ACCESS Chisinau Moldova “Speranta” Center Teacher: Nicoleta Nichifor.

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Transcript of ACCESS Chisinau Moldova “Speranta” Center Teacher: Nicoleta Nichifor.

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  • ACCESS Chisinau Moldova Speranta Center Teacher: Nicoleta Nichifor
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  • First of all We are proud to be ACCESS Chisinau Moldova!!! A group of active and full of enthusiasm students from Speranta- Center for children with special needs
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  • Brainstorming and. Great Ideas!!!
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  • Implementing together and having fun Reusing a lifeless plastic bottle and planting onions
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  • Taking Care: Showing responsibility, devotion for our goal and love for a green world
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  • Tracking our Results Stage 1: Onion bulbs start growing Stage 2:First tails Stage 3: All onions getting tails Stage 4: Tails getting bigger and bigger Stage 5: All tails grown huge
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  • Bringing Smiles and Enjoying what we are doing
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  • Discussing Environmental Problems at Global Level
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  • What else could we do???? Get involved, show in- terest and be active!!!
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  • Thank you for your attention! Let all great ideas grow like this onions