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Achievement - 11th November 2020
Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir, Bangalore North takes great pride in sharing the achievement
of three students who had participated in the International Olympiads conducted by SOF.
Name of the
Amal Jayakumar Grade 11 Certificate of Zonal
International Rank 3
It is the result of perseverance, hard work and self belief which lead these students to such great
heights. A special mention of Vihaan Prabhu of Std I who got the Certificate of Outstanding
Performance and was awarded the bronze medal for ranking third in the international level in the
SOF International Mathematics Olympiad 2019 -20.
Team SSRVM wishes these students the very best in all their future endeavours.
November 2020
In order to bring out the creative talents and
celebrate the festival of lights in its true spirit,
‘Diya Decoration Activity’ was done by the
students from Std III to Std X. The students
participated enthusiastically in the activity by
displaying their creativity by
decorating/beautifying earthen diyas with
colours and other art works which were uploaded
on the school Facebook page under the title
“#T am a so m a Jy o ti rg am a y a”. Deepavali was
celebrated online along with Children’s Day by
the teachers of SSRVM Bangalore North.
Children’s Day – 17th November 2020
SSRVM Bangalore North teachers gave a
huge surprise to their dear ones by chalking
out a programme of celebration especially
for them. This programme was streamed
live on Facebook on 17th November 2020.
The teachers of SSRVM Bangalore North
entertained the students by displaying a
variety of talents. There were a variety of
songs which brought out the talent of
singing inherent in teachers. Dance
performances by the teachers left the
audience tapping to the beats. The teachers
of Std XI and Std XII performed a skit on
online classes, which brought about
dazzling smiles and guffaws on every face.
The celebration thus was a decisive success,
inspired all the learners, and brought them
closer to their teachers.
2020 has been the year of adapting to new and
innovative changes for SSRVM Bangalore North. It
has brought forth numerous challenges and their
interesting solutions. Keeping in with this
premise, SSRVM Bangalore North hosted the 3rd
MEDHA – Interschool Competition in October –
November 2020. Some events like Mask Painting,
Story Narration with Puppets and Props, Mad Ads,
and Preadaptation of a Shakespearean Play were
conducted and judged offline with the
participants sending their entries. These
competitions unleashed a breathtaking oasis of
talent with entries coming in not only from schools
in Bangalore but also from all over India. Through
the online format, we were able to achieve our
dream of taking this interschool competition to the
national level.
of Just a Minute speak about the various topics
with utmost confidence and eloquence. The
judges for Just a Minute Smt. R. Asha Vishwanath
and Smt. Aruna Ramkumar connected to all the
contestants and winners with a lot of love.
The Beat Boxing Competition was conducted and
judged by a trio of our alumni Arnav Kulkarni,
Anup Verma and Debankur Kumar Saha. The
professionalism and patience that they showed in
bringing out the best in every contestant was
remarkable. The sets of beats, grooves and
percussions left our hearts and minds zinging and
wanting for more.
ignited their minds through an engaging activity.
The team of teachers along with the comperes for
the day, Abhisri, Sravanthi, Amal and Vishal of Std
XII and the technical support team deserves to be
specially appreciated for their efforts to make this
event a resounding success. The entire
programme was the brainchild of our beloved
Principal Smt. Mamatha Raviprakash. Her vision,
guidance and direction are indispensable. It was
streamed live on Facebook and was very well
received on that platform as well.
The event thus was a huge success and concluded
with hopes of becoming bigger and better during
the forthcoming years.
CCA – Karnataka Vaibhava
– 21st November 2020
with great zeal and enthusiasm. Live Kannada
Rajyotsava celebration was streamed on
Facebook. Students of Std III to Std XII
participated with full enthusiasm with the
support of Kannada Department. A Kannada
skit about the pandemic was showcased. How
the cross section of the society got affected by
the pandemic was very nicely depicted.
Parents also spoke about Kannada and its
influence on them.
The students of Std III and Std V made posters
on Historical Monuments of Karnataka. The
students depicted the proud heritage of
Kannada culture.
It was a canvas of the vivid diversity – the
various cuisines, art forms, dance forms,
music and landforms - of Karnataka. They
were uploaded on the school Facebook page
under the title “#Karnataka Vaibhava”.
CCA - Origami – 23rd November 2020
Origami, the ancient art of paper folding,
has applications in modern day which
helps to develop thinking skills and fun
science. Origami was conducted for the
students of standard 1 and standard 2.
The students love for Origami was
evinced in their enthusiastic participation
and the eventual display of amazing
origami models. The students
origami art and it was a source of
inspiration for students to exhibit their
The significance of Gurunanakji and his
teachings were shared with the students of Std
III to Std V. Stories were narrated about his life
to emphasise the importance of Seva. They
learnt about the holy book – Gurugranth Sahib
and Langar. This activity taught them the
importance of selfless service to the society.
For the students from Std VI to Std X, the
celebration began with interesting stories
about Guru Nanak Devji by the Social Science
teachers. The students were enlightened on the
reasons behind the celebration and about the
Sikh Gurus who were responsible for shaping
the beliefs of the Sikhs.
secured the second prize at the national
level Bhagavad Gita Chanting
conducted by ISKCON Bangalore.
Kashvi - Team SSRVM
Bangalore North. Sadhana Gowtham of
Std V has secured the first prize in Essay
Writing Competition at state level in
Heritage Fest conducted by ISKCON.
There were over 2365 students who had
participated in the competition. We are
very happy and proud of her
Ravishankar Vidya Mandir, Bangalore
Performing School Award (2019). Thank
you dear parents for your support. This
award is dedicated to the team of
enthusiastic, hardworking and creative
gratitude to Poojya Gurudev for his
grace and blessings.
you that Aadya R has added glory to our
achievements. Aadya R of Std V has been
awarded the Certificate of Achievement
recognition of her talent at the National
level Drawing and Colouring Contest
conducted by CIART on 11th November
Aadya R - Team SSRVM.
that Chiraag Giri has brought laureate
to Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir
Bangalore North. Chiraag Giri of
grade 2 has been awarded the
Certificate of Achievement for the Best
National Child Artist in recognition of
his talent at the national level Drawing
and Colouring Contest conducted by
CIART on 11th November 2020.
Congratulations and Best wishes to
Chiraag - Team SSRVM.
North joyfully shares with you that Jeevika
Giri of Std VII has been awarded the
Certificate of Achievement for the Best
National Child Artist in recognition of her
talent at the national level Drawing and
Colouring Contest conducted by CIART on
11th November 2020.
Giri - Team SSRVM.
North joyfully shares with you that Giridhar
has added another honour to the list of our
school's achievements. Giridhar of Std IV
has been awarded the Certificate of
Achievement for the Best National Child
Artist in recognition of his talent at the
national level Drawing and Colouring
Contest conducted by CIART on 11th
November 2020.
Giridhar – Team SSRVM.
Achievement – 27th November 2020
We are very proud and happy to share with you all that
Surabhi Shettigar of grade 3 has secured the first prize
at the national level Greeting Card Making
competition in the Heritage Fest conducted by ISKCON
for all students of Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir
Bangalore North. Many students participated
enthusiastically by making videos related to
various fields. The best videos were selected by a
panel of teachers and then they were uploaded on
the school Facebook page from 25th November to
27th November 2020. The students who
participated in Vishleshana showcased their
creativity, ideas in many innovative ways.
also known as ‘Samvidhan Divas’ commemorates the
adoption of the Constitution by the Government of India
observed every year on the 26th November. This year it
was observed in SSRVM Bangalore North in a slightly
different manner as the classes are being held online.
The students from Std VI to Std X took part in different
The Preamble of our constitution was read and a brief
discussion on the importance of the day and various
aspects and struggles the Constituent Assembly
underwent while drafting the largest constitution of the
world. Among the other activities, included a pop quiz
which was held in all the classes. Students of grade 6
presented a short skit explaining the hard work of the
makers of the constitution. Students of Std VII and Std VIII
presented charts on the Constitution of India. A role play
on the fundamental rights was performed by the
students of standard 9. The students of standard 10
presented a puppet show followed by a discussion on
the fundamental rights and duties. They also showcased
their respect through poems and posters.
The students participated enthusiastically in great
numbers. Their understanding and enthusiasm are an
encouragement and a beacon of hope for a bright future!
Class Activity
Class: VIII
Subject: English
the perspectives of the poem
Students were given the opportunity to
present the settings of the poem and share
the perspectives of the poet - Thomas
Hardy. The students brought out their views
along with pictures. apt to the settings and
the mood and perceptions of the poet very
mother and to create more interest in
challenges faced by animals due to climate
changes and hunters. They also understood
the relationship between abiotic and biotic
factors in the environment.
Date: 16th November 2020
(picture composition) to
learn sentence formation.
concept of combustion. The students witnessed
the demonstration on the importance of ignition
temperature for a substance to catch fire and burn.
The students performed the ‘Fire Proof Cup’
experiment to investigate the specific heat
properties of water by comparing the flammability
of an ordinary paper cup filled with water to one
not filled with water. This helped students develop
scientific thinking skills through experimentation.
Class Activity
Class: V
Subject: Sanskrit
Date: 21st November 2020
This activity was conducted on ,
to learn
Class Activity
Class: IV
Subject: Hindi
Date: 20th November 2020

This activity was conducted to learn about various
birds and animals commonly seen in their

Class Activity
Class: VI
Subject: Mathematics
Topic: Algebra
Algebra. Students were encouraged to make
general rules for their own patterns using match
expressions. Students enjoyed the activity and
learnt the concept.
Date: 24th November 2020
Activity: Create your pattern
picks, match sticks or twigs to create their
own patterns showing different types of
angles formed. Students exhibited their
creative work and were able to indicate the
types of angles formed.
create their own patterns by thinking out of
the box and exploring the surroundings
around them.
Class Activity
Class: VI
Subject: Science
presentation, demonstration on artificial
the bones in the human body through role
plays. They also showed models of artificial
limbs made by them. A neat explanation of
the various joints involved in the movement
of a forelimb and a palm was given by a few
of them. Through power point presentations,
a few students explained about how muscles
and bones work together to aid movement.
They also explained the importance of x-
rays in diagnosing fractures.
labelling of the organ system and the
functions of each organ. The students
used clay to model the different organ
systems and labelled them. This taught
them the importance of healthy living and
to appreciate the life that we have. This
activity made them understand the
interconnectedness of the human body
systems and also brought out beautifully,
the value of interdependence.
Date: 27th November 2020

Class Activity
Class: VI
Subject: Hindi
groups. The students were given instructions
to collect 10 different objects. Both the teams
took turns to display the objects which they
had collected and the other team told the
names of the objects in Hindi within 10
seconds. The team that gave maximum names
got the highest score.
helped them in building their vocabulary and
also improved their observation skills.
Class Activity
Class: VI
Subject: Kannada
Date: 26th November 2020

, ,

Class Activity
Class: VII
Subject: Kannada
Samathola to understand the importance of
environment and to develop their writing skills.
Class Activity
Class: IV
Subject: EVS
places/physical divisions on the map
of India. This activity was conducted
for the students to learn about the
different places in the Northern
Mountains and to also understand the
diverse topography of India.
fractions that have the same value but
different numerator and denominator.
concept of equivalent fractions by using
different fractions in different numbers
with the same value.
numbers by paper cutting and pasting.
This activity was conducted to understand
the concept of HCF of two numbers. E.g.,
64 and 28. They used rectangular colour
strips of different measures. Then, they
placed them one above the other on a
strip till it was covered fully.
Class Activity
Class: VIII
Subject: Hindi
Activity: Chart making


their friends and themselves to learn
about natural resources as part of their
curriculum. The students helped each
other during the process of data
collection and also created Power Point
Presentation in an interesting manner.
The facts and figures about their topic of
concern were presented by students
during online classes. This activity
helped the students to learn the skill of
collecting valid data and presenting the
same in a creative way. The seminar
helped the students to develop
communication and presentation skills.
students on the topic fractions to
understand how one whole can be
divided into half, one-fourth, three-
fourth, one-third and one-eighth and
how many halves, one-fourths, one-
thirds and one-eighths can make one
XII got exposure to the in-depth knowledge
on the process and various aspects of stock
markets, stock exchange and security
tradeables by Mr. Ajantha Srinivasan. Mr.
Ajantha is working as R & D manager at
Aspect Software and also pursuing
Executive MBA in data analytics from
Liverpool Business School. We learned
about the category of classifying shares
into primary and secondary as well as the
different types of shares that are sold in the
market such as equity and preference
shares, along with debentures. Also the
various functions performed by stock
exchange as well as a stock market were
discussed. Informative points on ADR
(American depositary receipts), GDR
when and how to purchase or invest in a
stock, as well as a brief description on
NIFTY were also prominently noted on. We
lastly were depicted with the knowledge
on SEBI (Stock Exchange Board of India)
and its function as well as the debts, bonds
and securities which are traded in famous
stock markets such as the Bombay Stock
Exchange (BSE).
gained exposure to the practical aspect of
share trading and also got inspired to
invest in share market.