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My completed evaluation for the A2 Media Studies course, where I was asked to create an original music video for any song I choose.

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  • 1. A2 Media StudiesEvaluationby Bella King

2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products?A form or convention of a real media product is something which is recognized by the costumer as symbol that the product is real, official andprofessional. There are guidelines that people feel represent what a true media product should be; for example, the barcode of a product should go inthe corner at the bottom, a movie should be about one and half/two hours long or that a magazine is A4 sized. It means that if a product fits the mold, acostumer can trust it and spend money on it; if the product doesnt fit the mold it might be a fake or forgery. Successful media products both challengeand develop existing form and conventions, to create a sense of safety and excitement around the product.Ive used silhouettes of the actors in my video(using images form the stop-motion sequences) tomake a sort of identity for the band; the images actas a visual link between the music and themusicians. In the same way that bands use thesame font through their advertising campaigns, theimages will help people to recall and rememberThe Cave Singers; the idea is that if this were a realmedia product, these images would become a sortof trademark of the group and create a brand forthe music. It also means there is continuitybetween the music video and print media, whichshows a form and convention in terms of how realartists aim to create a brand themselves to buildbrand loyalty.I aimed to create a album cover which represents the artists and also challengesused a barcode, record label symbol and compact disk symbol conventions and stereotypes linked to folk music. The muted colours in theo convey conventions of real media products. It gives it status background give a indie, alternative feel; it represents a sensitive side of thend conveys a sense of authenticity and credibility. As a product, music and is very different to, for example, rap music, where the artist is oftenhe main aim is so sell and create revenue, so by using real shown clearly in the best light, as a way to show their ego and confidence.orms and conventions it means the customer is able to Whereas in my cover, my artist is approachable and likeable and trustworthy; asecognize an official product which they might want to buy.an audience, you are made to feel on the same level as the artist and the miseen scene and setting is literally made to make you feel at home with the band.My research showed that people used words like homely, earth song andsoulful when describing folk music, which gave me the idea of setting it in ahome environment. 3. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of realmedia products?Looking at certain album covers, produced by actual artists has helped me to produce a moresuccessful product and evaluate my own work.I came across this after looking for further research after I finished my album cover. I was surprised athow similar they were; the vivid red colours on covers, the circular frame of the image that I used onmy video and the setting being in a household. I wonder if subconsciously I had seen images much likethis; obviously to have created something so similar I have used techniques Ive either seen before, nonecessarily just through research for this particular project, but simply by being a person whoconsumes the media.The circular frame around the image makes the artists stand out and uses a point of view cameraangle. In this particular image the positioning of the Dylan and the woman in red is very important.Dylans raised eyebrow and slightly sarcastic expression combined with the womans relaxed, proudposition has conations that he literally brought her home. The muted greens and browns creates a vironment which is dark, mysterious and slightly dull; its connotes ideas that Dylan is in the home he grew up in, since his fame suggests he wouldsomewhere much more splendid, and is supposed to make you feel safe, at home with the artist. Bringing It All Back Home is, of course, anotherason for the homely environment and possibly the circular frame which could represent the lens of a camera, taking a photo form years ago, or theea of looking back in time or remembering or feeling nostalgic towards the past. Like in mine, the homely setting is also supposed to suggest thate band is quirky, original, eccentric and confident in their way of making music. In short, this album which characterizes the idea that folk music is out music form the heart, something real which is set around real people show the success in my owninking. It shows that my album cover conforms to forms and conventions and, although there areght differences, since I like the way folk music is generally represented through the music, haveade a media product which shows real conventions of a media product.When continuing research I also found this iconic front cover which shows an entirelydifferent way of viewing folk music. The image is posed and edited, which both makes theartists look artistic and unusual, but also revealing in their vanity the true nature of makingmusic; to make money, present idols in music and make a product etc.. Obviously people enjoyalbum artwork, but my research has led me to think that generally, people feel that folk artistsarent supposed to look manufactured. This particular image, in some ways, looks particularlyframed, their clothes match and it looks like a photo shoot. That said, although the set up oftheir photo might not be considered humble or folky, it reveals their personalities and opensthem up as people through the eye contact with the audience and as an usualcover, challenges forms and conventions. It shows how my product might conform to the ideaof what is folk music art about, and develops my understanding of cover art in general. 4. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products?My poster, advertising the release of the single Dancing OnOur Graves was made with the intention of coming out theday before valentines day. I think that my poster developsforms and conventions of real media products in that itpromotes itself (using the star ratings), and the key-holeeffect is used to visually link it to the video. Moreover, thecolours and outfits are earthy and real, which all links to theidea of what folk music should be about. The tatteredwallpaper in the background also connects this idea of musicwhich is home-grown, since the images isnt overly editedand doesnt show the artists ego. The Blackberry code and links to internet access to the band are all ways to promote the band and make a connection to the audience. In this way, my poster again conforms to conventions of real media products.The images used dont actually address the audience and in thisway, challenge forms and conventions. However, the fact that thecombination of images show movement and dance, does conform inthat it looks creative, a perception people have about folky music.The inside of my Digi pack acknowledges who helped in the making of thevideo etc., which obviously is another example of conforming and doingthings which shows authenticity, makes the band look nice and helps tomake the music sell. It shows a convention of a real media product. 5. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products?For me, lyrics such as But oh Lord, I know what Ive done are emotive, thoughtful and reflective. This emotional aspect of the song inspiredme to create a sense of darkness and isolation around the artist. The pinhole effect around the camera (which I created by attaching card tothe lens) and choosing a nighttime setting throughout most of the track were intended to create a sense of intimacy between the artist and theaudience so as to enable a story to be told in a personal way. This challenges a stereotypical view of folk videos, in that they normallyincorporate lots of people to create a sense of togetherness; I wanted the connection to be between the viewer and the artist, but in a moreexclusive way.However, in the scenes where I have used stop motion, I have developed existing conventions of real media products in that in my chosengenre, there is often a focus in the music (rather than the artist in a visual way, which is something generally found in hip-hop or rap, forexample), and so by using stop motion, gives a sense of the music, focuses on rhythm and the creation of the sound. By combining ideas of asolitary figure, an artist telling a story, and the actual playing of the music I hoped to develop ideas of folk music being about honesty in thelyrics and making of the music, as well as offering a more indulgent, emotive side to the song.How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?Creating a sense of harmony between the video and ancillary texts was crucial to making a product that made sense and was successful.The sort of things the research helped me decide on where costume (because I recognized how important the initial impression of the band are);also, costume is a visual way of connecting people, since if you look like someone who are more likely to like them or feel you have something incommon, so by knowing my audience I was able to judge who I want my artists to look like. I achieved this by using costume like the checkedshirt and the hat; the hat in particular has significant cultural references to being poor (and therefore a better person with bettermorals), possibly it tells you that the individual wants to stand out and shows a rebellious, individualistic way of thinking. All these traits, in mymind also link to a stereotypical view of folk music. 6. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillarytexts?The poster in particular is effective in bringing together the them