Accueil International de Saint-Germain-en-Laye et … International de Saint-Germain-en-Laye ......

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Transcript of Accueil International de Saint-Germain-en-Laye et … International de Saint-Germain-en-Laye ......

  • Tiffany Snel-Wark Sarah Houiller

    Kary Spanghero

    Accueil International de Saint-Germain-en-Laye

    Activities in Saint-Germain-en-Laye

    and the Surrounding Area

  • Want to be part of life in France?

  • Markets

    Nearly every village and town has a market with fresh produce

    Some markets also sell clothes and other non-food articles

    Most markets open early and finish around 1.00pm

  • St-Germain-en-Laye

    Tuesday, Friday and Sunday


    Tuesday, Friday and Sunday


    Tuesday and Saturday

    Maisons Laffitte

    Wednesday and Saturday

    Le Vsinet

    Tuesday and Saturday


  • Brocantes, Vide-Greniers, Foires

    Most towns and villages have these at least once a year:

    - an ideal way to discover a town or village, find a bargain or some original item

  • For dates of local brocantes, check out: - your local magazine/newspaper - your own town or village website

    Foire Nationale la Brocante et aux Jambons (Antiques and Ham fair),

    Ile des Impressionnistes, Chatou: - September and March

    - famous for its antiques and food

    - lasts about 10 days

    Brocantes, Vide-Greniers, Foires

  • Associations - an important part of French life

    Provide activities for both children and adults

    Most towns have an open day in September for all their associations, clubs and classes Forum des Associations

    Check out brochures edited by your local town Maison des Associations, Centre de Culture

    Associations, Clubs, Classes

  • A great source of information for local events

    Local magazines, Websites, Newspapers

  • Events to look out for during the year

  • September

    La Rentre!

    Journes du Patrimoine (National Heritage Weekend):

    - opportunity to visit many buildings

    and monuments, normally closed to the public

    - street entertainment in St-Germain

  • Forums des Associations


    - St Germains own music festival


  • Vendange (grape harvest) of St-Germain & Le Pecqs own vineyard:

    - meet on Terrasse of Chteau de St-Germain

    Foires aux vins (wine fairs):

    - in many local supermarkets


  • 1st Sunday of the month:

    many museums and monuments free!

    - some free all year round on 1st Sunday of month

    - others free during the winter months only

    eg, Louvre - October to March

    October/every month

  • Nuit Blanche (Sleepless night):

    1st weekend in October, Saturday 7pm to Sunday 7am

    - see various museums, exhibitions and other original art forms at an unusual time


  • Fte de la Toussaint (All Saints Day): 1st November

    - half term holiday - chrysanthemums on sale

    Beaujolais Nouveau (new Beaujolais): 3rd Thursday in November - wine merchants & supermarkets

    sell the new seasons Beaujolais on this date


  • Tlthon:

    - a national campaign to collect money for medical research and help those with muscular dystrophy

    - most towns and villages have sponsored events or sales

    Marchs de Nol (Christmas markets)


  • Fte des Rois:

    - Galettes on sale throughout January

    - person who finds lucky charm gets to be king or queen for the day

    Les Soldes (winter sales):

    - start on the same day throughout France


  • Le Chandeleur (Pancake Day): 2nd February

    The skiing season is in full swing!


  • Foire Nationale la Brocante et aux Jambons (Antiques and Ham fair)

    Ile des Impressionnistes, Chatou

    (twice a year : Sept & March)


  • 1st April: Poisson davril (April Fools Day!)

    Pques (Easter): Children are told that the bells return from Rome on Easter Sunday and drop chocolate eggs in their gardens!


  • March Europen (European Market):

    - Market Square, St Germain

    - stalls representing European countries

    - food, drink, art and crafts

    - international music & entertainment


  • Fte des Voisins (Neighbours Day):

    - everyone is encouraged to meet their neighbours for a drink or a meal


  • Nuit des Muses (Night of the museums):

    - visit many museums and historic buildings late into the night

    - often free


  • Fte de la Musique:

    - music on all street corners throughout France

    Fte du Cinma:

    - throughout France, last week in June

    - ticket prices reduced


  • Fte Nationale: 14th July

    - military parade along the Champs Elyses

    - fireworks and dancing (bal) on 13th or 14th July in most towns and villages

    Les Soldes (summer sales)


  • Fte des Loges:

    - gigantic fun-fair in the forest of St-Germain

    - lasts over 7 weeks: from beginning of July until 3rd week of August

    - little train links RER to the fun-fair


  • Apart from La Fte des Loges in St-Germain, virtually everything grinds to a halt - quite a shock for almost everyone!


  • Want to learn French?

  • GRETA programme:

    - information from Lyce International

    LA CLEF:

    - a local organisation for culture and education

    - see

    Accueil International de Saint-Germain-en-Laye:

    - French conversation in small groups - see

  • Want to do things not typically French?

  • Scottish dancing in Fourqueux:

    - no need to wear a kilt!

    - beginners welcome

    - for all nationalities

  • English speaking Lions Club:

    - Lions Club International is the largest service club in the world

    - both men & women are welcome

    - all meetings are held in English

    - If you feel that life has been kinder to you than many others, maybe this is your chance to make a difference


  • The International Players:

    - English speaking theatre group with members of all ages and a variety of talents:



    designing and building sets

    making costumes

    - based in Le Pecq and St-Germain

    - see

  • Bowling centre in Orgeval on the N13

    Cricket club in Thoiry:

    - welcomes cricketers, supporters and social members of all ages

    - see

    Wildlife Park also in Thoiry:

    - see

  • Want to meet people?

  • Two organisations specialise in welcoming and integrating newcomers:

    1. Accueil des Villes Franaises (AVF)

    - national network

    - local branches in most towns

    - for both men and women

    - French speaking

    Want to meet people?

  • 2. Accueil International de Saint-Germain-en-Laye

    - a more international association

    - for foreign women arriving in France and French women returning from abroad

    - approx 550 members of 50 different nationalities

    - in both French and native languages

    - all activities run by volunteer members

    Want to meet people?

  • Our key groups and activities:

    - 11 language groups, including an Anglophone group

    - International Coffees with a theme - in French

    - specific group for new members

    - French conversation

    - Mother and Toddler group

  • Some examples of our activities:

    - book clubs

    - cookery

    - painting

    - golf

    - walking

    - painting on eggs

    - Mah Jong

  • More examples of our activities:

    - discovering Chinese culture

    - gardening group

    - bridge (in French)

    - learning ancient languages - Latin & Greek

    - finding out about European History

    - Bodyflex

    - photography

  • Outings to:

    - shows

    - plays

    - concerts

    - restaurants

    - cinema

  • Cultural visits:

    - historic walks

    - Versailles

    - Muse dOrsay

    - exhibitions

  • Come and talk to us: Tiffany, Sarah & Kary

    or visit our website:

    Any questions?

  • Information & sign-up for new members

    Friday 18th September 10.00 am - 12.00 noon

    MAS - Maison des Associations 3 rue de la Rpublique, St-Germain-en-Laye