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Transcript of Administrivia - Bunnell · PDF file Doscher Donna [email protected] Bonnell Clem & Alyne...

  • Bunnell/Bonnell Newsletter, V.18, No. 2 May 2004 Page 21



    HTTP:// [email protected]

    Volume XVIII, No. 2 May 2004

    A Non-Profit Publication to Assist in Sharing Family Records, Research & Genealogy

    Donations are:

    Printed, mailed Newsletter, issued Quarterly: $14.00/year Electronic Newsletter, Quarterly, printable and downloadable: $10.00/year Email account only, [email protected]/ $10.00/year Email account plus electronic Newsletter: $15.00/year Printed, mailed Newsletter plus Email account $19.00/year

    Queries, letters, e-mails and other material that subscribers provide us will be published free in the newsletter. Contents:

    Administrivia 21 Cemeteries 33 Correspondence 22 Biography 36 New Subscribers 23 Research Findings 36 E-Mail Addresses 23 Claude’s Comments 37 Direct Lines 24 The Bunnell House 38 Life Changes 24 New Publications 40 Queries 28 Post Script 40 Submissions 29

    Administrivia Submitting items for the newsletter: To help us keep track of the material, please include your name, address and date on each piece of paper you submit, including photos. For newspaper articles, including obituaries, please include the name of the paper it came from to include the date, city, state and page number. If you have the capability to send in your item electronically, as an attachment to your e- mail, that’s great. But we’ll accept it in any format, so send it in! Queries: Queries are FREE and will be published when received and if room permits. Please try to keep them brief. As a first response we will use Claude Bunnell’s database and check with William

    Important Addresses: Charlie & Pat Bunnell: P.O. Box 1801, La Plata, MD 20646-1801 William R. Austin: P.O. Box 62, Lacyville, PA 18623-0062 (Send direct lines to him) Claude Bunnell: 408 23rd St, Ocean City, NJ 08226; Winter: 2110 Harbourside Dr, Longboat Key, FL 34228-4527 Claude’s Website:

    Edited & Published by Charles & Patricia Bunnell

  • Bunnell/Bonnell Newsletter, V.18, No. 2 May 2004 Page 22 Austin for information. We also want readers to add to the answers we provide. Please feel free to send your reply to the address at the end of the query. Please also send a copy to us so that we can share the information.

    Share the Newsletter: We’re not copyrighted, so you can share this newsletter with your local Genealogical Library or Historical Society or your family and friends.

    Back Issues: Printed back Issues can be obtained for $4.00 per copy. That covers copying and mailing costs. We have electronic versions of a few back issues which are available to members free on the web.

    Web Page Update: All of Volume IV and Vol. III, No. 2 are available on the members’ web page. Since Nov 30, 2003, our web site has been viewed 1258 times by 534 different people.


    We, meaning our Newsletter subscribers, received a very beautiful Thank You card from Carol and Dale Brotzman. This is the way they expressed their gratitude for all who have helped contribute towards the loss of their home: “Charlie and the whole Bunnell Newsletter Folks, You’re Terrific! This is for all those wonderful Bunnell Family members who have been so gracious to us.”


    Kay Cutshall ([email protected]) e-mailed us and asked us to remind everyone that when they change e-mail addresses, they need to re-subscribe to any mailing lists they may have belonged to such as the RootsWeb list. She is sensitive to that overlooked step as she administers the Rootsweb mail lists for Bonnell and Bunnell and the message board for Bonnell.


    Julia Dale wrote in January providing us an obituary (see that section), her dues for a year, a bit of information, and a request. She asked if we might publish a listing of Bunnells/Bonnells that served in the Revolutionary War. Bill Austin did that first in Vol. III, No. 4 and then added to the list in Vol. X, No. 4, his last issue. We are working to make those issues available on-line. Julia said that the home of her grandfather, Albert Bonnell, and his parents, James and Rachel (Buffington) Bonnell, no longer exists; not just the house, but the village of Dover, Iowa.


    On our “Sites & Links” page of the Bunnell~Bonnell website, we have a link to the resume of Stephane Bonnell in France. Stephane found it and sent the following e-mail.

    From: Stephane Bonnell [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Tuesday, April 20, 2004 2:43 AM To: [email protected] Subject: I am Stephane Bonnell

    Hi, I am the Stephane Bonnell you are talking in 'sites and links' page. I was very surprised and amused to see my name on your site.I just wanted to tell you I am a man, in your site I appear like a woman. Another site you can add to your list is the family tree my father is making for the "Bonnell" in France:

    Regards -- Stephane BONNELL [email protected] Computers are useless. They can only give you answers - Pablo Picasso

  • Bunnell/Bonnell Newsletter, V.18, No. 2 May 2004 Page 23

    New Subscribers

    E-Mail Addresses

    This is the most current listing. Names in bold indicate a new e-mail address since the last issue. Austin William [email protected] Cutshall Kay [email protected] Baldwin Floyd [email protected] Dale Julia [email protected] Barrett Anne [email protected] [email protected] Barrett Barbara [email protected]

    Donaldson Deborah [email protected]

    Bevis Jean [email protected] [email protected] Bonnell Carole [email protected]

    Doscher Donna [email protected]

    Bonnell Clem & Alyne [email protected] Fahrenthold Sally [email protected]

    Bonnell Linda [email protected] Flavel Joan [email protected] Bonnell Steve [email protected] Gembinski Christine [email protected] Bonnell Teri [email protected] Gibbs Marjorie [email protected] Bonnell, Jr. John [email protected] Griffin Brenda [email protected]

    Bounnell Harry [email protected] Harding SueAnn [email protected] Brasche Loretta [email protected] Hatch Jerry [email protected] Brotzman Carole [email protected] Kane Jean [email protected] Brunk Phyllis [email protected] Livingston Doris [email protected] Bunnell Cecil [email protected] MacDougall Sharon [email protected]

    Bunnell Charles E. [email protected] Marks Elizabeth [email protected]

    Bunnell Chester [email protected] Mayhle Bernard [email protected] Bunnell Claude [email protected] McConnell Elliott [email protected] Bunnell Donald [email protected] Murray Joan [email protected]

    Bunnell Eris & Richard [email protected] Nemecek Louise [email protected]

    Bunnell John [email protected] Nicholas Truman [email protected] Bunnell Kevin [email protected] Ogden Jacqueline [email protected] Bunnell Larry [email protected] Peden Monty [email protected] Bunnell Mark [email protected] Post Albert [email protected] Bunnell Paul [email protected] Pratt Guthrie [email protected]

    Bunnell Stuart [email protected] Quickel Gwen & Ed [email protected]

    [email protected] Randell Tom [email protected] Bunnell Tobias [email protected] Ray Lorna [email protected]

    Bunnell, Sr.

    Charles R. [email protected] Rexford Joanne [email protected]

    Burnell James [email protected] Ryan Darlene [email protected] Burnell James [email protected] Sullivan Norma [email protected] Chambers Elizabeth [email protected] Treadway Gladys [email protected] Cloud Lyda [email protected] White Jacquelyn [email protected] Cole Elaine [email protected] Wilkins Judith [email protected]

    Deborah Donaldson Donna Doscher Joanne Rexford

    The Newsletter is seen in 34 states, the District of Columbia and Canada.

  • Bunnell/Bonnell Newsletter, V.18, No. 2 May 2004 Page 24

    Direct Lines

    Direct Lines are provided by subscribers. I would recommend that you not treat them as primary source material, but the submitter may be able to provide you with his/her primary sources. William Austin will review Lines submitted to him. Send them directly to him with a request that he review them and forward them to me with any corrections. Addresses are on page 1.

    Direct line submitted by Deborah (Bonnell) Donaldson (CB371206), 103 Plum St., Columbus Grove, OH 45830-1243 and validated against Claude Bunnell’s database. Information provided by Deborah is in standard print; data added from Claude’s database is in bold. William Bunnell ~ Ann Wilmot Aaron Bonnell ~ Phebe Meeker Nathaniel Bonnell ~ Susanna Whitehead Stephen Bonnell ~ Elizabeth Bruen