyAlso ShockwaveBought by MacromediaNetscapeFS Animator


Windows / Mac OS

1996 FutureWave proposes to adobe, tries to sell FutureSplash to them. RejectedFutureWave software was small company that made SmartSketch, a vector-based drawing programWanted to add animation to product 9Rich Internet Applications (90s)Applications on webProprietary extensionsLater, AJAXSee Phils presentation10Original idea from 90sFlash:Free plugin 10Macromedia FlashFS Animator FlashFuture SplashPlugin: Flash PlayerIDE: Flash11FlashMozillaWindows / Mac OSIEFS Animator

Flash 1 (1996)Same as FutureSplash AnimatorIE & Netscape pluginsVector animations12Flash 2 (1997)Reusable objects (buttons)Basic scripting13

Flash 5 (2000)ActionScript 1.014

Flash 6, MX (2000)Video playback support15

Flash 8 (2005)Video authoringActionscript video processing16

Adobe buys Macromedia (2005)Adobe Flash CS3 (2006)Integrated with CS

17Vector & RasterBack & Forth A/V Streaming

17Flash Demo18Adobe FlexFor developersIDE (Eclipse)Extendable classesBackend wizardsColdFusionPHP


20Actionscript(manipulates objects)Drawing Editor(creates objects)

21MXML &Actionscript(program)Widgets(reusable)

Flex Demo22File FormatSWF (Shockwave-Flash)Partially open

23Flash PlayerDesktopWindowsOS XGNU/LinuxSolarisMobile (Lite)

24Flash lite 1.1 : Flash 4.0Flash lite 2.0: Flash 7.0Flash lite 3.0: Flash 8.0, video streaming24Adobe AIRAdobe Integrated RuntimeOfflineStore data


FlashDesignersFlexProgrammersFlash PlayerBrowserAIRDesktopMXML27Flex 3 Component Explorer 10 (CS4) (2008)Basic 3D supportSee Joons talkJoints, bones, inverse kinematics31Flash CatalystFormerly ThermoVisual FlexSteps:Import from CSAttach behaviorsExport to Flex





PlayerPhotoshop: Raster graphics (photos), retouchIllustrator: Create vector graphicsFireworks: Can create, but more for web optimization, leftover from Macromedia acquisiation


35Questions36Have a great summer!

37Whats the Difference?FlashBuilt for InternetLoads quicklyInterpreted90% install baseShockwaveCD-ROM Dynamic ContentMore versatileCompiled58% install base closer with each release