8 Must Know Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for Starters

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Hi, Check this ultimate search engine optimization tips for starters. Must know insights for entrepreneurs who run business online!

Transcript of 8 Must Know Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for Starters

  • Introduction This is the world of online business! Standing out from the crowd is very essential. SEO is very important to rank your website among your competitors. The best way to rank top is via natural listing on the search engine. How to achieve it? Check inside
  • Clean and Clear Coding Start with clean coding that do not look complex. Keep codes complaint to W3C standards to ensure it works on all browsers. Make it fast loading and easy to use.
  • Title Tags The most important thing as it provides the first impression to the visitors. Write exactly what is your page all about. Use keyword that has search terms most probably used everywhere. Keep in mind that this forms the head line of your web page in the search engine results. Maximum 66 characters longer.
  • Meta Description This is less important as experts saying Google will not consider the description. Though, using it with compelling data can attract visitors to click your page. It should be no longer than 156 characters.
  • Attract Your Audience
  • Legible Content Write content for your visitors. Content is always the thing that must be useful for the visitors in order to make them stay on your site for long time. Make content that is likeable and sharable as it increases your authority, which is a ranking factor.
  • Follow Industry Experts Advice There are a lot of industry experts who are inspiration for people. Learn from the them and follow them to gain a lot of new information on the current technologies.
  • Think Out of the Box To be good at SEO, you must learn to gain more insights about optimization. People those who succeed in the industry are the ones who thrived to learn and make use of opportunities. If you want to get recognized, you have to look different.
  • Gain Some Quality Backlinks This is the most important tip that deals with off- site optimization. Keep in mind, backlinks can make or break your SEO efforts. So make sure to gain quality backlinks from high authority sites to rank out of your competition.
  • Build a Large Network One of the greatest way to expand your knowledge is to build network. Engage with your niche industry friends, gain relationships and discuss the usefulness and effectiveness of SEO. Be active on social media and interact with other friends.
  • Keep Tracking After all done, dont stop! Keep doing, SEO can be achieved only with on- going efforts. Experiment yourself with few strategies and keep updating according the future tactics.
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