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7 wonders of the world

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  • 1. SevenWondersofthe World

2. Great Wall of ChinaThe Great Wall of China is almost9000 km long and is the longest indefensive fortification in the world. Itsprimary task was to defend againstinvaders from the Great Steppe(Mongolia, Manchuria, Russia,Kazakhstan, Tajikistan ... etc). 3. Peace of the Great Wall can be noticed on the'Silk Route'. Every year a marathon takes place there.People claim that the wall seen from space is a fake. 4. PetraPetra is a ruin of Nabateans city. 5. In Petra you can find remains of temples, palaces,tombs and a theatre that could seat upto 10 000 people. 6. Monument of Christ theRedeemerIt is the symbol and the most impressivepart of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Themonument is located on a granite top witha relative height of 710 m asl. 7. The statue is located on the 7-meter pedestal. The headis 3.5 m tall and weighs 35 tons, each hand weights9 tons, and the extent of the figure is 23 m. 8. Machu PicchuThe best preserved city of the Incas tothe present day. It was built in thefifteenth century, according tosensationally developed plan and wasabandoned of unknown reasons in1537. 9. The stairs can be seen everywhere. Researchers havefound 1200 ones. In the past they were used forcommunication among different levelsof the city. 10. Chichn ItzThe city was found by the Maya inMexico in 450. It was developed themost in X-XIth century. Chichn Itzliterally means 'Origins of Itz people. 11. A natural depression with a depth of 40m and 60m indiameter was found in the city. Probably during thedrought virgins were thrown there to ask the god forrain. 12. ColosseumThe Roman amphitheater built by theFlavian. It was able to seat up to 73,000spectators. 13. Since the second half of the 18th century on GoodFriday the Way of the Cross has been led by the popein this place. 14. Tadz MahalEnchanted Love in marble ... can bedescribed as a mausoleum built bySzachdahana in memory of a lovedwife Mumtaz Mahal.