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DesignMerge software. There are several advantages to plug-in technology in the VDP space. The most important advantage is that the DesignMerge software can utilize the two most powerful and popular composition engines in the world, QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign. All of the composition features that you have grown accustomed to are fully supported by DesignMerge. Every aspect of the composition process, including kerning and letterspacing, hyphenation and justification, runarounds, multi-page composition, styling, tables, etc. are all available for you to use. You just take an existing document, and use DesignMerge to "Make It Variable". Your variable output will look just like you did File/Print for each individual data record. 888-983-6746 www.designmerge.com

Transcript of About DesignMerge

  • 1.DesignMerge Pro Product Introduction and Overview

2. What is DesignMerge

  • DesignMerge is a suite of plug-in software modules for QuarkXPress & Adobe InDesign
    • Adds VDP features to QuarkXPress & InDesign
  • DesignMerge works directly with existing documents
    • Just take any document and Make it Variable
  • Any element of the document can be variable
    • Text, Images, Articles
    • Layouts & Master Pages
  • The product is ideal for existing QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign users that want to create professional VDP documents
    • No new software to learn!
    • Users are immediately comfortable with the interface!

3. Why Use Plug-in Software for VDP?

  • Adds powerful VDP features to existing page layout applications
  • No need to leave the page layout application, or to convert to a different format
    • Many other VDP programs require conversion to XML or other formats before the VDP output can be generated
  • Edits and modifications are easy to manage
  • Takes advantage of the most powerful (and popular) composition engines in the world
    • Other products must mimic the features of Quark & InDesign
    • Example: just try doing variable type-on-a-curve, with a drop-shadow, in any other VDP application!

4. DesignMerge Differentiators

  • Works directly in the QuarkXPress or InDesign application
    • No re-design or conversion required
  • Intuitive, menu-driven user interface
  • Supports variable Text, Images, Articles, and Layouts
  • Multiple output driver support (PS, PPML, etc)
  • Automatic Copy-Fitting included
  • Advanced conditional processing features (Rules)
  • Multiple-up Layout and Imposition support
  • Translation Tables
  • Bar Coding, AppleScript and Data-Driven Graphic (pie charts, etc.) support available
  • Quark 6/7/8 or InDesign CS2/CS3/CS4; Mac & Windows
  • 200+ page printed manual, box and CD included

5. DesignMerge Differentiators in a GA Environment

  • Easy to implement; low overhead
  • Fits seamlessly into existing workflow
  • Non-proprietary does not alter the QuarkXPress or InDesign document format
    • Documents can be opened with or without DesignMerge
  • Flexible Supports PPML and Optimized PostScript for Color or B&W VDP output
  • Cross-platform Macintosh or Windows
  • US-based development, sales, and technical support

6. Typical Applications

  • Traditional VDP Anything that must be personalized
    • Direct Mail
    • Letters
    • Postcards
    • Newsletters
    • Invitations
  • Short Run & Document Assembly Applications
    • Business Cards
    • Name Badges
    • Coupons
    • Tags & Labels
    • Raffle Tickets
    • Consecutive Numbering
    • Financial Statements & Prospectus
      • (Data-Driven Graphics)

7. Supported Output Formats

  • PPML
    • Emerging as an industry standard for VDP output
    • Very efficient output format for variable graphics
  • Optimized PostScript
    • Works with all PostScript-based systems
    • Cached PostScript is much smaller and processes much faster
    • Cached PostScript is lightning-fast when producing PDF
    • Driver can separate Fixed & Variable data to work with EFI FreeForm technology
  • Other Formats
    • QuarkXPress or InDesign Documents
    • EPS
    • PDF (with Acrobat Distiller)

8. Benefits of DesignMerge

  • Easy to visualize VDP production
    • One less hurdle in the sales process
    • Confidence that VDP can be delivered
  • Supports both QuarkXPress & InDesign
    • Customer can accept either file format
    • Cross platform, Mac & Windows
  • Short learning curve
    • Start selling and delivering VDP jobs faster
  • Archived documents can be made variable
    • Ready stock of jobs to reference
  • Affordable

9. Using DesignMerge 10. DesignMerge Installation

  • Install DesignMergeSoftware from CD
  • XTensions/PlugIns are installed into appropriate folder
  • Relaunch your native application

11. You are Ready to Start Your First VDP Job

  • After application has opened you will then see the DesignMerge pull downmenu in the top menu bar

12. Linking Database File to Layout

  • Now lets set up our links
  • Go to the pull down menu and select Setup>Database Definitions

13. Database Definitions File

  • Create a New DDF
    • (Database Definition)
  • This points layout to database text file
  • Reads incoming database fields
  • When saved, the DDF is stored inside Quark/InDesign file for future use

14. What is a Variable Link?

  • Variable Link associates placeholder text or pictures in the document to a field in the database file, and determines how DesignMerge will merge data from that field into the placeholder
  • The name of each Variable Link appears in the list on the left side of the window
  • To select a Variable Link, click on its name in the list The window will change to show you how the link has been set up

15. Applying Variable Text Links To Layout

  • Drag-select (highlight) the word Name
  • Using the DesignMerge floating palette
  • Select the Name Variable Link using the popup menu on the DesignMerge palette

16. Applying Variable Text Links To Layout

  • Click the Assign button in the palette.
    • This sets the link assignment. A green bracket underscores the variable text after you click the Assign button, indicating its been set
  • Repeat the process for each remaining Text Link

17. Applying Variable Picture Links to Layout

  • Select picture box that will be variable

18. Applying Variable Picture Links to Layout

  • Click the Tag Pic button in the palette.
    • This sets the link assignment. A green green box appears inside the picture boxafter you click the Assign button, indicating its been set

19. Merge and Test Your Documents

  • Your Options Are To
    • Merge Current Document
    • Proof Variable Links
    • Variable Link Report
    • Longest Line, Shortest Line Test
    • Preflight Report
    • Data Preview

20. Now you can Feel Confident in Proceeding with the Actual, Final Merge

  • Save as Multiple QuarkXPress Files
  • Save as EPS
  • Build Document

21. Output Your Job To Press

  • PostScript
    • Enables the built-in PostScript printing capabilities of DesignMerge
    • The module also includes several options for image and form caching
    • Supports chunking print output
  • PPML
    • Creates Fixed Layer
    • Variable Text Layer
    • Variable Image Layer
    • Image and Form Caching
    • Creates .ZIP Container
  • VIPP
  • VPS

22. Major Feature Set 23. Database Setup and Document Preparation

  • Menu-driven setup with wizard interface
  • Simple tagging palette take any document and Make it Variable
  • Any element can be variable
    • Text, Images, Articles, Groups
    • Variable Layouts & Master Pages
  • Includes pre-flight and data preview features
  • No re-design of pages or exporting to