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Overview of ACLS Pharmacology and Update on New ACLS GuidelinesKrista Piekos, Pharm.D. Clinical Pharmacy Specialist - Critical Care Harper University Hospital Adjunct Assistant Professor Wayne State University

Objectives Pharmacists should be able to identify: Why? we use an agent When? to use an agent How? to use an agent What? watch for To familiarize the pharmacist with the ACLS algorithms To help the pharmacist become comfortable with the crash cart To introduce the needless delivery system

Outline Present conclusions of the International Guidelines 2000 ACLS objectives with 2003 updates Classification of recommendations ACLS Algorithms Pharmacology of agents used in algorithms Overview of crash cart revisions Overview of needless system

Background In Seattle 43% of patients in VF survived to hospital discharge if CPR w/in 4 min and defibrillation w/in 8 min These figures are higher than national average - due to AEDs throughout public Overall survival from CPR is poor 5-15% Survival for in-patient CPR to discharge is