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  • 1.Aalto Ecosystem forEntrepreneurs & Innovators Triple Helix Workshop @ StanfordTapio SiikNovember 15th, 2012

2. Tapio SiikHead of Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE) Education:M.Sc., SW Technology & Computer Science (TUT), IMD Companies:Softplan, ABB, Intergraph, Nokia, XN-Ventures, Aalto, Experience: Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Venturing, VC, Consultancy, Hobbies:Endurance sports, Motorcycles, Music, More details can be found at: LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/pub/tapio-siik/0/3/886 Facebook: www.facebook.com/ats2k 3. Aalto UniversityA merger of three leading Finnish higher education institutes in 2010 Art & DesignScience & Technology, Economics, founded 1871founded 1849founded 1911 4. Aalto University Comprises today six schools that representtechnology, business, art & design A community of 20,000 students, 4,700 faculty &staff of whom 340 are professors More than 90 Bachelors and Masters programs Foundation format, close cooperation with thebusiness world Annual budget 400M Main campuses in Helsinki and Espoo in Finland 5. ENTREPRENEURSHIP & INNOVATION:STRATEGIC ISSUES FOR AALTO UNIVERSITY 6. Core strategies and Key Performance IndicatorsSocietal ImpactThe national mission of the university is tosupport Finlands success and contribute toFinnish society, its internationalization andcompetitiveness, and to promote the welfareof its people through research and byeducating responsible, broad-minded expertsto act a s societys visionaries and changeagents.KPIs: Stakeholders perception of Aalto Aalto Entrepreneur Total income from non-academic partners and theSociety is the largest,average amount of funding per non-academic partnermost activecommunity for Total number of employees and the annual turnover in young entrepreneurscompanies that have their roots in Aaltoin the whole of Commissions of trust for domestic and international Europe.public and private institutions < Back to chart 7. CO-DEVELOPMENT WITHSTANFORD TECHNOLOGY VENTURES PROGRAM AVP GOALS AND CURRICULUMAn active partnership with two-way flow of faculty visitsand interaction in research and teaching development 8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRlbS-mmoT4&feature=channel&list=UL 9. Startup Sauna7 weeks, 400 applicants globally, 20 teamsCoached by Serial Entrepreneurs 10. Summer of Startups Intern Substitute10 weeks, 40 students, Global. 11. AppCampus A three year project, based inAalto university: a fusion ofengineering + business + design Funded with 21M by Microsoft,Nokia and Aalto University. A new kind of accelerator for nextgeneration of mobile experienceWe think AppCampus is the mostexciting innovation project EVER! 11 12. How you canAccelerate with AppCampus Awards: 20-50-70.000 euro / App Coaching & Education, Product-oriented Professional SW-Dev. Process & Quality Assurance Network & Marketing Support, Marketplace & Nokia Store Co-working spaceOnline submission: appcampus.fi 12 13. Aalto FactoriesAalto University supports multidisciplinary researchby creating and encouraging opportunities forspontaneous and dynamic cooperation betweenexperts from different fields.Factories: a Form for Multidisciplinary Opportunities Design Factory Media Factory Service FactoryThe factories are environments for learning, teaching,research and co-creation between universities,companies and society. 14. Aalto University Growth EntrepreneurshipAcceleration Co-working Internship EducationACEPrograms Environments Programs Programs Commerzialization Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship OpenAalto BusinessStartup InnovationVenturesOpportunity SaunaHouse ProgramAssessment M.Sc. ADFAaltoSummer StartupExecutive of Life EducationStartups AVGMBA Aalto Entrepreneurship Society 15. PROCESS STAGESAALTO COMPETENCE COMMERCIALIZATION PROCESSCONCEPT CUSTOMER APPLICATIONS EVALUATIONDEVELOPMENT VALIDATIONNEED BUSINESSBUSINESS&POTENTIAL MODELINGINVENTION APPROACH & &DISCLOSURES &TECHNICAL FINANCING& BENEFITS FEASIBILITY ROADMAPBUSINESS IDEA && &INITIATIVES COMPETITIONTEAMBUILDING THE&& TEAMCASE PROFILE VALIDATION&1. Spinout PLANTECHNOLOGY2. IP license/sale PILOTINGSpin-offs30025050IP LicensingTUTL 15 16. ACE Key Performance Indicators KPI2008 2009 2010 20112012H1# Invention Disclosures 80 89 111 120 75# Priority Patents Filed137 205022# Startup Companies Founded45 15124(Forecast for H2)(5) Funds Raised by StartupsNa Na Na 11.7m 1.0m (# of rounds)(6) (2) Licensing Income500k 60k370k80k70k 17. Challenges(after 6 months in this game) Attitude, attitude & attitude! Awareness & Communication! Red tape inefficiencies Sandboxes Desire to over manage Fear To say no To make a decision To _not_ use the money/funding 18. Further information:aalto.fi youtube.com /aaltouniversity facebook.com/aaltouniversity