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A New Direction from Dark Depression:. Problem Grace, Hallvard, Noah, and Sean. Reducing Untreated Adolescent Depression. Summary. Problem Identification Statistics Other Effects of Depression Lack of Awareness. Data Analysis. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of A New Direction from Dark Depression:

  • A New Direction from Dark Depression:ProblemGrace, Hallvard, Noah, and SeanReducing Untreated Adolescent Depression

  • SummaryProblem IdentificationStatisticsOther Effects of DepressionLack of Awareness

  • Data Analysis

  • Suffering from depression can make a teenager as much as 12 times more likely to attempt suicide.-Teendepression.org

  • InterviewsPeggy Kubert - Erikas Lighthouse Director Kelsey - Erikas Lighthouse Teen VolunteerKelseys Mom and GrandmaI would have gotten help if I knew that what I was feeling wasnt normal. - Kelsey

  • Interviews Continued

    Mayra Soto, LCSWVice President of Latino Social Workers Behavioral Health and Consulting, Inc. 20% of Adolescents are affected by depression nationwide.

  • Research Bibliography

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  • A New Direction from Dark Depression:Reducing Untreated Adolescent DepressionAlternative Policies Jacob, Jason, Julia, and Maddie

  • Summary

    Yearly checkups Identifies children that have depressionNot all children go to the doctor for checkupsSurvey conducted every fallInexpensive way to identify teens, but they may lieLaw P.A.96-951 (HB 4672) was enacted to help students grades 7-12 that suffer from depressionGives the children a support system

  • Survey Data and GraphsWe Surveyed:40 Sixth Graders22 Seventh Graders23 Eighth GradersMore than one in every four 7th graders polled said they are not comfortable talking to the school social worker. Forty-one percent of 7th graders said they dont know what teen mental health is.

  • Additional Survey Data and GraphsWe Surveyed:40 Sixth Graders22 Seventh Graders23 Eighth Graders

    Half of the sixth graders surveyedsaid they know what adolescent mental health is. Forty-three percent of 8th graders polled are not comfortable talking to the school social worker.

  • InterviewsBenjamin Garber - Psychiatrist for a private practice Sometimes I like to use the school social worker to help my patient deal specifically with school related issues since they appreciate the school environment better than I can. Most social workers that I have had contact with will be helpful as long as they focus on what needs to be addressed.Dr. Jasmin Ashakih - Psychiatrist, Univ. of Michigan A proposed law is currently in Congress (as of 2/2011) that would call for an extension of the existing child with disabilities act (from 1975). This would enhance services so that more resources can be provided in schools before students have major problems that affect the rest of their lives.

  • The Skype Session with Jasmin Ashakih

  • InterviewDr. Debra Pacchiano - Educational Psychiatrist, Ounce of Prevention Fund Learn from fellow professionals in public health. Every problem can be tackled with a 3-tiered approach.

  • VisualPercent of Children (2-17) with Emotional, Developmental, or Behavioral Problems that Received Mental Health Care, 2007http://www.statehealthfacts.org

  • Research Bibliography"Free Implementation Materials for Screening in Medical Settings." Nachc.org. Columbia University, 2009. Web. 13 Mar. 2011. "Communities around Pennsylvania start teen mental health screening."Obesity, Fitness & Wellness Week(July 10, 2004):694.Student Resource Center - Junior.Gale.EDGEWOOD SCHOOL (IL).12 Mar. 2011 http://find.galegroup.com/gps/start.do?prodId=IPS&userGroupName=high53888

    infocollective. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Mar 2011. .

  • Class Policy Abby, Christian, Harry, SamA New Direction from Dark Depression: Reducing Untreated Adolescent Depression

  • SummaryThree - Tiered approach for NSSD 112Tier 1: Erikas Lighthouse- Health Class Red Flags Curriculum2. Tier 2: GCN training course - Requirement for Teachers3. Tier 3: Parent/Child Panel - Authentic Advice for Depression-Peer-to-Peer Support-Parent-to-Parent Support

  • Data AnalysisResults based on a survey of Edgewood teachers and parents.

  • This is Kelsey. She was diagnosed with clinicaldepression in high school when she nearly tookher own life due to her untreated depression. She shared her story with us about how essentialit is to educate others about depression.

    InterviewsWe also interviewed Dr. Debra Pacchiano, from the Ounce of Prevention Fund. She said, We need government involved. It cant just be doctors and family, there has to be education.We also interviewed Dr. Mark Goldstein, a licensed psychologist who has his own center. When we asked him if he thinks that the GCN teacher tutorial on suicide prevention would be beneficial, he said, This is a great idea; teachers often dont know what to do in this situation.

  • Occurrence of Major Depressive Episode (MDE) AmongAdolescents Aged 12-17 in 2007 by Age & Gender

    Source - Substance Abuse & Mental Health Service Admin,National Survey of Drug Use & Health

    *MDE is defined as a period of at least 2 weeks when a personexperienced a depressed mood or loss of pleasure in dailyactivities & had a majority of specific depression symptoms.

  • Erikas Lighthouse WebsiteTier 1 of the Class Policy

  • The Global Compliance Network Website This explains the suicide prevention tutorial for teachers.

    Tier 2 of our class policy

  • Bibliography

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  • A New Direction From Dark Depression:Reducing Untreated Adolescent Depression

    Action PlanDavid, Elena, Jordan

  • Our Plan of Action

    Step 1: Present Proposal to BOEStep 2: Coordination -Curriculum Coordinators -MS AdministratorsStep 3: Teacher Training -John SprangersStep 4: AdvertisingStep 5: Parent/Child Panel -Recruitment

  • Three - Tiered Action Plan Step 1: Present Policy to Board of Ed.Rebecca BaimBruce HymanMarcia BogolubMindy LeshinHoward MetzCynthia PlouchJane Solmor-Mordini

  • Step 2: Coordination

    Meet with NSSD112 Middle School Curriculum Coordinators -Discuss Implementation of Red Flags Meet with NSSD112 Administrators -Coordinate Parent-Child Panel Dates

  • Step 3: Teacher Training John Sprangers -Training Development for NSSD112-Discuss Time for Teachers to Complete GCN Tutorial

  • Step Four: Advertising

  • Rock & Rally Walkathon

  • Step Five: Parent & Child Panel Recruit Parent Volunteers Recruit Student Volunteers - Explain Purpose -Ask for Support

  • Interview QuotesDepression is often cause by anger. Depression, in fact, is anger turned inward. -Nancy Portugal, Middle School Social WorkerIt is hard to tell an 8th grade teenager from a depressed 8th grade teenager -Kelseys MotherLow self-esteem is a major cause of depression and depression can be screened as early as third grade. -Jasmin Ashakih, Psychiatrist at Univ. of MI Hospital

  • Data AnalysisWe surveyed 44 Eighth Graders

  • Data Analysis

  • 75% of depressed teens do not receive the help they need.

  • Erikas Lighthouse PSA

  • Bibliography" H.R. 751: Mental Health in Schools Act of 2011 (GovTrack.us)." GovTrack.us: Tracking the U.S. Congress. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Mar. 2011. .

    Mary Z. Mays, et al. "Improving the Mental Health, Healthy Lifestyle Choices, and Physical Health of Hispanic Adolescents: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study." Journal of School Health 79.12 (2009): 575-584. Professional Development Collection. EBSCO. Web. 23 Mar. 2011.Zieman, Gayle. Depression in Children and Teens. CRS-Behavioral Health Advisor (2010): 1. Health Source-Consumer Edition. EBSCO. Web. 10 mar. 2011.

    ******WHERE did you get the map? State your sources.Consider using just the map.**It is our responsibility to come up with an action plan of implementation for our adolescent mental health class policy*TOO MANY WORDS - Use Main Ideas Only (no sentences)Do not read off your slides; memorize the informationWhere did you get these stats? Say your sources.*Most helpful resource -