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    Indian Entertainment Industry (IEI) is thefastest growing sector and well-performed inthe economy.Growth of IEI: broadband, DTH, IPTV,digitalization and Radio industry.

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    Sa tellite Television Asi a Region ( STAR) is a n Asi a n TV service owned by Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorpor a tion in 1 Aug 1990La unched in 1991, STAR is the wholly owned subsidi a ry of News Corpor a tion.STAR Indi a is the most viewed network in Indi a ntelevision.STAR w a s the pioneer of s a tellite television in Asi a a nd initi a ted growth in television industry in theentire region.It is he a dqu a rtered in Hong Kong, with region a loffices in Indi a , m a inl a nd Chin a , T a iw a n, S ing a pore,a s well a s in other south Asi a n countries.STAR h a s more th a n 300 million viewers in 53countries a nd is w a tched by a pproxim a tely 120million viewers everyd a y.

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    Star build brand on 3 planks:E factor (Quality Element)

    Superior ContentStrong Grip on consumer pulseLocalisation

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    GEC channel of india

    Regional channels

    GEC channel worldwide


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    L aunched on 21 February 1992 Star Plus is a Hindi language general entertainment television channel based in India.The channel is part of the STAR TV network's bouquet of channels.Star Plus' programming primarily consists of family dramas and telefilms.

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    Kaun banega karorepati Kyun ki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii Kahiin To Hoga

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay Nach baliye Sach Ka Saamna Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

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    St reng thHigh Production CapabilitiesHuge infrastructureTalent Hunting / Artist Management

    Solid Financial PositionA good mix of sponsored & commissioned showsIntegrated film maker - Production, Marketing &Distributionof filmsS

    tringent Risk Management practices.W eaknessHigh Cost of Production against industry averageConcentrated ClientsDependence on few key people for concept & creativity

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    O pportunities


    te content for other regiona

    l la


    ges /intern a tion a l m a rketEnter into more re a lity segmentsMonetiz a tion of content through other delivery pl a tformsExp a nd presence in digit a l sp a ce

    Thre a tsRising CompetitionPir a cy Ga ining popul a rity of other entert a inment optionslikesports, g a ming, internet, m a lls, tr a velling etc

    Cha nge in Government PoliciesRising l a bour Cost & Energy Cost Mind set of people. Saa s Ba hu Ch a nnel.

  • 8/8/2019 ABM Slides


    Cha llenges

    Competition from sp a te of new ch a nnel.S trong h a ng over of the leg a cy content t a ging STARPlus a s a saa s-b a hu ch a nnel.

    Appro a ch


    te consumer experience out of the televisionmedium-Consumer outre a ch progr a ms.Cre a te eng a ging content to a ttr a ct new viewer a nd bre a k a w a y from the a ur a of the leg a cy properties.360 degrees m a rketing to cre a te sufficienta w a reness a bout the shows.Effective use of PR m a chinery to build credibility &


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    Tagline-Ris ht a W ah i , Soch N ayiT h e logo designed by Ven tu re 3,London based brandsolut ion company.T h e crea t ive t eam be h ind th e new look incl u desPiyu sh Pandey, exec ut ive c h airperson and crea t ivedirec t or, Ogilvy South A sia; m u sic composers,Sh ankar, E h saan and Loy; and singer Sh reya G h osh al,

    wh o h ave worked on th e new signa tu re tu ne.

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    Red is the most special colour in India society.It is the colour of life, festivities, family, marriage, positivity and energy.It emerged as the most compelling colour that people could

    relate to.

    Besides, the fact that red looks great on broadcast . "

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    K ey marke t ing s t ra t egies w h ich makes STAR India T h emarke t leader:Maint aining aggressive promo t ion and packagingapproac h for all programmes.STAR concen t ra t e on eac h age gro u p of viewers andbroadcas t programmes a t specific t ime.

    Adver t isemen t of programmes by prin t media.Celebra t ion of fes t ivals.T h ey invi t e celebri t ies in th eir s h ows d u ring fes t ivalseason.Broadcas t ing famo u s T V sh ow for f u ll day.

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    Star India Earn Rs1500cr ad revenue Major Contribution by Star Plus-Rs900 cr Star Vijay,Tamil-Rs 60-62cr Star Movies,Star Gold-Rs 200 cr Star One-Rs 200 cr

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