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Justice S.S. Saron House No:-9, Sector:-9 Chandigarh Contact:- 2742347(R) Justice Permod Kohli House No:-31, Sector:-4 Chandigarh Contact:- 2740630(R) Justice Rajiv Bhalla House No:-502, Sector:-16 Chandigarh Contact:- 2728643(R) Justice ajay Kumar Mittal House No:-26, Sector:-4 Chandigarh Contact:- 2740182(R) Justice Surya Kant House No:-277, Sector:-16 Chandigarh Contact:- 2725758(R) Justice M. Jeya Paul House No:-508, Sector:-16 Chandigarh Contact:- 2544508(O), 2770377(R)


Justice Ranjit Singh House No:-77, Sector:- 7 Chandigarh Contact:- 2793899(R) Justice Vinod K. Sharma House No:-235, Sector:-16 Chandigarh Contact:- 2727391(R) Justice T.P.S. Mann House No:-265, Sector:-10 Chandigarh Contact:- 2743140(R) Justice Mahesh Grover House No:-237, Sector:-16-A Chandigarh Contact:- 2724496(R) Justice Ajai Lamba House No:-234, Sector:- 16 Chandigarh Contact:- 2541575(R) Justice Rajesh Bindal House No:-3416, Sector:-24 Chandigarh Contact:- 2770077(R) Justice Arvind Kumar House No:-42, Sector:- 24 Chandigarh Contact:- 2725783(R)3

Justice A.N. Jindal House No:-236, Sector:- 16 Chandigarh Contact:- 2724991(R) Justice M.M. Bedi House No:-40, Sector:- 24 Chandigarh Contact:- 2725729(R) Justice L.N. Mittal House No:-3411, Sector:-24 Chandigarh Contact:- 2727979(R)

Justice Nawab Singh House No:-1003, Sector:-24 Chandigarh Contact:- 2728735(R) Justice Mohinder Pal House No:-3401, Sector:-24 Chandigarh Contact:- 2702548(R) Justice Harbans Lal House No:-3405, Sector:- 24 Chandigarh Contact:- 2727453(R)


Justice Sham Sundar House No:-3414, Sector:-24 Chandigarh Contact:- 2703756(R) Justice K.C. Puri House No:-41, Sector:- 24 Chandigarh Contact:- 2720041(R) Justice Rakesh Kumar Garg House No:-3410, Sector:-24 Chandigarh Contact:- 2783681(R) Justice Rakesh Kumar Jain House No:-3415, Sector:-24 Chandigarh Contact:- 2774155(R) Justice K.S. Ahuwalia House No:-39, Sector:-24 Chandigarh Contact:- 2721363(R) Justice Jaswant Singh House No:-3511, Sector:-24 Chandigarh Contact:- 2784511,2725610(R) Justice Mrs. Daya Chaudhary House No:-3509, Sector:-24 Chandigarh Contact:- 2782995, 2783509(R)5

Justice Mrs. Sabina House No:-3512, Sector:- 24 Chandigarh Contact:- 2703400,2783499(R) Justice Jora Singh House No:-3510, Sector:-24 Chandigarh Contact:- 2783510,2783511(R) Justice Rajan Gupta House No:-3409, Sector:-24 Chandigarh Contact:- 2702312(R) Justice Ajay Tiwari House No:-354, Sector:-9 Chandigarh Contact:- 2742407(R) Justice Jitender Chauhan House No:-855, Sector:-2,PKL Chandigarh Contact:- 2560557(R) Justice Augustine George Masih House No:-3403, Sector:-24 Chandigarh Contact:- 2543403,2543627(R)


Justice Ms. Nirmaljit Kaur House No:-188, Sector:-11 Chandigarh Contact:- 2745258(R) Justice K. Kannan House No:-138, Sector:-24 Chandigarh Contact:- 2548138(O),2549138(R) Justice Alok Singh House No:-3406, Sector:-24 Chandigarh Contact:- 2543355(R) Justice M.S. Sullar Chandigarh

Justice Ram Chand Gupta House No:-3404, Sector:-24 Chandigarh Contact:- 2543500,2783500(R) Justice Gurdev Singh House No:-113, Sector:-10 Chandigarh Contact:- 2748113,1749113(R) Justice Ms. Ritu Bahri House No:-124, Sector:-16 Chandigarh Contact:- 2727747,2726659(R)7

Mr. V.S. Malik Registrar General House No:-48, Sector:-24 Chandigarh Contact:- 6607200,9780008200(O),2726047,2726048(R) Mr. Kuldip Singh Registrar-cum-OSD House No:-50,Judges&Officersence Lave,Sector:-77 Chandigarh Contact:- 6607529,9780008240(O),2216096(R) Mr. Surinder Gupta D&SJ-cum-Registrar (Vig.) Punjab House No:-VI/49, Sector:-24-A Chandigarh Contact:- 6607133,9780004892(O),2784858(R) Ms. Navita Singh D&SJ-cum-Registrar(Vig.) Haryana Chandigarh Contact:- 6607204(O),9780004895(R) Mr. Harnam Singh Registrar (Admin.) House No:-301, Sector:-16 Chandigarh Contact:- 6607279,9780008201(O),2723266(R)


Mr. Virinder Aggarwal Registrar (Rules) House No:-271, Sector:-16 Chandigarh Contact:- 6607202,978000202(O),2700917(R) Mr. A.K.Tyagi Registrar cum Principal Secy. to Honnle The Chief Justice House No:-3433, Sector:-24 Chandigarh Contact:- 6607152,9780008203(O),2701899(R) Mr. Sunil Chaudhry Registrar (Judicial) House No:-5766/MHC/M.Majra Chandigarh Contact:- 6607129,9780008204(O),2730357(R) Mr. Gobinder Singh Matharoo Registrar (Recruitment) House No:-1016,Sector:-11 Chandigarh Contact:- 6607284,9780008205(O),2748226(R) Mr. M.M.Dhonchak Registrar(Grouping) House No:-1403-B, Sector:-19 Chandigarh Contact:- 6607138,9780008235(O),2726500(R)


Mr. R.K.Sharma O.S.D.-cum-Member Sec., High Court Leagal Service Committee House No:-1402, Sector:-19 Chandigarh Contact:- 6607530,9780008238(O),2541402(R) Mr. Varinder kalra Special Secy. to Honble Chief Justice House No:-935, Sector:-7 Chandigarh Contact:- 6607151,9780008211(O),2793325(R) Mr. Pritinder Singh Virk Jt. Registrar-cum-OSD House No:-201, Sector:-19 Chandigarh Contact:- 6607529,9780008239(O),2542019(R) Mr. O.P.Vig. Jt. Registrar House No:-5820,MHC,M.Majra Chandigarh Contact:- 6607173,9780008206(O),2732822(R) Mr. M.S.Kohli Jt. Registrar-cum-OSD House No:-727, Sector:-7 Chandigarh Contact:- 6607603,9780008207(O),2790727(R)10

Mr. M.S.Gill Jt. Registrar (Computer & Enquiry) House No:-2368, Sector:-35 Chandigarh Contact:- 6607309,978000208(O),2662816,2606386(R) Mr. Kamal Kant Deputy Registrar (Judical) House No:-2356, Sector:-10/MHL. Chandigarh Contact:- 6607149(O) Mr. Suman Chopra Jt. Registrar (W.its) House No:-1328, Sector:-21 Chandigarh Contact:- 6607253(O) Mr. Ranjit Singh O.S.D.(Admin.) House No:-1060/67/MHL. Chandigarh Contact:- 6607272(O),2240060(R) Mr. Ravdeep Singh Hundal Deputy Registrar (Gaz. II) Chandigarh Contact:- 6607231,9465842242(O)


Mr. Rampa Bajwa Deputy Registrar(Computers) House No:-228, Sector:-7 Chandigarh Contact:- 6607246(O) Mr. Saroj Kaushik Deputy Registrar(Account) House No:-1956-A, Sector:-43 Chandigarh Contact:- 6607223(O) Mr. Vijay Bhandair Deputy Registrar (General) House No:-53, Sector:-18 Chandigarh Contact:- 6607310(O) Mr. Bharat Bhushan Secy. to Registrar(General) Chief Justice Secretariat House No:-1047, Sector:-23-B Chandigarh Contact:- 6607160,6607150(O),2721090,978008281(R) Mr. R.K. Pabbi A.R.(Civil& Judicial) House No:-1058, Sector:-37 Chandigarh Contact:- 6607318(O),6543374(R)


Mr. Parminder Bhanot A.R. (Budget) House No:-2167, Sector:-19C Chandigarh Contact:- 6607604(O),2781849(R) Mr. Major Singh A.R.(Protocol) House No:-3117, Sector:-23 Chandigarh Contact:- 6607158,9780008209(O),2703564(R) Mr. Vimla Rani A.R. (Purchase) House No:-3321, Sector:-24-D Chandigarh Contact:- 6607134(O),2708903(R) Mr. Ramanjit Singh A.R. (E-1) House No:-3417, Sector:-27 Chandigarh Contact:- 6607224(O),2656417(R) Mr. B.S. Walia A.R.(Gaz.-II) House No:-416, Sector:-33 Chandigarh Contact:- 6607205(O)


Ms. Satish Bala A.R.(Enquiry & Rkj) House No:-953, Sector:-11/PKL. Chandigarh Contact:- 6607147(O),4655575(R) Ms. Kulwinder Kaur A.R. (Grouping) Chandigarh Contact:-6607203(O) Ms. Renu Kalia A.R. (Accounts) House No:-1497, Sector:- 42-B Chandigarh Contact:- 6607257(O),2607763(R) Ms. Rattan Kaur A.R. (Litigation) House No:-21, Sector:-46 Chandigarh Contact:-6607331(O),2633622(R) Mr. Gian Chand Sharma A.R. (General) House No:-1611-A, Sector:-35 Chandigarh Contact:-6607137 (O),5001376(R)


Mr. Jaspal Singh A.R. (Rules) House No:-3002, Sector:- 20 Chandigarh Contact:-6607222 (O) Ms. Manjit kaur A.R.(Writs) House No:-1434-3, Sector:-29 Chandigarh Contact:-6607131 (O) Mr. Ramesh Bansal House No:-1548, Sector:-23 Chandigarh Contact:-6607602 (O),2721348(R) Mr. Narinder Singh House No:-2292-A, Sector:-19 Chandigarh Contact:-6607156 (O)

Mr. Prem Prakash Jain A.R.(Criminal) House No:-3104, Sector:-23 Chandigarh Contact:-6607318 (O),9646003104(R)


Mr. Shavinder Singh A.R.(Confidential) House No:-48-1, Sector:-41 Chandigarh Contact:-6607156 (O) Mr. B.R. Kaushal A.R.(Maintenance) House No:-3869, Sector:-22 Chandigarh Contact:-6607157,9780008210 (O),2725427(R) Mr. N.K.Chopra A.R.(Recruitment) House No:-3126-A, Sector:-24 Chandigarh Contact:- 2713126(R) Mr. Ajit Kumar Chief Protocol Officer House No:-1197, Sector:-20 Chandigarh Contact:-2701065(R) Mr. Rajinder Thakur Court Officer(M) House No:-1170, Sector:-23 Chandigarh Contact:-9780008222(O)


Mr. Pardeep Kumar Protocol Officer(Genl.) House No:-774, Sector:-16 Chandigarh Contact:-6607158,9780008223(O) Mr. Anil Vohra Chief Protocol Officer(Medical) House No:-1610, Sector:-23 Chandigarh Contact:-9780008217,978000326(O) Dr. Monika Dhir High Court Dispensary House No:-1055, Sector:-15 Chandigarh Contact:-6607161 (O),2725990(R) Dr. Naresh Sharma High Court Dispensary House No:-407, Sukhna Enclave Kansal Chandigarh Contact:-6607161,9417014723(O),2749336(R)

UNION TERRITORY SECRETARIAT (Deluxe Building, Sector 9) Mr. Shivraj V. Patil Governor, Administration (U.T) Chandigarh17

Punjab Raj Bhawan, Sector:- 6 Chandigarh Contact:- 2740740(O), 2740608(R) Mr.Pradip Mehra, IAS Adviser to the Administration House No:-67,Sector:-7-A Chandigarh Contact:- 2740154,2740164(O), 2794794,2790003(R) Mr.Surjit Singh PA to Adviser House No:-1324,Sector:-20-B Chandigarh Contact:-2740164,2740154(O),2708548(R) Mr. Ram Niwas, IAS Home Secretary House No:-283,Sector:-16-A Chandigarh Contact:-2740008(O),2545283(R)

Mr. Gulshan Girdher PS/Home Secretary House No:-2370,Sector:-19C Chandigarh Contact:-2740008(O),2775282(R)


Mr. Ram Niwas, IAS Finance Secretary Chandigarh Contact:-2740017(O) Mr.Surinder Kumar PA/Finance Secretary House No:-1424,Sector:-23-B Chandigarh Contact:-2740017(O),2714581(R) Mr. Ajoy Sharma, IAS Special Secretary Finance House No:-1408,Sector:-19-B Chandigarh Contact:-2740045(O),2724046(R) Ms. Renu Bala PA/SSF House No:-223-C,Sector:-51 Chandigarh Contact:-2740045(O),5045154(R)