7 Rules of Content Marketing Design That Convert Customers

that convert customers 7 rules of content marketing design


Poor design can kill your content marketing. It doesn’t matter how good your content is - if you don’t address design and navigation issues, your audience won't stick around to see it. http://uberflip.com

Transcript of 7 Rules of Content Marketing Design That Convert Customers

that convert customers

7 rules of content marketing design

How many times have you left a blog because

it was hard to figure out?


Or maybe because it wasn’t optimized for mobile devices?


Crappy content marketing design takes users to a dead end.

And it doesn’t convert customers.

Good design is about taking users through an engaging

and persuasive journey.

These are the 7 rules that your content marketing

design can’t ignore:

Provide a clear user path 1

Can visitors easily find what they're looking for? Or is your content buried

deep in Navigation Jungle?

Keep the behavior of the user always in mind.

For example, when someone lands on a blog post, they

should know what to do next.

Keep design consistency 2

Just like your messaging, content marketing design

has to have a consistent flow.

Example: The look & feel of a CTA should complement

the landing page that it leads to.

Content CTA  

Landing page  

Show more, tell less 3

Images and videos can help you tell your story

with less clicks and less reading.

Instead of writing long descriptions or explanations,

incorporate visuals and interactive content.

Optimize for different devices 4

The average user will not wait more than 6 seconds

to see if your content is optimized for mobile.

Technologies like responsive design can help you ensure

that your content works on any screen size.

Enable virality 5

Social networking sites account for the most referral traffic to almost all websites, just behind organic search.

Add sharing buttons for the social networks

that your target audience uses the most.

You can also simplify sharing steps by including embed codes right below videos,

infographics, and other visuals

Make call-to-actions pop 6

CTAs have to stand out from the rest of the page

so that it’s easy for prospects to know where to click once they

decide to take the next step.

From choosing the right size (bigger isn’t always better), to using colors that pop, and

leaving enough spacing around buttons, different versions of CTAs

should be continually tested.

Offer the right prize 7

One of the biggest factors in capturing your lead

is balancing the value of what you’re giving away vs. the

perceived barrier to getting it.

This is when features like progressive profiling can come in handy. Instead of making people fill out a long list of

fields, just add two or three.

When the user comes back for a different content piece,

new fields will replace the previous ones.

By optimizing design, you reduce confusion and guide

visitors from videos to blog posts, eBooks, landing pages, and CTAs.

By optimizing design, you increase leads and sales.

You immerse people in your journey and take them exactly where they want.


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