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7 Killer Knockout Combos

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  • 7 Killer Knockout Combos For Muay Thai !Who doesnt want to finish a fight with a sick knockout? Personally speaking, when I finish a fight with a KO I feel much more badass and satisfied since I didnt leave it in the hands of the judges. The following 7 killer combinations will do some serious damage and put your opponent to sleep. !!!

    #1. Jab - Overhand right - Left Hook !This is #1 because its my bread and butter combo. Although it seems ordinary and relatively basic, if thrown with enough technique, fluidity, and power, you can put some real fear into your opponent even if you dont connect 100% with it. !!Starting off the combination with a jab is a great way to gauge your opponents reaction and see how they defend it. Do they parry it? Or do they slip to the side? Take note of what your opponent does so you can more accurately time and land your overhand right. However, be sure not to follow every jab with an overhand right because then it will be easy for your opponent to see it coming. Make

    sure to mix up with different angles and strikes following the jab (uppercuts, low kicks, straights, etc.) before committing to throwing a hard overhand.!!Once youve got your opponent thinking about your other strikes that come off your jab, now its time to commit to the overhand and try to land it directly on their chin. A crucial aspect of landing this punch is not overthrowing it with 100% force. Obviously you want to throw it hard, but you dont want to telegraph it, miss it, and gas yourself out. Keep it short, tight, and powerful if you want to connect. Heres a tutorial on how I throw it.!!Now we all know that one punch knockouts are hard to come by, so after landing a hard strike (your overhand in this case) youll want to follow up with another powerful punch to put your opponent down. A solid punch to follow up with is the left hook since your body is positioned for optimal torque to deliver maximum amount of force. Again, keep your hook relatively short, tight and powerful!!!

  • To see my go-to knockout combination in action, click here to check out one of my fight videos from Thailand. At about 1:55 youll see me throw a lazy jab to the body and follow up with a hard overhand right. I neglected to follow up with a hook so it didnt put him down, but it gave him a taste of my power and opened up opportunities for knees and other strikes. After missing an attempted head kick at 4:15, I tried my favorite combination again. This time it landed flush and rocked my opponent hard. Although I didnt knock him out, it allowed me to follow up with more strikes and eventually put him away!!!!

    #2. Hook - Hook - Low Kick !This short and simple combination does some major damage and can very easily put your opponent on the ground cringing in pain.!!If you throw the hook to either the body or the head with proper technique and enough power, it can easily wobble your opponent. Another key factor in this combination working so well is that when you throw the hook it shifts your opponents weight on his/her lead leg, where you have the perfect opportunity to throw a powerful low kick.!!One of the best fighters ever to throw this combination is K-1 legend, Ernesto Hoost. Watch this video by Lawrence Kenshin for a complete breakdown on how to use this combination effectively next time you spar or step into the ring!!!!!#3. Rear teep fake - Walk Through Right hook - knee !

    Knees to the body suck! I took one the other day while clinching with my Thai trainer Man and he made me curl up into fetal position and throw up my guts. Needless to say, if you can land a hard knee to your opponents body you can definitely put them down for the count.!!Of course, its much easier than done to land a hard knee to the body and thats why setting it up with other strikes is essential. One way to do this is to throw a lot of front kicks (especially the rear teep for this combo) to pepper their body and get them thinking that whenever you bring your knee up it will most likely be a front kick. !Once you get your opponent thinking about

  • the rear teep then you can use it to your advantage to gain ground and get within kneeing range. But wait, since youve been throwing the teep, isnt your opponent going to protect their body? Yes, most likely. But, this is where the right hook comes into play! As you step forward off your fake rear teep, you can very easily follow through with an overhand right or hook. The point of this punch is to get your opponents hands up away from their body, which leaves it open for the knee strike. If you land the punch, thats even better!!!Now that your opponent has his guard up to protect from the punch, it leaves his body open for a brutal straight knee. Ive landed this in a few of my fights and although it doesnt necessarily always put my opponent down, it does noticeably hurt them and get them backing up. Watch it in action here (go to 16:20)!!!

    #4. Clinch - release - high kick !We cant forget about the clinch! !!There are numerous ways to do damage inside the clinch, but one of the best ways to catch your opponent off guard is when you disengage from the clinch. The split second after you push off to escape is a prime opportunity to land something when your opponent is in the middle of getting reset and often has a relatively low guard.!!Buakaw is a perfect example of using this technique since he has used it both in Muay Thai and K-1 fights. He utilizes the clinch to disrupt his opponents punches and to land a few shots himself, but as soon as he decides to disengage hell make sure to throw a strike (most often a head kick) to try and catch his opponent sleeping.!!In this video youll see GLORY fighter Brian The Lion Collette land a brutal head kick off the clinch. If you want to understand the nuances of the high kick off the clinch, then this video breakdown by Lawrence Kenshin does an amazing job at explaining Buakaws clinch disengaging techniques.!!! !

  • #5. Counter elbow !Okay, so I know this isnt so much a combination as it is just a badass technique, but either way it can lead to some of the most devastating knockouts youll ever see. !!It is very common for fighters to get overzealous throwing hand combinations that leave them open for elbow counters. Youll also see plenty of fighters throw kicks without returning to a proper guard. Both of these situations during a fight allow perfect opportunities for a short, powerful, counter elbow.!!If you learn how to throw short, sharp elbows it can really mess up your opponent!!!!

    #6. Jab - Cross - Hook to body - High Kick !This is another relatively basic combination that can lead to some sick knockouts if timed correctly and thrown with proper techniques. !!The two straight punches (the jab and cross) are a set-up so you are able to land the body hook to the liver. Once your opponents guard is up due to the straight punches, youll have the opening to throw the body hook. Your opponent will have to either lower his guard to block the hook or curl over due to the power and accuracy of your punch. Whatever your opponent does, it will leave their head open and vulnerable.!!Heres a quick breakdown on how to throw this combination properly and with solid technique.!!!

    7) Jab to body - spinning back elbow

  • !Throwing a spinning back elbow is cool and all, but if you throw it wildly without any type of set-up then you can expect to either miss or get countered with ease. If youve seen a spinning elbow KO before, you should have noticed that whenever a person is able to land a spinning elbow its usually because it comes off a miss or set-up strike.!!One of the simplest ways to set up the spinning back elbow is with a jab to the body. This set-up strike works two ways. First, it gets your opponents guard down to deflect the jab. Second, it gives you the opportunity for you to move your feet and set-up your body properly for the spinning back elbow.!!To show you what I mean, check out this short tutorial by Kevin The Soul Assassin Ross. To see it in action, check out this awesome knockout.!!!

    Final Words !These are just a few of my favorite combinations that I have either personally used in my fights or I have seen successfully used by other fighters in the ring. Make sure to keep an open mind and work around your strengths to figure out what combination will help you KO your opponent!!!Lastly, dont get carried away just working on one specific combination. Although you will most likely find a couple combos that work best for you, its still super important to have a diversity of strikes to keep your opponent guessing and to capitalize on your opponents openings. If you keep going back to the well with the same combination, your opponent will see it coming miles away and be able to counter with his own killer combination!!!Keep learning, keep improving, keep training and one day, youll be the owner of a sick knockout!