Aceas for tern symp 2011 2


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Transcript of Aceas for tern symp 2011 2

  • 1. Australian Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (ACEAS)
    Presentation by Alison Specht, Program Manager.
  • 2. Purpose of Facility
    facilitate the advancement of pure and applied ecosystem knowledge;
    improve the organization and synthesis of ecosystem information;
    influence the way ecosystem research is conducted in the future;
    promote integrative research to facilitate linkages;
    serve as a conduit between the ecosystem and management communities; and
    assist in planning the evolution of TERN into the future.
  • 3. Key Questions being Addressed
    ACEAS facilitates scientists and managers to tackle the big science questions together. As such we respond to our community, and our job is to:
    maximise collective intelligence
    ensure capability-building
    assist the analysis of disparate and complex data
  • 4. Infrastructure to be delivered
    Web interface
  • 5. Infrastructure to be delivered
    Web interface
    Supported by:
    A dedicated wiki facility
    Data storage
    Conferencing facilities
    Supported meeting environment
  • 6. Our plan for community engagement
    We do this through
    • the ACEAS web site
    • 7. attendance at meetings
    • 8. grant rounds