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  • tAbLE OF CONtENt

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  • Our investment spectrum includes logistics, freeway management centres, toll roads and parking management services as well as Solar Pv and Wind. Our business model is focused on the creation of new businesses in South Africa in partnership with leading international companies in their respective markets. Providere aims to stimulate innovation and economic activity, create employment and promote black ownership.

    The company is a majority woman and black-owned company registered in South Africa (2009/023923/07) and a level 2 Contributor (125% B-BBee procurement recognition level). The shareholders are not only actively involved in the investment strategy of the holdings company but also in providing actual institutional capacity to the businesses invested in.


    AbOUt US Providere Investments is a South African investment

    company with a specific focus on the transport/mobility

    and renewable energy sectors.

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    Providere actively manages its investments in partnership with its international partners. Much like a venture-capital firm, Providere is an entrepreneurial, dividend-oriented investment company with a long- term investment strategy – and is not share-price driven.

    Providere leverages its expertise and influence to help formulate strategies that are relevant to the South African market and aligned to the socio-economic transformation agenda. Furthermore, Providere assists its partners to develop a strong base in South Africa from which to expand into the rest of Africa.

    Our focus is long-term capital appreciation through the development of a well-balanced portfolio in key strategic segments.

    Providere seeks to achieve growth and unlock value as follows:

    • Creation of joint venture companies (venture capital approach) in partnership with leading international companies in the mobility and energy sectors

    • Investment in property funds and developers specialised in logistics and distribution nodes

    • Structuring of and Investment in renewable energy and transport infrastructure projects (project finance / SPV Management approach)

    • distribution of intelligent transport products and solutions (agency agreements)


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    bUSINESS MODEL Providere creates value by focusing its institutional capacity and funding on specific market segments and complementary project delivery channels. Central to Providere’s targeted approach and active management style in the transport/mobility and renewable energy sectors is the pursuit of the creation of a one billion rand, well-balanced, multi-channeled investment portfolio in South Africa in the next 5 years.

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    tHE tEAM

    Providere Investments is uniquely structured around shareholders who are also directors of the business and have each a 20-year track record in the development, structuring, financing, management, operations and maintenance of transport, mobility and renewable energy projects in South Africa and Africa.

    Founders: Clancinah Baloyi

    and laurent Bouchacourt

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    CONtACt US

    Tel: +27 11 881 57 13 email: [email protected] Website: www.providere.co.za

    Physical Address: 2nd Floor, West Tower nelson mandela Square maude Street Sandton 2196

    gPS coordinates: -26.107433,28.054738

    Postal address: PO Box 785553, Sandton 2146