Adjusting Shutter And Aperture

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Transcript of Adjusting Shutter And Aperture

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2. 3. The Exposure Meter
4. To adjust SHUTTER SPEED,
Turn this dial to the right or left.
5. To Adjust the Aperture, hold this
button with your thumb
6. And turn the dial at the same time
7. 8. As the photographer
You decide what the best aperture or shutter speed would be
Depends on the subject and the light
Sometimes you can let your camera decide
Typically you dont want shutter speed slower than _______. So if the shutter speed says it needs to be slow, you need to make your aperture bigger. This should speed up your shutter speed.
9. If you are photographing something specific
You will have to determine what aperture/shutter speed would be best.
If you are shooting action, you want to freeze it or blur it.
Blurring action=slow shutter speed (more light coming in)
Would the aperture be big or small to balance for lots of light coming in?
Freezing action=fast shutter speed (less light coming in)
Big or small aperture to balance the small amount of light coming in?