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Ritu Kumar Divya Manivannan MFM/14/301
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  • Ritu Kumar

    Divya ManivannanMFM/14/301

  • The pride of India

    A little girl from Amritsar who dreamed to be successful completed her basic academy in Amritsar & studied various

    things from various parts of India. With the ability of minute observation, managed to gain interest in various artistic forms.

  • Ritu Kumar is also one of the chosen one to design outfits for the contestant for Miss India Pageant as

    well as the Miss Universe Miss Asia Pacific participant representing India.

  • The Label (pret) garments are crafted to offer a modern representation, while the Couture collection dips into the romance of the

    1930s and draws from the influences the movement had in India

  • When I started, being in fashion was a huge challenge. We could not import a zip or a button or even a piece of elastic as the market was completely closed. We were cushioned from outside influences; so we

    were forced to go back to our roots rather than go to Google for ideas

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