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Presentation by Dave Lloyd of Adobe on Maximizing Enterprise SEO and Search Marketing at @AdTech SF 2013

Transcript of Ad Tech - Maximizing Enterprise SEO - Dave Lloyd - Adobe

  • 1.Maximizing Enterprise SEO How to Succeed in Organic Search in 2013 & Beyond April 10, 2013

2. Global team delivering Organic & Site Search strategies for all Adobe productsTeam Charter Deliver industry best practices Drive KPI-focused results Align with Marketing Cloud product teams 12 years in Search, 15 years in DigitalDave LloydSenior Manager, Global Search [email protected] 3. Download Presentation 4. Business has only twobasic functions: marketingand innovation. PeterDrucker 5. Search #1 Source for Information Online sources used to look for information about Tech business purchasesSearch Engines Search Engines 90%Brand/Vendor websites 84%Professional networking sites (LinkedIn, etc) 70%Tech Focused Community sites66%Technology Media Sites (Tech Crunch, etc) 61%Trade Magazine sites56%Social Networking Sites 56%Peer-generated Online Review sites54%Video Sharing sites 50%Newspaper site47% Source: Google/Compete Tech B2B Customer Study, June 2012. (Sampleof N=151 Marketing Management customers who research Tech productsOther on the internet).40% 6. Key Message1. Clear Vision +2. Stakeholder Alignment & Engagement +3. Relevant Localization +4. Maximize Useful Tools +5. Data Analysis & Reporting +6. Scalable Plans =SEO is your most cost-effective revenue [email protected] 7. Our Search VisionPaidOrganic SiteMaximizeIntegration 7 8. Our Vision to Maximize SEOAdd SEO DNA to workflow early & often Strategic Be customer-focused through competitive & audience analysis Focus on BU priorities Engage closest stakeholders in regular training Dont optimize for Google, optimize using best practices Integrated & Data-driven Begin with the end in mind on key business metrics Be involved from beginning in full project lifecycle Align Search best practices with ALL Content Marketing goals Comprehensive search data-sharing and feedback loop across all channels Comprehensive Plan ahead to stay credible Capitalize on market opportunity of global + non-brand keyword optimization Reduce risk whenever possible 9. Next: Stakeholder Engagement1. Clear Vision +2. Stakeholder Alignment & Engagement +3. Relevant Localization +4. Maximize Useful Tools +5. Data Analysis & Reporting +6. Scalable Plans =Your most cost-effective global revenue [email protected] 10. Search Engagement ProcessSEARCH DELIVERY VEHICLES Paid OrganicSiteStrategySearchCommunication, KPIs, Objectives, Global, Segmenting Metrics & Stakeholders Reporting Engagement Demand Launches, Offers, Audience, Keywords, URLsDashboards Marketing using Adobe Analytics and CampaignLanding Ad CopyKeywords Adobe Media MarketingPages Optimizer Business Units Link PromoContentCopy Building Lead GenerationDownload/Trial Buy NowSales & MarketingDatabase 11. Marketing Tiers & Search StrategyConsideratioAwarenessPurchase nPaid Ad Copy Graphic Design Software Adobe Illustrator CS6Adobe Creative Cloud Create compelling vector graphics Hand off AI files faster than ever w/ Illustrator in Creative Cloud. w/ Creative Cloud. Join today! Get access to all Adobe CS6 tools when upgrade. Only $29.99/ Ad CopyIllustrator: design software | Adobe Illustrator Graphic Graphic design software | Adobe Illustrator Adobe Creative Cloud | Adobe Illustrator CS6 graphic design software Adobe Illustrator CS6 graphic designAdobe Creative Cloud brings Creative Suite is the industrys premier vector-drawingsoftware is the industrys premier vector-desktop applications, Adobe Touch Apps, and environment for creating graphics that scaledrawing environment for creating graphics services together for a complete ideation-to- across media. that scale across media.Dreamweaver: publishing experience. 12. SEO Center of ExcellenceITWebSocial Bi-Weekly, Monthly, or ProductionQuarterly EngagementGlobalWebTeamsStrategy(Loc) BU &Content SEOAnalyticsFormal & ad-hoc trainingOwnersTeam PaidSearchProduct&MktgMedia Maintain an updated StoreSEO Best Practices doc Execs Teams User Interface 13. Optimize team focus to SEO signalsSEO Algorithm Team Priorities & Workload 14. Leader in Web Content Management 15. To consider for CMS integration Whats possible out of the box?Search-friendly URLs, canonical updates, customizable templates, Rich Textediting, Page property inputs & tagging, Digital Asset Management, imageoptimization, All these are true for CQ/Adobe Experience Manager Whats possible with customization? Who, when, & how can IT & Web Productionhelp you technically add the SEO updatesneeded? 16. Content Siloing Disorganized Clear Themes and Relevance POWER TOOLS Cordless HammersElectric SawsGas Powered Cordless PowerElectric Power ElectricTools ToolsTools CompressorsGas GeneratorsGasElectric DrillsCordless drills Electric Drills Generators GasCompressors CordlessElectric GasGas PoweredPlaners Compressors Compressors SawsCordless Drills Cordless Planers Cordless Electric SawsGas Powered HammersSaws 17. Search-informed Content MarketingChallengesStrategiesSEO not aligned Integrate SEO best practicesstrategically, early, & often regularly into entire contentin publishing process authoring workflowMinimal influence of keyCollaborate early on globalglobal content assets content priorities to bestleverage resourcesContent publishers dontTight SEO team alignment,know or execute SEO besttraining, and QA process withpractices all who touch contentConstraints - Time, Resources, Optimal EngagementKnowledge 18. Top URLs shared with Stakeholders Keyword theme Target KWs Search volume Target URL Map your keywords to individually targeted search pages, globally 19. Content optimization elements Title tagURLH1Image namingand tagsKeywords in body copy Anchor text links 20. Search & Social (Virtuous Cycle) Search keywordsinform Social content strategySocial Social conversations conversations drive Search equity inform keyword& influence strategyrankings Search enhancementsimprove Socialranking20 21. Socialize the Keyword & URL Plan1. KWs shared with Social teams2. KWs & URLs use in Social updates (where relevant)3. Optimize other owned content (Blogs, TV, Help) & link to target pages 22. Impact of Social on SEOKeywordsocial analyticsDecember (1 week)- Rank from 28 to 2- From 7 TweetsFebruary (3 weeks)- Rank from 4 to 2- From 28 Tweetsand 6 FacebookActionsSource: BrightEdge22 23. Setting up Google+ for Authorship1. Set up a Google+ profile Connect your Google+ profile with content you create Link other Social profiles & add About Me info Verify public visibility of Social profile with Rich Snippets tool Continue Social promotion best practices 24. Personalized resultsNot logged in to Google Personalized results 25. Personal Branding in SERPs 26. Ideas on how Site Search benefitsfrom SEO & Paid SEO Meta Descriptions & Paid Ad copy used for SiteSearch copy Top converting SEO & Paid keywords shared withSite teams Paid Sitelinks applied to Site Search Suggest or AdCopy equivalents Help-related queries (who, what, where, how to, howcan I, etc.) that can be monetized in Paid Global Navigation informed by Site Search queries 27. & Structured Microdata Helps search engines understand data at avery specific level Users see the value of sites before they clickthrough Increases visibility and CTR Set geo-specific (global & local) schema tags 28. Next: Localization1. Clear Vision +2. Stakeholder Alignment & Engagement +3. Relevant Localization +4. Maximize Useful Tools +5. Data Analysis & Reporting +6. Scalable Plans =Your most cost-effective global revenue [email protected] 29. Localization Process1. In-country keyword research2. Each keyword mapped toSEO Keywords/PLPs preferred landing page3. Content localized using Content localization keywords (content, video, images, links) Search/Geo4. Reviewed by Editorial & SEO review & added to Sitemaps5. Localized & optimized content Page Launch goes live 30. SEO Localization ProcessBU Initiates Web Project NA Search Team definesKeywords localization keywordsinitiated Project scope defined SEO Keyword/Page Intl PM initiates localization Search, Editorial Localizationrecommendations including with approved marketing notified project has kicked off keywords, link names arelocalization vendors finalized. Spreadsheet with terms handed off to IPMVendors validate keywords Keywords sent to IPMs/for demand Vendors & GEOs select Search Team for Final Keywords Review Keywords are localized and Vendors and Geos review Keywords are sent to Intl PM validated (using Google /approve keywords based on and Search Team for final AdWords tool) for in-countrygood search demand and/orreview/approval search demand.choose alternate keyword(s) for terms with low demand Keywords integrated intoINTL. Web applies fullSEO QA/Pages Go Live Page Elements SEO Recs. Web pages sync in Idiom WS. Full SEO Recommendations Pages are QAd by Search Keywords integrated into body implemented on pages ( team and INTL Web. SEO copy by Localization Vendor.keywords/title/metadata) byContent live for Launch. INTL Web 31. Localization Keyword, Ad Copy, Title, Meta Description Adding new Photoshop CS6 features into