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  • ACC’s 2012 Annual Meeting September 30-October 3, Orlando, FL

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      Monday, October 1, 2012 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM 801 – Training Your Clients Kevin Clem Senior Director Huron Legal Marcy Hingst Assistant General Counsel Bank of America Amita Kent Regional Lead Counsel Merck Canada Inc. Elena Kraus Director/Commercial Transactions Walgreen Co. Stephanie Lambert Managing Counsel Staples, Inc.

  • 801 Training Your Clients

    Faculty Biographies

    Kevin Clem Kevin Clem is a senior director in the law department management practice of Huron Legal in New York, NY. He has provided consulting services to leading corporate legal departments across a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, financial services, media, and utilities. Mr. Clem’s practice is focused on assisting corporate law departments with managing legal spending through optimized use of internal and outside counsel, analyzing and improving internal business processes, and selecting and implementing support legal technologies. Prior to joining Huron, Mr. Clem served as a senior consultant with Arthur Andersen in their business consulting practice in Los Angeles and Dallas, where he focused on litigation data analysis and risk consulting. Mr. Clem holds a BS in international business from Pepperdine University and a MBA from NYU's Stern School of Business. Marcy Hingst Marcy Hingst is associate general counsel in the litigation and regulatory inquiries group of the legal department at Bank of America. Ms. Hingst leads a team of more than 30 professionals responsible for managing defensive litigation/arbitration concerning all bank businesses that serve individual customers and clients with deposit, card, home mortgage, wealth management, and related products and services. Prior to her current role, Ms. Hingst managed an operational team responsible for civil e- discovery, reporting and litigation spend management initiatives at the bank. Before joining Bank of America, she was a commercial litigator with O'Melveny and Myers. Ms. Hingst holds degrees from the New England Conservatory of Music, Tufts University and the Ohio State University College of Law. Amita Kent Amita Kent is the regional legal lead for Merck in the Europe and Canada region. Ms. Kent's key responsibilities are in business development, global franchise support, and customer solutions. Prior to assuming her current global role within Merck, Ms. Kent was the vice president of legal affairs for Schering-Plough Canada Inc. She has been involved in the pharmaceutical industry for over 22 years with companies such as Pharmacia and Novopharm as general counsel, in addition to other functional roles such as vice

    ACC's 2012 Annual Meeting September 30-October 3, Orlando, FL

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  • 801 Training Your Clients

    president, corporate business development; corporate secretary; chief compliance officer; chief privacy officer and vice president of strategic planning. Ms. Kent serves on the board of several non profit organizations and volunteers regularly on local committees. As well, she is associated with several professional organizations including the Canadian Bar Association, the Canadian Healthcare Licensing Association (past executive) and the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association. She is a regular speaker on behalf of the Canadian Bar Association, the American Bar Association, The Canadian Institute, Rx&D and industry on corporate issues such as intellectual property, licensing agreements, mergers and acquisitions, employment issues, leadership and the role of general counsel. Ms. Kent obtained a BS with a double major in biology and physics from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. She then went on to obtain her JD at the University of Windsor, Ontario and was admitted to the Law Society of Upper Canada. Elena Kraus Elena Kraus is director of commercial transactions and intellectual property law for Walgreen Co., the nation's largest drugstore chain based in Deerfield, IL. Her responsibilities include managing a group of commercial contracts and intellectual property attorneys and staff, providing legal advice and counsel to Walgreen's diverse group of business clients ranging from information technology to merchandising, marketing, supply chain and logistics, financial services, e-commerce, and pharmacy services. Prior to joining Walgreens, Ms. Kraus practiced corporate and real estate law with the firm DLA Piper in Chicago and has served on the board of directors of the YWCA/Lake County. She earned a bachelor's degree in government from the University of Texas at Austin and a JD from DePaul University in Chicago. Stephanie Lambert Stephanie S. Lambert is managing counsel for Staples, Inc., in Framingham, MA. Her responsibilities include providing legal counsel to Staples' merchandising and private label products divisions in a variety of substantive areas, including commercial law, intellectual property, and international trade. She previously served as technology counsel for Staples advising the company on software licensing and professional services. Prior to joining Staples, Ms. Lambert served as corporate counsel at OneSource Information Services, Inc., in Concord, MA for four years. While at OneSource she provided counsel on intellectual property and technology licensing matters. Prior to her role at OneSource, she was engaged in a general law practice in Worcester, MA.

    ACC's 2012 Annual Meeting September 30-October 3, Orlando, FL

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  • 801 Training Your Clients

    Ms. Lambert currently serves on the executive board of the ACC's Law Practice Management Committee and has served on the Business Law Section Council and as a faculty member for the Massachusetts Bar Association. She is also on the board of directors of Staples Foundation. Ms. Lambert received a BA from Wheaton College in Massachusetts and is a graduate of Suffolk University Law School.

    ACC's 2012 Annual Meeting September 30-October 3, Orlando, FL

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  • Training  Your  Clients   Teaching  them  to  fish  while  

    avoiding  shark  infested  waters  

    Presented  by  Law  Department  Management  Commi:ee    

    Monday,  October  1,  2012,  11:00am  -­‐  12:30pm  


    Amita  Kent   Regional  Lead  Counsel,  Europe/Canada  

    Elena  Kraus   Director,  Commercial  TransacEons  

    Marcy  Hingst   Associate  General  Counsel  

    Stephanie  S.  Lambert   Managing  Counsel  

    Kevin  Clem   Senior  Director  

    ACC's 2012 Annual Meeting September 30-October 3, Orlando, FL

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  • Session  outline  

    •  Defining  your  service  delivery  model   •  Developing  your  training  plan   •  PrioriEzing  your  training  topics   •  ConducEng  the  training   •  Sustaining  desired  behaviors  

    Defining  your  service  delivery  model  

    •  TradiEonal  legal  department  organizaEonal  structures  fall  into  one  of  the   following:  

    Model   Characteris/cs  

    FuncEonal   Structured  around  legal  specialEes  (e.g.  employment  law,  liEgaEon,  M&A,  IP)  

    Client-­‐Facing   Structured  around  business  units;  lawyers  provide  legal  support  to  the  business  funcEon  

    Hybrid  (Matrix)   Some  lawyers  are  focused  on  the  business,  with  shared   services  lawyers  who  provide  specialty  legal  services   across  the  corporaEon  

    ACC's 2012 Annual Meeting September 30-October 3, Orlando, FL

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  • Defining  your  service  delivery  model  

    •  ArEculate  the  role  of  the  legal  department:   •  What  is  a  legal  issue  vs.  a  business  issue?   •  When  do  we  engage  outside  counsel?   •  PrevenEve  vs.  reacEve   •  Who  is  the  client?    Doing  what’s  best  for  the  company,  not  the  individual   •  Se\ng  expectaEons:  

    Ø  Bi-­‐direcEonal  –  Legal  can  help  client  if  client  knows  how  to  best  use  Legal  resources   Ø  Responsiveness  to  requests  for  help  

    •  An  example:   •  The  law  department  should  only  be  involved  when  it  adds  value  to  a  project     •  Any  involvement  should  help  "drive  the  b