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Apart from medicines and drugs, acupuncture is the best solution for back pain and depression. Acupuncture is the most ancient form of natural curing therapy that has no side effects unlike the modern day medicines.

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  • 1. Acupuncture On Wheel A Short Presentation
  • 2. Who We Are? We offer the best mobile acupuncture services to clients all around the Australian boundary under strict supervision of Olivier Lejus. Olivier has been practicing a gentle form of Japan-ese style acu-punc-ture, called Toy-o-hari , while spe-cial-iz-ing in the treat-ment of Chronic and Acute pain, Depres-sion, Anxi-ety and Insomnia.
  • 3. Why Us? One of my pre-ferred method for the treat-ment of back pain or depres-sion is auri-cu-lar acu-punc-ture. Instead of acu-punc-ture needles, mini-ature gold, or sil-ver pel-lets are applied to stim-u-late spe-cific areas of the ear cor-res-pond-ing to the back, and region of the nervous sys-tem which are unbal-anced. These pel-lets which are almost invis-ible are stuck with tiny little plastic tape. They can be worn for up to one week allow-ing the per-son to have showers or even bath them-selves without any discomfort .
  • 4. Acupuncture For Back pain Many sufferers suffering from chronic back pain and depres-sion have found that acupuncture have made a significant improvement in their quality of life after just a few treatments. The acupuncture treat-ment can either replace the other form of con-ven-tional treat-ment the patient has been administered with, or become an adjunct to the existing therapies without any potential side effects.
  • 5. Contact Us:Address:- Phone Number:- 192 Enmore Road, Enmore.NSW 0415 376 083