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2. Socialize keeps users coming back to your app
3. Typical App Engagement Curve
4. How Does Socialize Work?
We Provide App Developers:
Cloud based social API service
Open-source SDK for iOS and Android
Pre-built mobile views
Moderation & metrics via our web dashboard
5. 6. Up Next In Socialize
Deep Social Engagement In Your App
In-App Group Messaging
Challenge and Gamification Framework
Users can Follow & Locate Each Other
App Recommendations and Discovery
Mobile + Desktop Web Integration
7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Sign Up For Beta SDK Access at www.GetSocialize.comContact Us:@Socialize / info@GetSocialize.com
12. The Founding Team
Daniel R. Odio
The CEO GE, startups
Isaac Mosquera
The CTO XM Radio
Sean Shadmand
The CSO Tagged