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  • 1.Aalto University

2. Contents Aalto University Project Backround Goal Unique Opportunity Aalto University Foundation, Mission Governance and Funding Partners Board President, Aalto University Transformation Organisation Studying and Research at Aalto University Factories The Name Universities Aalto News 20January2009AaltoUniversity/Communications 1 3. Aalto University Full merger between three existing universities Three leading institutions in Finland in their fields with major impact onFinnish industry, economy and culture. Hundreds of years of history and knowledge brought together Helsinki School of Economics, founded 1911 University of Art and Design Helsinki, founded 1871 Helsinki University of Technology, founded 1849 Aalto University starts on 1 January 2010. 20January2009AaltoUniversity/Communications2 4. Project Background Finnish Government entered in its Programme in 2007 its aimto extensively reform higher education in Finland. New structures in use by 2012 Financial and administrative autonomy increased The Government mandated the Ministry of Education in thespring of 2007 to execute the reform. Innovation University Project one of the spear-heading projectsat the Ministry of Education. 20January2009AaltoUniversity/Communications 3 5. Goal The goal for Aalto University is to be one of the leading institutionsin the world in terms of research and education in its ownspecialised disciplines by 2020. 20January2009AaltoUniversity/Communications4 6. Unique Opportunity Significant increase in resources Independent governance model enables the University to develop itself Laws governing university activities are changing Combining three disciplines in a unique way 20January2009 AaltoUniversity/Communications5 7. Aalto University Foundation Mission The Aalto University Foundations national mission is to advance the success of Finland through education and research. The University will make a positive contribution to Finnish society, technology, economy, art, art and design and international appeal, and support the welfare of both humans and the environment.20January2009 AaltoUniversity/Communications6 8. Governance and Funding The University is Governed by the Aalto University Foundation The Charter of Foundation signed in June 2008 Seven-member Board appointed in August 2008 by the FinnishGovernment and representatives of external funding Contributions as per the Charter of Foundation Finnish Government contributed EUR 500 million towards the basic capital of the University Donations of at least EUR 200 million 20January2009 AaltoUniversity/Communications7 9. Partners Finnish Government Federation of Finnish Technology Industries Foundation for Economic Education Confederation of Finnish Industry and Employers Finnish Association of Graduate Engineers Finnish Association of Business School Graduates 20January2009 AaltoUniversity/Communications 8 10. BoardAalto University Foundation Chair, Matti Alahuhta, President & CEO of Kone Corporation Vice Chair, Marja Makarow, Professor CEO of the European Science Foundation ESFMembers Robert A. Brown, President of Boston University Anne Brunila, President and CEO of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation Left-right: Bengt Holmstrm, Anne Brunila, Marja Bengt Holmstrm, Professor, MIT Makarow, Robert A. Brown, Anna Valtonen, Saku Mantere, Professor,Saku Mantere, Matti Alahuhta Hanken School of Economics Anna Valtonen, Senior Design Manager, Nokia CorporationAll seven Board members hold a Doctoral Degree. 20January2009AaltoUniversity/Communications 9 11. President Professor, Ph.D. Tuula Teeri is the first President of Aalto University. The Aalto University Foundation Board appointed Professor Teeri for a term of five years beginning 1 April 2009. Professor Tuula Teeri is currently Vice President at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Professor Teeri has worked there since 1996. Professor Teeri completed her doctoralPhoto: Aino Huoviothesis at VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland), and received her doctorate from the University of Helsinki. 20January2009 AaltoUniversity/Communications 10 12. Transformation Organisation(1/2) Aalto University is being prepared by the Transformation Organisation with the support of the Aalto University Foundation Board. President Tuula Teeri (Aalto-yliopisto) and Rectors Helena Hyvnen (TaiK), Eero Kasanen (HSE) ja Matti Pursula (TKK) form the Steering Group which the Transoformation Organisation reports to, in addition to the Board. The preparation work on Aalto University is conducted in all three Universities. Staff and students are represented in the working groups. In total, 400 people are involved in this work.20January2009 AaltoUniversity/Communications 11 13. Transformation OrganisationStructure(2/2) The Transformation Organisation isdivided into Theme Areas, with leader. Overall Focus, Mauri Airila Teaching, Hannu Serist Research, Outi Krause People Processes, Timo Saarinen Societal Impact, Markku Markkula Administration andfront row l-r: Esa Ahonen, Jari Jokinen,Services, Pekka Saarela Pekka Saarelaback row l-r: Timo Saarinen, Mauri Airila, Financial Issues , Esa Ahonen Outi Krause, Hannu SeristMissing from photo: Markku Markkula. Theme Areas are further divided intoCore Teams and Working Groups. Jari Jokinen is Secretary to the Board. 20January2009AaltoUniversity/Communications12 14. Studying at Aalto University Our common goal is to create a student-centred culture that encourages people to learn new things and continuously broaden their perspectives. Students have been involved in different Theme Groups which have mapped and planned for the future from the teaching and learning point of view. 20January2009 AaltoUniversity/Communications 13 15. Research at Aalto University Three Research Projects Combine ExpertiseIn connection with the preparations for Aalto University, a call for ideas was announced to researchers and research groups regarding research projects that would draw upon the expertise of the three universities.The selected projects are:1. Sustainable Communities2. Neuro Applications3. Economics and the Internet of the Future20January2009 AaltoUniversity/Communications14 16. FactoriesMulti-disciplinary Opportunities Expertise workshops, the first new plans withinAalto University: Design Factory Media Factory Service Factory Based on areas in which the three universities alreadyco-operate. The workshops are environments to learn teach research, and co-create. Academic teams and projects, as well as companies orcommunities work together. 20January2009AaltoUniversity/Communications15 17. Aalto University The Name The quot;Aaltoquot; name communicates an uncompromising effort to become one of the top international universities. Working title quot;Innovation Universityquot; the new University named Aalto University on 29 May 2008 Over 1,600 ideas received in a competition to name the new university Alvar Aalto (18981976) a learned Finnish humanist, diversely creative person Diploma in Architecture from TKK Founder of Artek 1935 Professor MIT (19461948) Aino Marsio-Aalto (18941949) Architect Artek: Industrial Design Director, Managing Director married Alvar Aalto in 1924 Elissa Aalto (19221994) Finnish architect and author married Alvar Aalto in 1952Source on Alvar, Aino, and Elissa Aalto: Alvar Aalto Foundation 20January2009 AaltoUniversity/Communications16 18. Helsinki School of Economics (HSE) Largest and Leading Business School in Finland Founded 1911 State ownership since 1974 Certificates of Excellence AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS (Triple-crown) FINHEEC, The Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council Around 4,000 students, 500 employees Degrees: B.Sc., M.Sc., Lic.Sc., D.Sc., and PhD HSE Executive Education Ltd, incl. MBA and EMBA In 2007, 391 M.Sc. degrees and 39 DoctoratesSource: www.hse.fi 20January2009AaltoUniversity/Communications 17 19. University of Art and Design Helsinki (TaiK) Leader in Media, Art and Design EducationPro Arte Utili For Useful Art Important Role in the Success of Finnish Design Founded 1871 State ownership since 1965 University of Art and Design since 1973 Six Schools Around 2,000 students, 450 employees International forerunner in design research. BA, MA, and Doctorate degree students In 2007, 110 BA and 201 MA degrees, 8 DoctoratesSource: www.taik.fi 20January2009AaltoUniversity/Communications18 20. Helsinki University of Technology (TKK) University of Excellence in Education and Research Founded 1849 University status in 1908 Around 15,000 students, 3,700 employees Leading university in technology and architecture in Finland. Annually around 1,000 MA degrees and 160 Doctorates April 2008, the 20th Ceremonial Conferment of 402 Doctoral Degrees, a record number20January2009 AaltoUniversity/Communications 19 21. Aalto NewsRead the latest developments and news on our journey to Aalto University in Aalto News newsletter, published fortnightly at www.aaltouniversity.info 20January2009AaltoUniversity/Communications 20 22. More information at www.aaltouniversity.info 20January2009 AaltoUniversity/Communications 21