Aaron Bartel. It is a fertilizer system that dual bands liquid NH 3 and ammonium polyphosphate...

Efficient Fertilizer Application with Exactrix Aaron Bartel

Transcript of Aaron Bartel. It is a fertilizer system that dual bands liquid NH 3 and ammonium polyphosphate...

Efficient Fertilizer Application with Exactrix

Aaron Bartel

What is Exactrix?

It is a fertilizer system that dual bands liquid NH3 and ammonium polyphosphate (APP) 10-34-0 and ammonium thiosulfate (ATS) 12-0-0-26S to form TAPPS.

The NH3 is kept under pressure to maintain it as a liquid and distributed through a two-stage manifold for accurate distribution.

How is TAPPS better

TAPPS is a crystalline product that is formed when NH3 and liquid fertilizer meet in the soil. It must be formed in the field.

The TAPPS has a pH of 8.5 and it stabilizes the NH3 in a stable ammoniac form for 6 to 8 weeks longer than NH3 by itself.

Formation of TAPPS

http://exactrix.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quS2g6wyXHY

Benefits of Exactrix

With the TAPPS formation farmers typically see a 10% increase in production.

With the more accurate metering there is only 1% variability between openers with TAPPS.

With the NH3 kept as a liquid to the opener it is metered as a liquid and provides very accurate application amount.

Recommended Nitrogen rates from .8 to .6 of soil lab rates based on application timing.

Exactrix Products




Benefits of Exactrix

Single disc openers can be used to apply the fertilizer The single disc openers allow for greater

application speeds up to 10 to 12 mph. The openers allow for pre-plant and low

disturbance side dress applications Soil disturbance in minimal and makes them

excellent for No-till applications.

Single Disc Openers

Exactrix can be mounted almost any single disc opener. From John Deere to Bourgault.

Benefits of Exactrix

Single Pass Exactrix can be set with

an air seeder to provide a single pass of sowing and fertilizing for the crop.


Nutrient Tanks

Producers with Exactrix need to cover a lot ground. So they need larger tanks for few stops. Exactrix design tanks to fit the producer’s needs.


Exactrix Guarantees

Exactrix will guarantee that the margin will increase with TAPPS

With 200% more crop available phosphate and 166% more available nitrogen Corn Production▪ The Margin will increase $30 to $150 per acre

Wheat Production▪ The Margin will increase $30 to $120 per acre


Precision Ag with Exactrix

Exactrix is compatible with the major precision ag controllers.

The 2KC Weighmaster is designed for custom application and can accurately measure the nutrient applied.


Precision Ag with Exactrix

Exactrix does VRT application, auto boom control, and map making. VRT rates are recommended at .6 of soil lab recommendation.

Could use Veris maps to VR the nitrogen.


Exactrix drawbacks and competitors

Exactrix does have a one major drawback, price. A starting TAPPS system starts at $65,000 and can go up to

$300,000 based on features and equipment needed. Another system that does the same NH3

metering is aNH3 EQUAPLY® ANHYDROUS DELIVERY SYSTEM They use the same metering and cost only $20,000 and you

can create your own Exactrix by adding a liquid fertilizer system to dual shoot to create TAPPS.


Exactrix is the Cadillac of fertilizer systems. It will apply fertilizer very accurately and allow you to cut your rates.

The only problem is the cost. With rising fertilizer prices, fertilizer systems

like Exactrix will allow producers to cut costs and stay efficient.