8 Benefits of Eating Healthy

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Do you know what eating healthy can do for your physical and emotional well-being? Learn 8 benefits of eating healthy in this slideshare.

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  • 1. 8 BENEFITS OF EATINGHEALTHYEating right helps your body and mind.

2. 1. ADDED ENERGY It shouldnt come as a surprise that eating healthyfoods filled with nutrients gives you energy. Often,starting to eat healthy can offer your body moreenergy than youve ever had before. 3. 2. BETTER DIGESTION When you eat the right amount of fiber, cut back ongreasy foods, and limit your sugar intake, yourdigestion improves significantly. Youll likelyexperience less heart burn and gas after changingyour diet. 4. 3. HAPPIER MOOD When you eat right, you feel good. Good food canhelp your mood improve because you wont feel allof the usual energy slumps during the day. 5. 4. REDUCED RISK When you eat right, you automatically reduce yourrisk of heart disease, stroke, and some cancers.However, you should continue taking anyprescribed medicine youve been given for these. 6. 5. MENTAL HEALTH Healthy food provides stronger, faster brainfunctioning, and more mental energy to get throughwork or your busy day. Studies have shown thatstudents who eat a complete breakfast beforeschool are more focused in class. 7. 6. LESS ILLNESS Eating the right vitamins and minerals in your foodprotects your body from frequent colds andcommon sicknesses. Fruits and vegetables high invitamin C are particularly helpful at combattingsickness. 8. 7. CLEAR SKIN Part of eating right is drinking enough water eachdaya recommended 64 ounces. When you drinkenough water, your skin naturally gets clearer andhealthier with a natural glow. 9. 8. HEALTHY TEETH Eating healthy gives your body the right amount ofcalcium it needs to make strong bones and teeth.You also should be eating less sugar and acids thatwould eat away at your enamel and cause cavities. If you dont eat right, you may have to visit thedentist more frequently for cleanings and exams. 10. TALK TO YOUR DENTIST If you are looking for more ways to improve yourphysical and oral health, talk to your dentist inBroomfield, Colorado. McBride Family Dental can help you get on the righttrack for good oral health. Check out our blog or contact us for moreinformation.https://www.facebook.com/broomfielddentist