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Abaqus Setup

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How to setup the ABAQUS software:===========================

Open the folder "ABAQUS 1"Open the folder "Crack"Copy the file "ABAQUS.Dat"Paste the file "ABAQUS.Dat" in the partation at which windows was setup, "C"Open the file "ABAQUS.Dat" In the first line change the computer name into your computer name Server" " computer name Find your computer name from *right click on my computer on the desktop then choose computer nameClose the "ABAQUS.Dat" and save changes.Open the folder ABAQUS 2 Open the file setup then chooses next next next up to done.

Open the folder "ABAQUS 1" then open the file "setup" Choose "I accept" then choose Next Next then choose "just install the license" then choose Next Next Done Yes NextIn the License servers write"27000@"computer name" Open the partation "c" then open the folder "ABAQUS" Open the file "license" then paste the file "abaqus.dat" Open the file" open Lm tools" then choose the config service In the "path of lmgrd" Browse up to choosing the file"lmgrd".In the second textbox Browse up to choosing the file"abaqus.dat"Choose the checkbox "use server" then choose the checkbox "start server at power up".Choose the Tap "start/stop/reread" then choose "start server".Go back to the setup window choose next......next..install.

Good luck