7 Outstanding Reasons to Hire Michelle Chance-Sangthong. My Visual Resume

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Traditional resumes are boring, and just a page or two to tell my story isn't really enough. Now don't worry, if you're the traditional resume type, I do have one of those, but you'll have to click through the fun stuff first to get to the link. Meantime, enjoy. Thank you for taking a look at my visual resume and have an outstanding day!

Transcript of 7 Outstanding Reasons to Hire Michelle Chance-Sangthong. My Visual Resume

  • 7 Outstanding Reasons to hire me Michelle Chance-Sangthong 1 ~plus~ Reason Why You Shouldnt
  • But first, my resume, in so many words. Created with Wordle
  • I have 17 Depositphotos.com/simply 1 years of hands-on online marketing EXPERIENCE.
  • My brain is Half Marketing & Half Geek The internet is where I thrive! Depositphotos.com/Seamartini 2
  • I measure success with PROFITS not RANKINGS. Depositphotos.com/ISergey 3
  • 4 I generated $5,000,000 in revenue for my own online retail business. Depositphotos.com/everythingposs
  • 5 I know that social media is a collection of marketing channels, not something I DO. Depositphotos.com/ylivdesign
  • 6 I can visualize and create strategies from a 10,000 foot view ... and still maintain perspective on the Depositphotos.com/Imagecom important details.
  • 7 I am more than a WEB GEEK; I am an author, professional speaker, and trainer. Photo Credit - David McCormick Jacksonville Chapter American Marketing Association
  • Of course, all this time, youve been wondering ... What is the ONE reason you SHOULD NOT hire me? Depositphotos.com/alistairjcotton
  • I am a lepidopterist.
  • Which means that I enjoy studying butterflies and moths. Depositphotos.com/belchonock
  • Sometimes I even have the privilege to watch their metamorphosis outside my own backdoor. Michelle Chance-Sangthong
  • And, in my own small way make a difference in our great big world. Michelle Chance-Sangthong
  • I like MAKING A DIFFERENCE. And I want to work with a company that wants to make a difference, too.
  • If your company doesnt thrive on making a difference for your clients, we may not be a good fit. Depositphotos.com/chianim8r
  • I can clearly see myself in a position that combines my (strategic thinking + marketing skills) and creates amazing results.
  • While I cant UNICYCLE off a CLIFF, I do have other kick-ass skills. Depositphotos.com/DesignPicsInc
  • Creating Digital Marketing Strategies Ability to Identify & Reach New Markets Search Engine Optimization Paid Search Advertising Psychographic Targeting Public Speaking & Training Photo Credit: HalloweenCostumes.com
  • Ac Depositphotos.com/Rangizzz No co m tab pli le sh m en ts
  • Created and managed the Social Media Campaign for local pizza franchise launch resulting in a record-setting Grand Opening. LLTMC, Inc.
  • Created a successful Amazon product launch and increased product sales by 250% over current marketing methods. Brought a new author to market; book launched as a best seller in Kindle Top 100 Free, and #2 in category . Amazon, Kindle, the Amazon Smile logo, and the Amazon Kindle logo are registered trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.
  • Achieved top rankings year after year that generate 80% of new business for Jacksonville pet sitting company. Depositphotos.com/lifeonwhite
  • Consulted and Advised on qualitative web usability studies for a Fortune 500 Healthcare Company. Depositphotos.com/julos
  • Generated $2 MILLON in leads with Pay-Per-Click Advertising in a single year for The Suddath Companies.
  • I have produced trainings & presented for: The JAX Chamber The Jacksonville Womens Business Center UNF Small Business Development Center Florida Public Relations Association Jacksonville American Marketing Association New Orleans American Marketing Association Society of Marketing Professional Services Jacksonville SEO Meetup (now JOMM) StomperNet Las Vegas SEO PRO Atlanta Other local organizations & corporations Depositphotos.com/BrianAJackson
  • I live in Jacksonville, FL Depositphotos.com/suwanneeredhead I am open to working from home; Depositphotos.com/gustavotoledo or at the office; or on an airplane, from time to time. Depositphotos.com/Raimundas Depositphotos.com/maxym
  • Want to know more? You can tune in to my channels:
  • view my traditional resume contact me by email: michellechancesangthong [at] gmail.com or give me a call: Michelle Chance-Sangthong 904-654-2012