9 ideas to accelerate your uk sales pipeline before christmas

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Everything vendors need to know about ESOS and how to make the most of the market opportunity

Transcript of 9 ideas to accelerate your uk sales pipeline before christmas


2. Cleantech /IT suppliers can grow revenues: Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) Announced)UK Government Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme.For detailsBlogSlideshareUK legislation launched in June 2014,Impacts 9,000 companies in the UK and 45,000 across the EURegister as participant (DEC 2014)Comprehensive energy audit (DEC 2015)Board Review of energy reduction projects (DEC 2015)Implement energy reduction projectsRepeats every 4 yearsES What, Who & When?1 3. Cleantech & IT Opportunities?2ESOS will create an initial reporting compliance driven opportunityThis will catalyse higher level business interest and investment in an extensive range of energy management systemsThis will lead to greater interest and investment in Sustainability as a wholeCleantech and IT Opportunities: UK Government Making Business GreenFor detailsBlog: 4. 9,000 New UK Prospects For Cloud Providers: New Energy Savings Law ESOS Wakes up BusinessesFor detailsBlog:Spreadsheets and central IT are not the solutions of choiceSustainability needs an integrating, adaptable, global and scalable set of solutions.Cloud Providers can deliver scalable service based solutions for? ESOS Compliance Energy Reduction Broader SustainabilityCloud Opportunities?3 5. The size of the market?4220m = Annual market spend ifspend is uniform over 15 years300m Market spend per year if majority of spend in years 1-105% PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION RATE50 % PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION RATE2.2bn = Annual market spend if spend is uniform over 15 years 3.0bn Market spend per year if majority of spend in years 1-10For detailsBlog:1Billion/Year Greener Business Bonanza: UK ESOS Market Growth Predictions For Cleantech Suppliers 6. Early market dynamics?5The first wave of commercial expenditure (audit costs)estimated at 100mAuditors will influence the technology roadmap of investment to support the findings of the audits.Auditor Technology Vendor relationships are keyFor detailsBlog:ESOS The dynamics of the early market key questions for Assessors and Clean Technology and IT Vendorsils 7. 6Who to Target?The Sustainability ProspectorTM analyses web-based communications for a given list of organisations against ESOS related indicators.Each organisation is ranked in terms of interest in topics relating your target marketsFor detailsBlog: Slideshare:Sustainability ProspectorTMImproving lead generation in the energy efficiency market created by ESOS 8. Improving your win rate?7Good client side sponsorshipAlignment with other (non- financial) goals of the client organizationStakeholder management and Knowing the decision making processDe-risking the decisionFor details BlogInsider tips to improve your win rate in the Energy Efficiency projects catalysed by ESOS 9. Reasons to Partner?8Broader ReachPlugging Joint Solutions GapLower Cost of SaleMitigating Client Perceived RiskQuality of ImplementationMarketing CoverageFor detailsBlogSlideshare6 reasons why the right partners are vital to success in the ESOS market3 Questions for Business Partners 10. Who are the right Partners9For detailsBlog:What do you want from your channel partners?Which partners align best with your business goals?Is your partner proposition good enough?3 Questions for Business Partners 11. Hear from our clientsGet in touchIf this presentation prompts more questions,please get in touch, we are:Cambium LLP all rights reservedRead Our Blog