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  • 1. Your Colours, Delivered
  • 2. Would you like to partner with cost- friendly Chinese color card suppliers but are unsure about communication and quality issues?Xiamen Ashika Colour Card Co., Ltd.is your color card partner.
  • 3. Ashika, Your Color PartnerAbout AshikaXiamen Ashika Colour Card Co., Ltd. is a dynamic color card service facility with one-stop color card processing technology that includes design, spectrophotometerized color matching, and printing.Thanks to over 15 years of managerial and employee experience and excellent teamwork, we are one of Chinas leading producers of color presentation tools. We are the largest supplier for Chinas domestic market and have clients spread throughout the world.
  • 4. Ashika, Your Color PartnerAshikas MissionHere at Ashika, we are dedicated to helping our clients increase sales and improve company image by facilitating our customers selection of the perfect color and finish.We listen carefully to our clients to ensure that we respond to their specific needs. We endeavor to exceed expectations in product quality, color matching, production time, and customer service.With clear communication and full project collaboration, Ashika strives to turn one-time customers into life-long clients.
  • 5. Ashikas ProductsYour colors displayed to exact specifications: Fan Decks Color Cards Color Systems Metallic and Pearlescent Color Cards Architectural Presentation Kits Color Posters and Color Albums
  • 6. Products Fan DecksExpressive colors, clear organization, and unparalleled functionality
  • 7. ProductsColor CardsPrecise tone matching, elegant design, and exclusive color palettes
  • 8. ProductsColor Systems 500 to over 2,000 colors on standard or customized displays
  • 9. ProductsMetallic and Pearlescent Color Cards Brilliant pearlescents and metallic tones from matte to lustrous
  • 10. ProductsArchitectural Coating Kits Uncompromising standards for your most professional clients
  • 11. ProductsColor Posters and Albums Your colors captured in a single glance or page-by-page
  • 12. Special Application TechnologyIf you can imagine it, we can customize it: Dye Cutting Contiguous Colors Various Application Methods Wood Finishes
  • 13. Special Application TechnologyDye Cutting Create rectangular chips or elaborate shapes
  • 14. Special Application TechnologyContinguous Colors Erase boundaries and flaunt color combinations
  • 15. Special Application TechnologyVarious Application Methods Choose among sprayed, chipped, or deposited color cards
  • 16. Special Application Technology Wood FinishesCapture grain, color, and depth and enjoy custom finishes and sheens
  • 17. Why Ashika?When we work together, you will notbe forced to choose among quality,price, and customer service. Ourenthusiastic clients agree that we canprovide you with all three.
  • 18. Why Ashika?Commitment to qualityXiamen Ashika Colour Card Co., Ltd. always strives to bring a better product to our clients. We have adopted the ISO 9001 quality management system and purchase only the highest quality raw materials.The expertise of our seasoned employees ensures our tinting and printing to be the fastest and most accurate in the industry. No color, effect, or finish is too complex for our team of skilled color technicians. We provide a baseline accuracy of E < 0.5 and 0.8 for light and dark colors respectively, and are glad to achieve even greater accuracy at your request.Because of our rigorous dedication to excellence, we can guarantee our customers increased speed to market, higher quality merchandising tools, and exceptional cost savings.
  • 19. Why Ashika?CostBecause color card manufacturing is primarily labor-intensive, Chinese companies boast a significant cost advantage. Our managements commitment to efficiency further enhances the savings that we pass onto our customers.The final result is a product of European quality sold with a Chinese price tag and unparalleled client satisfaction.
  • 20. Why Ashika?Customer ServiceAshikas commitment to customer service surpasses product quality and price. Our goal is to provide you with distinct, personalized service from the moment of intial contact.Successful partnerships with our clients are based on confident communication and attention to detail, and are unhindered by language and cultural differences. Our staff includes English- and Spanish-speaking members who are pleased to assist you with unrivaled care.
  • 21. Why Ashika? Our Clients Eckart Valspar DIC ICI Dulux PPG Nippon Paint Jotun BASF Akzo Nobel Bayer Sherwin-Williams Merck Sigma Entrusted with many of the worlds largest and most prestigious paint and coating companies color projects, Ashika is recognized as a valuable partner in their marketing efforts.Are you interested in learning more about working with Ashika?
  • 22. Xiamen Ashika Colour Card Co., Ltd.Because we are 100% confident in ourproduct, we offer smaller trial orders andare happy to mail you samples. Evan SuzukiPlease do not hesitate to call or email us evan@ashika.com.cnwith any questions. We look forward to +86 13-959288659speaking with you about how Ashika canmeet your color needs!