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Transcript of A Digital County Roadmap Montgomery County Maryland ... About Montgomery County Maryland §...

  • A Digital County Roadmap

    Montgomery County Maryland

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    §  About Montgomery County Maryland §  Open Government Focus Areas §  Open Government Programs §  A Proposal §  Demonstration (time permitting) §  Discussion

  • About Montgomery County Maryland

    §  Population ~ 1 Million §  Median age ~ 37 years (Digital Natives and Digital

    Immigrants) §  Land Area ~ 490 sq. miles §  Agriculture Reserve ~ 93k acres §  Median annual household income ~ $93k §  Persons 65 years and older ~ 13% §  Foreign born residents ~ 32% §  Language other than English spoken at home ~ 38% §  Bachelor's degree or higher ~ 58% §  Budget ~ $4.5B §  Median value of owner-occupied housing ~ $470k

    3 2010 – 2012 US Census Data

  • Open Government Focus Areas


  • Legislative Information On-line


  • Legislative Info On Line


  • Legislative Info On Line


    §  Councilmember designated Lead for Digital Government §  Council website (continual redevelopment) §  Live & On-Demand Video Streaming §  Agendas, Packets & Meeting Summaries §  Social Media / Blogs §  Office of Legislative Oversight

  • Performance Management


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    CountyStat History & Principles

    CountyStat is a program created in 2008 to address one of the County Executive’s priority objectives:

    A Responsive and Accountable County Government

    The main objective of CountyStat is to improve the efficiency and responsiveness of government by using up-to-date data as the ongoing

    focus for day-to-day management and long-term policy making.

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    Results Based Accountability Interrelationship of Priority Objectives, County Performance, Departmental Performance, and Results-Based Budgeting

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    CountyStat: Jurisdictions in the National Benchmark Metro Area Jurisdictions DC Montgomery County, MD

    Howard County, MD Anne Arundel County, MD Fairfax County, VA Arlington County, VA Loudoun County, VA Prince William County, VA

    New York Nassau County, NY Rockland County, NY Suffolk County, NY Westchester County, NY Bergen County, NJ

    Newark/ Trenton

    Morris County, NJ Somerset County, NJ Middlesex County, NJ Monmouth County, NJ

    Milwaukee Waukesha County, WI Denver Douglas County, CO

    Metro Area Jurisdictions Philadelphia Bucks County, PA

    Chester County, PA Montgomery County, PA

    San Francisco Contra Costa County, CA Marin County, CA San Mateo County, CA Santa Clara County, CA

    Los Angeles Ventura County, CA Chicago DuPage County, IL

    Lake County, IL

    Indianapolis Hamilton County, IN Detroit Oakland County, MI Minneapolis – St. Paul

    Dakota County, MN Washington County, MN

    Dallas Collin County, TX Houston Fort Bend County, TX Kansas City Johnson County, KS

  • Relating Crime Rate to MCPD Performance Measures Montgomery County Crime Rate

    County Indicator

    Montgomery County Homicide Case Closure Headline Performance

    Measure Monitoring

    Headline Performance Measures

    MCPD conducts daily patrols and investigations

    Daily Operational Performance

    MCPD has major crimes division that tracks investigation progress

    Performance Submeasures

    Homicide closure rate contributes to overall Montgomery County

    crime rate

    Daily performance of officers on the street contributes to major crime investigations


  • Montgomery County Watershed Performance Measures

    BayStat reports on overall heath of Chesapeake Bay Watershed

    Restoration projects to improve subwatersheds

    Headline Performance Measures

    MS4 Stormwater Program

    Implementation Strategy Targeted pollutant load reductions

    County watershed quality continually assessed and reported

    Daily Operational Performance Performance Submeasures

    Headline Performance Measures County Indicator

     TMDLs & Stream Goals  Use of ESD  Runoff Volume



     Countywide Stream Conditions

     Pollutant reductions through watershed restoration

    13 For illustration purposes only

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    CountyStat Meetings: Example - Quarterly Overtime Tracking Overtime Use Trend: Hours Per Quarter

    For illustration purposes only








    FY07-Q1 FY07-Q2 FY07-Q3 FY07-Q4 FY08-Q1 FY08-Q2 FY08-Q3 FY08-Q4 FY09-Q1 FY09-Q2 FY09-Q3 FY09-Q4 FY10-Q1 FY10-Q2


  • Results Based Accountability: Headline Performance Measures Performance Dashboard

    15 For illustration purposes only

  • Non- Emergency Services


  • History § Business Goals & Objectives of the Initiative

    –  A single three-digit number that allows customers to call an easy to remember number to access Montgomery County information & services

    –  A user-friendly, self-service web portal –  Ability for County Departments and County residents to track

    service requests –  Real-time information and analysis that allows County government

    to more effectively plan and allocate resources –  Consolidated County department call and information technology

    systems to provide greater efficiency and save money


  • What is 3-1-1? § 311 provides a single contact number for non-

    emergency requests for information, service and complaints

    §  There are four types of calls to 311: -  Information requests (up to 80% of all calls) -  Service Requests -  Referrals -  Complaints, comments and compliments

    § With more than 13,000 phone numbers and 10,000 email addresses, there is now one number to access County information & service


  • CSC Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

    § Abandon Rate: Fewer than 5% of calls abandoned § Speed of Answer: 80% of calls answered in 20

    seconds or less § Customer Satisfaction: Consistently 85% or greater § Average Call Handling Time: 4 minutes § Service Request Accuracy: 95% of Service Requests

    closed according to established performance standards


  • MC311 GIS Integration SR to GIS Jurisdiction &

    Location Information SR Tends & Pattern Analysis Information


  • Government Information


  • accessMontgomery


  • Open Data


  • dataMontgomery


  • dataMontgomery – Commercial Permits


  • Commercial Permits Export


  • 27

    Visualization Based on Declared Valuation

  • 28

    Visualization Based on Permit Status

  • Map Viewer Program – County Bikeways


  • Map Viewer Program – Bikeway Detail


  • dataMontgomery Facts

    §  Most popular datasets: –  Employee Salaries –  Food Inspections –  MC311 Service Requests

    §  Targeting Publication of ~60 Additional Datasets this year §  Developed “Open Data Standards Manual” §  Developing Formal “Open Data Implementation Plan” §  Cross-Agency Open Data Project in Progress


  • Mobile Services


  • mobileMontgomery


  • mobileMontgomery


    §  Mobile versions of County Web Sites: –  Website (“MCGMobile”) –  MC311 (“MC311 Mobile”) –  Storm Operations (“StormOps Mobile”) –  Bus Information (“RideOn Real-Time”) –  Leveraging HTML5

    §  MCGMobile –  Avg. ~ 20,000 Page Views/Month Since Launch –  Avg. ~ 3,000 Unique Visitors/Month Since Launch

    §  MC311 Mobile –  Avg. ~ 7,500 Page Views/Month Since Launch –  Avg. ~ 1,500 Unique Visitors/Month Since Launch

    §  AlertMontgomery §  informMontgomery

  • Public Engagement


  • engageMontgomery


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  • engageMontgomery


    §  Leveraging Cloud Platforms to Promote Public Participation in Government –  County-Branded MindMixer Site

      Several Popular Topics / Ideas (ex: Libraries, Gun Control etc.) –  Extensive Social Media Utilization

      (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) §  Live Discussions / Virtual Town Hall Meetings

    –  County Executive –  Recreation –  Consumer Protection –  “Internal” Technology Q&A / Discussions with CIO

    §  PEG Programming on the County’s Cable Channel