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ACCESS 2.0 English Language Proficiency Assessment Assessment Roadshow – 2018 | 1 Melanie Jones Danielle Taylor Assessment Coordinator Program Specialist 208-332-6933 208-332-6903
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Transcript of ACCESS 2.0 English Language Proficiency Assessment · ACCESS 2.0 English Language Proficiency ......

  • ACCESS 2.0 English Language Proficiency Assessment

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 1

    Melanie Jones Danielle TaylorAssessment Coordinator Program Specialist208-332-6933 208-332-6903

  • Who is with us today?

    District Test Coordinator?Federal Program / Special Populations?EL Program Coordinator?EL Teacher?Test Proctor?

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 2

  • Todays Presentation

    The Why & Who, What & How, WhenNavigation & DemosTest Incident ProtocolsPost Test Window To-dosBig Picture Video & Resources

    Assessment Roadshow 2018

  • Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 4

    Why and Who We Assess

  • Program & Assessment Connection

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 5

    English Language Learners

    English Language Program


  • Facts & Figures:

    Idaho - one of 39 states in the WIDA Consortium WIDA - Wisconsin Center for Education Research at University of Wisconsin

    WIDA began testing English learners in 2004 with paper based assessment

    Beginning 3rd year of WIDA testing

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 6

  • Program and Assessment

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 7

    Standard setting had an impact on ACCESS scores in 2017

    Some students scores went down

    Fewer students exited the program

    Students have to showcase higher language skills to achieve the same proficiency level scores (1.0-6.0)

    Idaho adjusted exit criteria:

    4.0 or higher in each domain and a composite score of 5.0

    Limited ability to use scores from 16-17 as a result. Idaho is starting over with 2018 test results, but these will be used for accountability reporting

  • 2017 ACCESS Performance

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 8

  • WIDA and Accountability

    Screeners used to assess program eligibility have more emphasis with state and school accountability under ESSA

    We need to be confident the starting data is valid and accurate for ELLs measuring growth

    This begins with 2018 assessment results Training and a plan to ensure proper administration

    of a screener and ACCESS is important

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 9

  • What and How: ACCESS 2.0 Navigation

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 10

  • Test Administration Flow

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 11

    1. Home Language Survey when indicates need to screen Before step 2, check ELMS system to ensure they student has not already screened and

    been identified!

    2. Administer Screener according to grade/mode (paper/online) W-APT, WIDA Screener

    3. If student does not screen out, code as L1 ACCESS 2.0 administered annually until exit criteria met

  • How: Accounts and Manuals

    Two accounts are needed to train and administer ACCESS (and new WIDA Screener) a. WIDA.US training and certification b. WIDA AMS (DRC-vendor) test coordination materials

    Test admins should read the test admin manual The WIDA AMS User Guide is separate

    WIDA ACCESS Test Manual 17-18 WIDA AMS User Guide 17-18

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 12

  • Two sites combined = ACCESS 2.0

    WIDA Site


    ACCESS 2.0

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 13

  • portal One stop shop

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 14

  • How do I get trained and certified?

    Certification is required for any new staff administering any WIDA assessment

    Exception = W-APT screener, not availableNO recertification needed this year for ACCESS 2.0Every other year certification schedule between ACCESS and Screener: 18-19- ACCESS 2.0 certification 19-20- WIDA Screener certification (may be ongoing)

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 15

  • Training Steps and Timing:

    Where to start: Refer to Idaho ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 checklist to understand the tasks you should complete for your role

    When to start: Ideally 3-4 weeks prior to testing How long will training take? Variable, as its self paced. Estimates:

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 16

  • What/Where are Tech Resources?

    DRC Insight Secure Browser should be installed and kept updated for WIDA assessments

    Google Chrome is preferred browser for test and test demo

    Technology check list available off WIDA site: WIDA Technology Resources

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 17

  • Snapshot of ACCESS 2.0

    Test in 4 Domains: Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing Listening and Reading administered first. Speaking-Writing follow ACCESS 2.0 online administration (except Kinder) Entry task determines test tier students continue with (A or B/C) Kinder is paper based 1-12 online (grades 1-3 use paper based for writing domain only) Online test is semi-adaptive designed to challenge student as

    they progress

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 18

  • What are equipment needs?

    Device (desktop, laptop, tablets)Working headset or headphonesNo speakers permitted, even in group settingPencils & Writing booklets for grades 1-3Test Sessions and Test Tickets coordinated and printed from WIDA AMS

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 19

  • How long is the ACCESS test?

    ACCESS 2.0 is self pacedWIDA provides estimates to assist with scheduling

    Limited time to respond after record is selected (for speaking)

    Assessment Webinar November, 2017 | 20

  • Can a student practice?

    Yes! It is encouraged - ACCESS 2.0 test demos are available off WIDA AMS

    Speaking practice is critical. More speaking resources:

    WIDA Speaking Domain ResourcesDo not need to log-in to practice. The demo is apre-recorded video

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 21

  • Can I split up individual domains?

    No, administer domains in their entiretyOnline each domain is a separate test sessionCAN split the 4 total domains within the open window (common practice)

    Example: Listening &Reading one week, Speaking & Writing another

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 22

  • What are Do Not Score Codes?

    To receive composite score, all domains must be completed

    If a student is having difficulty, may discontinue that domain and try again later. If other attempts are not successful, may discontinue and move to the next domain

    Do not use DO NOT SCORE codes if plan to restart or resume a domain, as that will result in student not receiving a score

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 23

  • Do Not Score Codes ... described

    ABS: Absent absent for a domain of a test, fill in for the domain student did not take

    INV: Invalidate even though student completed some or all items, testing was not valid

    DEC: Declined student refused to test. This is not opt out as it is a required test. Should only be used if after several attempts, student will not participate

    SPD: Deferred Special Education/504. Applies when a student should defer participation from one or more domains of test

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 24

  • What to do: Issues or Incidents

    District level staff should be notified if there are tech or test issues. Often can solve locally

    If needed, DTC can invalidate or force submit tests. Please note prior to this action or request: TA can try to re-administer if appropriate TA should not try to re-administer if concern was

    student behavior or abilities prohibit meaningful responses instead use an Invalid test and applicable DNS score

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 25

  • Idaho SDE Test Incident Log

    Idaho SDE Test Incident LogApplication through SDE Portal used to report test incidents, improprieties etc.

    Contact district technology coordinator to gain access

    Important for WIDA as related to accountability

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 26

  • ACCESS 2.0 FAQs

    Q: What to do if a student is no longer in your school or district and test has been ordered?

    A: As long as the student has not started testing, then no action necessary

    A: If a student has completed a domain and transfers schools in Idaho, follow transfer protocol in WIDA AMS User Guide

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 27

  • FAQ cont.

    Test set-up in AMS: Students who had pre-ID labels ordered, will

    automatically be placed into generic test sessions If administering online, still must ensure students are

    entered into the appropriate test session Newly identified ELLs needing to take ACCESS can be

    added to WIDA AMS If needing materials: Check with district office first.

    DTC can order as needed

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 28

  • Test Set Up Tasks & Quick Guides:

    ACCESS 2.0 WIDA Resource Guides

    Refer to WIDA AMS User Guide page 67 for full guidance on student management set up

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 29

    PresenterPresentation NotesOpen links and demo.

  • When: ACCESS 2.0 Key Dates

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 30

  • ACCESS 2.0 Key Dates

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 31

    Idaho WIDA Consortium Member Page

  • ACCESS 2.0 Enrollment Business Rule

    Enrollment business rule & testing window: If an ELL is identified by Friday, March 2, 2018, the

    expectation is to administer ACCESS 2.0 the following week prior to the close of the window March 9, 2018

    Additional materials are not available to order the last week of the test window. If testing online grades 4-12 no paper materials needed

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 32

  • Test Set-Up Resources:

    Short WIDA AMS video tutorials:WIDA AMS Video Tutorials

    We recommend test administration at the start of early in the test window to assist with absenteeism associated with time of year (illness etc.). Window is open January 29, 2018

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 33

  • Post-Test To-Dos

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 34

  • Data Validation:

    It is critical we have accurate reporting for ACCESS 2.0

    The process allows us to identify demographic, accommodations and test records that contain errors and correct them before reporting

    **Duplicate Student IDs** Schools or Districts will complete this: April 2-6, 2018 SDE: April 16, 2018

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 35

  • Catch a Training

    Data Validation Training:WIDA Training WebinarsTuesday, February 27th

    12-1 Mountain Time

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 36

  • Late Returns

    There is a chance to return materials late, however, please know it delays reports to June, July or August, depending upon the received date

    In turn, this could affect annual program funding timing

    Return Materials Deadline: March 16, 2018 Spring Break for some districts PLAN AHEAD

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 37

  • Score Reports:

    Districts or Schools receive ACCESS 2.0 results printed and online by Friday, May 18, 2018

    It is important to have a process to review results and determine exited students before end of year

    Their status changes to X1 if exited, and should be captured and submitted at end of year ISEE upload

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 38

  • Whats New 2017-2018 Resource:

    What's New with ACCESS 2.0

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 39

  • Monitor System Status NEW!

    Subscribe to receive notification on Test System updates:

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 40

  • Contacts:

    Melanie Jones, Assessment Coordinator208-332-6933 [email protected] Metzler, ELL Program Coordinator208-332-6905 [email protected] Customer Service: 1-866-276-7735WIDA AMS/DRC: 1-855-787-9615

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 41

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]

  • You Make a Difference!

    WIDA Academic Language VideoProfessional Educator's Video and Resources

    Assessment Roadshow 2018 | 42

    ACCESS 2.0 English Language Proficiency AssessmentWho is with us today?Todays PresentationWhy and Who We AssessProgram & Assessment ConnectionFacts & Figures:Program and Assessment 2017 ACCESS PerformanceWIDA and AccountabilityWhat and How: ACCESS 2.0 Navigation Test Administration FlowHow: Accounts and ManualsTwo sites combined = ACCESS portal One stop shopHow do I get trained and certified?Training Steps and Timing:What/Where are Tech Resources?Snapshot of ACCESS 2.0What are equipment needs?How long is the ACCESS test?Can a student practice?Can I split up individual domains?What are Do Not Score Codes?Do Not Score Codes ... describedWhat to do: Issues or IncidentsIdaho SDE Test Incident LogACCESS 2.0 FAQsFAQ cont.Test Set Up Tasks & Quick Guides:When: ACCESS 2.0 Key DatesACCESS 2.0 Key DatesACCESS 2.0 Enrollment Business RuleTest Set-Up Resources:Post-Test To-Dos Data Validation:Catch a TrainingLate ReturnsScore Reports:Whats New 2017-2018 Resource:Monitor System Status NEW!Contacts:You Make a Difference!