8½ Easy Tips for a Life with Less Stress

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Transcript of 8½ Easy Tips for a Life with Less Stress

  • You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway Steve Maraboli
  • Most of the stress we bring on ourselves is because of bad habits and bad attitudes Vikrant Parsai
  • Try out some relaxation music The 2 minute technique to de-stress and calm down Check out some great Yoga blogs: Daily Cup Of Yoga Yoga Buzz Rachel Brathens Blog Yoganonymous
  • 1. Surround yourself by positive people 2. Make time for your friends: game night, 3. Get in tune with your body 4. Start laughing! 5. Reduce interpretations 6. Get up earlier 7. Get an appointment with yourself 8. Embrace the silence 8 Additional inspiration
  • My doctor told me to avoid unnecessary stress, so I stopped going to doctors Shira Tamir
  • Have a wonderful stress-less day! Visit us here: http://www.priotime.com Download our free app here: bit.ly/1c0Zv0I