9 New Year's resolutions for project managers

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  • Managing a team is all about being innovative in your approach, coming up with ideas to streamline business processes, and keeping clients happy.

  • So, why not make some New Year resolutions that will help us become not just better, but happier as a manager?

  • Here are 9 New Years resolutions ideas that every project manager should consider for 2017:

  • Stop using emails. Switch to a project management software

  • A study revealed that professionals spend more than a quarter of the day reading and answering email.

    So, instead of spending time on emails, switch to project management software in the coming year and make your work life simpler and better than ever.

  • Delegate tasks efficiently

  • Efficient delegation is important as it is required to get tasks completed on time.

    Make your team effective & productive in the coming year by assigning right tasks to the right team member.

  • Track time and resources

  • As a manager, it becomes your responsibility to check how the team is making progress and how it affects the business.

    You can use online time tracking tool in the coming year for tracking and monitoring the performance of your team.

  • Better collaboration

  • It is important that the project managers collaborate with their team members.

    This new year, build a habit of communicating with your team members regularly, so that you can manage your projects & team members more effectively.

  • Learn new skills

  • You are never too old to learn something new. And, learning a new skill not always means upgrading your education.

    Begin this new year by learning a new skill. And, dont stop at just one skill. Keep learning, keep growing!

  • Build your identity

  • It feels great when someone recognizes you out in the crowd for your achievements.

    This new year, let people know why you are unique and show them what youve got!

  • Keep your mouth closed and let your eyes listen

  • Office gossip kills time, gets your mind to wander and makes you think the things that you should not.

    This new year, apply a rule to talk less and listen more!

  • Share to care

  • As a manager it is your duty to create a work environment where no one feels hesitant to share their thoughts.

    This new year, create a big step by developing better work relationships.

  • Reward yourself for achieving targets, even small ones

  • Dont forget to reward yourself for achieving small targets. Rewards encourage us to work harder.

    This new year, take a moment to reward yourself for every success, even the small ones.

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