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A House That is Haunted

A House That is HauntedBy Harry Bilk

Content OutlineThe Harry Bilk Production Company will be producing a 3-5 minute horror short film called The House That is Haunted. In this presentation I will be looking at how I will be able to make this film as well as the areas I will need to be able to create this production. The areas I will be looking at are:Target audience Resources Cast & Crew RequirementsBudget Project ScheduleMarket Research The film will be a found footage Horror movie and it will be about a women whose car has broken down in the middle of the woods and she has no phone signal. A mass storm then arrives forcing Amanda to abandon her car and travel on foot deeper in the woods. Night is quickly falling and she has no idea where she is, she also feels that she is not alone and quickly picks up the pace. This is when she stumbles upon a mansion and enters the abandoned place and this is when her horror truly begins

Target AudienceThe target audience of my Horror film is 15-21 year olds as this is the typical age that you would willingly go out and watch a horror film. The main research I used to find out my target audience were primary & Secondary: The main bit of Primary research I done was a survey that assessed if whether people in my target audience would go out and watch the film of not. This was a successful exercise as I received an uplifting result. For example one of the questions I asked was What type of sub horror genre would you see? A huge 90% of the people I asked said Supernatural horror was the best one to see. This is effective to me because the film I am making will be a Supernatural horror. This links to my target audience as all the people I asked were 21 years and younger, this means it could be popular among my target audience. The main bit of secondary research I looked at was rating on other horror films like mine. For example, I looked on IMBD to see how Paranormal Activity was rated, it received 6.3/10 and for a cheaply made film it is not that bad. This affects me as the film I am planning to make will be a lot like Paranormal Activity and we share the same target audience so this means my film could be popular among my target audience.

ResourcesThe HB production company will be on a low budget when making this film, due to this I will have to make some setbacks on the film. On the other hand, I am creating a found footage horror this is effective because it is a cheaper alternative to other types of horror as it has to be perceived as actual footage that has been found. For example, Paranormal Activity is a good example as they had a low budget and the film was one of the most popular films of the decade. The equipment I need will be broken up into three categories Production Equipment, Props & Costumes and Post Production equipment. I will also look at how to obtain them.

Production EquipmentThe production equipment I will be using goes as follows:Canon Legria HF R28 - This is a camera and I will be using it for filming. This is the camera that is owned by a sister company so I will be able to use it at no cost.Libec T650 - This is the tripod that the camera will sit on if I need it. Once again this item is owned by the same sister company and it will come to me at no extra cost.Tascam DR-40 Linear PCM Recorder This is a piece of equipment that is used to record sound. This is also owned by the sister company, so I will be able to obtain this item for free.

Props & CostumesProp/CostumeWhat it Will be Used ForHow to Obtain ItemGeneric Clothing e.g. T-shirt, Jeans, Jumper.This will be used for the main characters in my film as they need to look like generic people.I will ask for the cast to bring there own clothes as this will save me money.A Mobile PhoneThis is the phone that the main character will useI will simply purchase a phone from Carphone Warehouse for 10.

Post-Production EquipmentAVID Media Editing Software:I will use this technology to do the online and offline edit. This is production value software and it is regarded as one of the best editing software in the media industry. Another benefit is that this editing software is available at a sister company for no extra cost, this is good because this will cost me hundreds otherwise.

Cast I only need one member in my cast and that is Amanda. So with that being said I think the perfect person is Annie M. for PeoplePerHour.com. Annie is a published writer, journalist, playwright, actor, voice artist, copy writer and blogger. She will cost me 5 an hour and she will work 5 days.

Annie M.

CrewPersonnel Role Availibility Varshini YogaeswaranMake-up/Hair She is available whnever so I will use her weekdays between 3pm and 6pm Josh Bateman Production Assistant Yes he is completely available so I will use him everyday between 3pm 6pm Kieron Fiazon Location/AudioKieron isnt available on weekends so I will use him on weekdays between 3pm and 6pm Yasmine Ally Director of Photography (DoP)She is available whenever so I will use her on weekdays between 3pm and 6pm


My Film budget will be 40 and it will include the following:Canon Legria HF R28 This is owned by a sister company and it will cost me nothing.Libec T650 - This is owned by a sister company and it will cost me nothingTascam DR-40 Linear PCM Recorder this is owned by a sister company and it will cost me nothingAVID Media Editing Software - This is professional standard software and owned by a sister company and it will cost me nothing. Props - I will only need about 40 for the props I need to use.

Production ScheduleI have estimated that it will take the HB production company 2 weeks to film and edit this film. I will contact the cast and crew to inform them about this. Looking at their availability as well I see no problem in filming in the day. So the dates we will be filming will be between the 19th of January to the 2nd of February. The hours of filming will be between 3pm to 6pm, this suits the availability of the cast and crew as this is when they are all available at the same time.

Market FitMy main short horror film competitor will be Lights Out which was made in 2013. According to the internet Lights Out is a Swedish short supernatural horror film directed and written by David F. Sandberg, and produced by Lotta Losten. The film was released online on 30 December 2013 on both Vimeo and YouTube. The film is only three minutes long this means I have an edge because mine longer. They also received an 8 out of 10 from IMBD, this is high for a short horror film so I have to make sure mine is up to scratch.

The market is also competitive and expensive so in order to gain an advantage over my competitors I will be distributing my film on YouTube. The reason that I decided to do this is because it is free and easy to access. This is effective because I am on a very low budget so I will need to save money where I can, and with me putting it on YouTube it will cost no money however, if I want to advertise it then I will need to pay YouTube for it to be advertised on their website.

The EndThanks for Listening. Are their any questions about what you have seen?