Aalto PRO Aalto-yliopiston tأ¤ydennyskoulutusta Vأ¤rikoodi ... Aalto University Professional...

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Transcript of Aalto PRO Aalto-yliopiston tأ¤ydennyskoulutusta Vأ¤rikoodi ... Aalto University Professional...

  • Kirsti Miettinen



    Aalto PRO Aalto-yliopiston täydennyskoulutusta

    Värikoodi tähän päälle

    Aalto PRO – For your professional growth

    EUCEN Nov 17th, 2011

    Hanna-Riikka Myllymäki

  • Contents

    Aalto University

    University – Business Co-operation, a lot is happening

    Are we being ”customer friendly”?

    Aalto University Professional Development

    Case Continuing Education

  • A merger of leading

    Finnish universities in 2010

    University of Art and Design Helsinki (TaiK)

    Helsinki School of Economics (HSE)

    Helsinki University of Technology (TKK)

    A community of:

    • 75,000 alumni

    • 20,000 students

    • 4,700 faculty & staff

    • with 340 professors

  • Timeline of Aalto University

    1871 1849 1898







    is among

    the best


    in the world

    2005 2007 2009 1995 2010

    Photo by Aino Huovio Graduate of Aalto University

    School of Art and Design

  • Aalto University

    in Society, for Society

  • Four pillars of the Aalto University’s strategy

    1. Research excellence

    Original, impactful, interdisciplinary.

    2. Pioneering education

    Towards flexible employment and

    responsible leadership.

    3. Trendsetting art

    Art, architecture and design as key drivers

    for improving living environments.

    4. Societal impact

    Adding value through entrepreneurship,

    business liaisons and societal interactions.

    Photo by Heli Sorjonen

  • Process of Societal Impact set-up in the university




    Driver: need, issue, phenomenon

    Contributions to a better world




    Competitiveness of Finland

    Welfare of Finland




  • National and

    international impact

  • Close collaboration with the

    business world

    Aalto University builds and nurtures long-term strategic

    partnerships with numerous Finnish and international


  • A new kind of innovative co-operation,

    Aalto Partnership Programme

    Lähde: Elinkeinoelämä ja yliopistot: Mistä avaimet innovatiiviseen yhteistyöhön (2009)

    Campus visibility and

    recruiting students •Nimikkosalitoiminta

    •Recruitment services

    Networking and

    knowledge sharing •Asiantuntijat/Konsultointi


    •Täydennys- ja johdon koulutus

    Partners in Research •Reports

    •Research projects

    Partners in Teaching •Lecturing

    •Thesis works

    •Student projects

    •Case studies Employer branding


    development and


    Student contacts and

    Operational co-operation

    Innovations and

    new models of co-


  • Photo by Lari Haataja

    Aalto Center for

    Entrepreneurship and

    Aalto Venture Garage

    Promoting academic


  • Photo by Kira Leskinen/Aino Student of Aalto University School of Art and Design

    Elissa Eriksson

    Graduated from

    School of Art and


    Challenging the

    visual environment

  • Liisa Välikangas

    Professor of Innovation

    Management, School of



    unemployment of university

    graduates in fragile countries

  • Aalto on Tracks

    Organized by Aalto


    Unexpected learning


  • New forms of interaction

    Aalto Leaders


    Leaders from across

    the organization

  • Olli Varis

    Global and

    international water


    Riitta Hari

    Systems Neuroscience

    and Neuroimaging

    Esko I. Kauppinen

    High-performance thin-

    film transistors on

    plastic substrate

    Maarit Karppinen

    Materials Chemistry of

    Energy Conversion

    Pekka Heikkinen

    the use of wood as a

    modern building


    Areas of excellence

    Nina Granqvist

    Emergence of new industries

    and technologies and renewal

    of existing industries

    1. Maarit Karppinen, Academy Professor, Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry Photo by Adolfo Vera

    2. Riitta Hari, Neuroscientist, Academy Professor, Low Temperature Laboratory Illustration by C. Carl Jaffe

    3. Olli Varis, Professor, Water & Development Research Group Photo by Aalto University

    4. Esko I. Kauppinen, Professor, Department of Applied Physics and Center for New Materials Photo by Aalto University

    6. Nina Granqvist, Academy of Finland Research Fellow, Department of Management and International Business Image by Nina Grandqvist

    7. Pekka Heikkinen, Professor, The Wood Program Photo by Aalto University







  • Project highlights

    How to Pick Berries

    Documentary film

    1. Miten marjoja poimitaan (How to Pick Berries) Documentary film How to Pick Berries by M.A. student Elina Talvensaari from School of Art and Design has received many awards at various festivals, for example Bratislava International Film Festival, San Sebastian International Film Festival and Tromsø International Film Festival. Photo by Mauno Farinas (School of Art and Design).

    The Luukku

    Zero-energy house

    2. The Luukku zero-energy house The Luukku house, designed by Aalto University students, was one of the three winners of the Architecture Prize and among the top five in the Solar Decathlon 2010 competition in Madrid.

  • Project highlights

    Easily recyclable laptop

    Product development

    1. Easily recyclable laptop Aalto University students have developed a recyclable laptop computer together with Stanford University students on a joint ME310 product development course.

    Aalto-1 satellite

    Product development

    2. Aalto-1 satellite Students at Aalto University are building Finland’s first satellite. Aalto-1 is expected to be launched into space in 2013 and the plan is that most of the design, construction and testing of the device will be carried out by students.

  • Project highlights

    Blue1 aircrafts

    New appearance

    1. Aalto University students designed a new appearance for Blue1 aircrafts Aalto University students of graphic design came up with a new physical appearance and concept for the planes during their course on corporate identity design.

  • Platforms for co-operation: Aalto Factories Partnership Programme Continuing Education Tools: Customer Relationship Management tool – one for

    the whole university Most importantly, attitude: a will to co-operate inside the university. Don´t compete about the interest-groups

    Organizing the co-operation – ”One Stop Shop”?

  • Aalto Factories

    “Aalto University supports multidisciplinary research by creating and encouraging opportunities for spontaneous and dynamic cooperation between experts from different fields”. Factories: a Forum for Multidisciplinary Opportunities • Design Factory • Media Factory • Service Factory • Aalto – Tongi Design Factory

    The factories are environments for learning, teaching, research and co-creation between universities, companies and society.

  • Kirsti Miettinen




  • Kirsti Miettinen



    Aalto University Professional Development

    (Aalto PRO) • a new unit (1.1.2011) in Aalto University dedicated to serve professionals and organizations

    actively developing their competence and competitiveness

    • Customers/students: 5000 continuing education, 10 000 open university

    • 9,7 M € (CE)

    1,7 M € (OU)

    • 85 staff

    • builds on the decades of experience in lifelong learning and adult education of its founding units

    • established in January 2011 through a merger of six former units of Aalto University:

    – Lifelong Learning Institute Dipoli at former School of Science and Technology – Education and Development Services at School of Art and Design – School of Science and Technology Lahti Center – Open Universities at School of Economics, School of Science and Technology and School of Art and Design

  • Public sector buying training

    services to enhance


    Aalto Continuing Education

    Solid foundation: University level R&D