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  2. 2. Last Monday, in its first round against the central government in the House concerning the ordinance of land acquisition, the Congress asked the house to suspend the question hour the following day for debating the argumentative measure. The Congress named the measure anti-farmer.
  3. 3. Anand Sharma, member of the Upper House and deputy leader of Congress, was the one who gave the notice beneath Rule 267 looking the Question Hour and the debate on the ordinance to be suspended. He said that the Congress cannot ignore the measure and is sure to oppose it. According to some inside sources, the Congress discussed the matter with Janata Dal (U), Samjwadi Party, and Trinamool Congress in order to launch a synchronized attack on the matter against the government.
  4. 4. According to Sharma, the intentions of the government are questionable since the measure is retrograde and damages the national harmony. He said also that the measure opposes the interest of farmers and suppresses the protections against needless acquisition particularly of numerous crop land, food security problems and resolve of public purpose. The Congress leader added that the government is undermining the national harmony on land matter and boarding on a regulation road while India is in an agricultural distress.
  5. 5. Abhishek Singhvi, Congress spokesperson, said the party will oppose the ordinance on land in strong terms. However, he seemed to indicate that Congress may not embrace similar strong position against the insurance ordinance. On this matter, Abhishek Manu Singhvi said that the party is ready to provide constructive assistance but the government should not take the partys cooperation and support for granted since some issues are very important to the party. The Congress spokesperson added that the party will stand with full force against a slightest attack on the ideas that Congress cherish and nurture. The issue on land ordinance is among these issues according to the Congress leader.
  6. 6. Abhishek Manu Singhvi told the media that the conscience of the party is clear. He revealed that the act on the land acquisition was passed after long discussions and the party was shocked that the land acquisition needed an ordinance. Abhishek Singhvi called the ordinance anti- farmer, anti-people and said the Congress will agitate until the government will understand that the core of democracy is to involve everyone. Ghulam Nabu Azad, Congresss and Rajya Sabhas member said that Congress would battle any ordinance that was anti-people.
  7. 7. A leader from Trinamool Congress said that his party would demonstrate against the ordinance outside and inside the house. Sharad Yadav, Rajya S A leader from Trinamool Congress said that his party would demonstrate against the ordinance outside and inside the house. Sharad Yadav, Rajya Sabha member and president of Janata Dal-United said that while the government is claiming that development is for all, they are working just for some moguls. He said that since the ordinance on land is against farmers and people, the party will oppose it.
  8. 8. At the same time, M. Venkaiah Naidu, Parliamentary Affairs Minister, asked the assistance of all political parties in order to make sure that the parliament is functioning smoothly. When talking to media outside the House, the minister guaranteed that the parliament will discuss the content of each ordinance.
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