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Acupuncture Starter Pack - InternationalVersion 2 International 10/12/07

Thank you for your interest in our acupuncture program. We are excited to have the unique privilege of introducing Chinese medicine to the cruising population while simultaneously providing great employment opportunities for licensed acupuncturists. At Steiner our goal is to provide superior quality service, creating a loyal clientele throughout the world. We accomplish this through on board seminars and workshops. Educating each guest about the benefits of acupuncture is the key to our success! In order to meet this goal, we have put together an intensive training program that takes place in Miami, Canada, New York or Los Angeles over a period of three days. Based upon your location, you will need to complete the training before working at sea. This program includes seminar training, retail training, and spa protocol instruction. The training is comprehensive and maintains the excellent standards the cruise lines are expecting from our acupuncture program.

Working at sea brings many challenges and opportunities. The benefits include becoming a better practitioner, dynamic public lecturer, and savvy world traveler; all while earning income! We will provide you with all the tools and training necessary to be successful, in return we need your expertise. Please review the attached information regarding the specifics of the position and email me a good time to reach you so that we can arrange a phone interview. Thank you for your time and attention.

Dan Brown, L.Ac Director of OM Programs Steiner Management Services 305.284.1443

Stephanie Kimber, L.Ac. Manager of OM Programs Steiner Management Services 305.284.1463 ext 263


I. Chinese Medical Program OverviewA. Requirements: Licensed acupuncturist by state or countrys legislation Successful bill of health from a Maritime Approve Doctor, examination is at your cost. Ask us for a list of medical providers No visible tattoos or piercings, with the exception of ear piercings Ability to maintain dress code standards when in a public area Ability to successfully provide acupuncture treatments Ability to publicly speak on TCM topics (power points lectures provided) Successful completion of Steiner training course Ability to manage multiple treatment rooms simultaneously Ability to conduct 10 minute consultations about acupuncture and Chinese herbs Ability to conduct yourself in a professional manner consistent with the rules of behavior on any vessel and your profession.

B. Hours and Contract Length Average work hours per week: 52 hours-guaranteed 1 full day and one half day off per week. ***In addition to providing acupuncture services, acupuncturists are expected to take part in minimal cleaning, inventory stocks as well as desk hours. There are also meetings that are held periodically, which do not count against the 52 hour work week. Contract length: 7 months

II. Information You Should Know Before You Begin All job offers and/or offers of employment are contingent upon meeting certain physical requirements and obtaining a valid seafarers health certificate. Medical examinations and the issuance of a seafarers health certificate must be performed by an approved seamens doctor. Failure to pass the physical examination will automatically terminate your employment agreement. During your medical examination you will be asked whether you are receiving or have received in the past medical care for any injury, illness or medical condition. You will be required to disclose to the doctor performing your physical any prescription or non-prescription medication you are currently taking. You will be drug tested, x-rayed and thoroughly examined.


In addition, you will be required to disclose to Steiner in writing any condition, disability, or circumstance, which may prevent you from working full time onboard a vessel in navigation. Failure to make this disclosure may result in forfeiture of medical benefits and be grounds for termination of employment. In addition to a hearing and eye sight test, the following is an abbreviated list of diseases and conditions that may or can result in failing the required medical examination. Asthma Colour Blindness Eyesight problems Tuberculosis Heart / Cardiac Disease Eczema/contact dermatitis Diabetes Epilepsy/fits Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Arthritis/rheumatism Hypertension Coronary Disease Arrhythmia (symptomatic) Deafness/hearing difficulties Back Pain / Sciatica Lung Disease Orthopedic-Condition/spine,hips, knees, Kidney Disease or Dialysis Mental Illness / Depression Hepatitis

If you are uncertain about a medical condition you have, or have experienced in the past, and would like to communicate directly with a seafarer medical examiner, please feel free to contact Dr. Levy directly at: with any questions or concerns you may have. Please sign and return this form acknowledging you understand this disclosure. Signature .. Date . Print Name


II. TRAININGA. Training Fees 1. Flight-each acupuncturist will need to get an open round trip ticket to Los Angeles, California. 2. Visa (international recruits only)-differs based upon country of residency. See section C for more specific details. 3. Hostel/Hotel (options for room/board during training) -Santa Monica Beach Hostel-$35 average per night. The hostel is located in Santa Monica two blocks from the beach and in a neighborhood of shops and cafes. For more information regarding the hostel please visit the following page: Phone number: 1310-393-9913 Address: 1434 2nd St Santa Monica, CA 90401. You will need to make a reservation for yourself once you have confirmed attendance to the training. Reservations should be made a week in advance as they tend to book up. -Hostel California-$27 average per night Website: Address: 2221 Lincoln Blvd, Venice Beach -Hotels- If you would like other accommodations than a hostel, which is a shared living environment, there are other hotels in Santa Monica or Venice Beach that you can reserve. We strongly recommend that if you are going to rent a hotel instead of stay at the hostel to arrange your own rental car at the airport as public transportation may not be as readily available at the hotel. 4. Food-there is a kitchen in the hostel. A health food store and commercial market is located four and five blocks away from the hostel. There are restaurants, cafes and food courts nearby as well. 5. Medical-$120-$250 depending on ship assignment. All cruise lines require a physical be completed by a maritime approved port doctor before embarking on a vessel. You should complete your medical prior to arriving in Los Angeles. If you have not then you will need to arrive a day early before training and alert your recruiter. You will need to arrange transportation to the port office once at your hostel. There will be someone there to help you with a bus or shuttle service if you are not renting a car. If you are taking a bus, you will need to leave early to make your appointment on time as it can take two hours to arrive at the port office. Costs vary (please review the below estimated transportation expenses for more specifics). If you arrive in LA and fail your medical you are not employable and therefore responsible for getting yourself back home. To prevent this, please have your medical completed prior to your arrival in Los Angeles. 5

Address of the Port office: Dr. Andres Jimenez, Dr. James Schmidt Dr. David Smith, Dr. Mark Perez Memorial Maritime Clinic 1350 W. 6th Str., 2nd fl. San Pedro, CA 90731 tel: 310/832-1126 / 7221 / 0686

6. Transportation costs around Los Angeles. Rental Car: To minimize travel costs associated with transportation, we recommend that you rent a car at the airport. We can help connect you with other acupuncturists arriving via airplane to further reduce the cost of transportation. Please inform us if you are interested in this option. Public Transportation: If you are not interested in renting or sharing a rental car, you will need to take public transport. -Bus service to and from training-$3-$5 each way -Taxi service to training-$15.00 each way -Bus to Port doctor-$3 each way (It is a two hour ride by bus. If there is a group, you can take a shuttle which will add to the cost but reduce the time it takes to 45 minutes). Shuttle cost to port doctor is $85 one-way. -Shuttle Service to and from airport-$10-$16 pending other travelers arriving at a similar time. A reservation will be made for you once you confirm attendance and dates for the training. To confirm attendance you will need to forward your flight schedule to your recruiter and copy Estimated Transportation Cost for the weekend-$50-$250 7. Spending money while in California. B. Expenses for Steiner 1. Flight-Steiner pays for flight to ship and return flight to Los Angeles 2. Training 3. Travel Insurance please note that the travelers insurance does not begin until you board your vessel. 4. The company has a policy which protects the business and staff against third party claims arising out of services provided onboard by Steiners personnel. 5. Room/board on ship 6. Meals on board 7. Acupuncture supplies 8. Marketing materials 9. Jou Herbs and Elemis products for retail 6

C. C1D Visa (international recruits only)-each international recruit will need to get the necessary Visas to be in the United States for five days prior to arriving for training. Please consult with the US embassy in your country regarding obtaining the appropriate Visa. It is your responsibility to provide this. For more information about US Visas you can visit the following web page http://www.unitedstatesvi