7 Interesting Quotes, Stats & Tid Bits About Pinterest

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In case you may be wondering who the little girl that's helping us out with our whimsical, Pinterest-inspired photoshoot :) that is Charlette — aka little Charlie — who happens to be my vivacious 3 1/2 year old and beloved, adorable daughter. For having a zero attention span, Charlie did such a good job modeling for our Pinterest shoot Many thanks to Karina Djijo (http://www.facebook.com/djijostudios), my creative partner in crime and fabu photog, who managed to capture amazing stills while Charlie ran aimlessly all over the top floor of the Democracy Garage at Reston Town Center where our Pinterest-red-themed shoot took place (http://instagram.com/p/rFsTenCWV6/?modal=true). This fun Pinterest-themed slidedeck showcases my creative and content direction capabilities. If you need to develop content material of this caliber and type for your brand, please contact me at mayra@ruizmcpherson.com, tweet me at http://www.twitter.com/mayraruiz or find me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ruizmcpherson. If you like this kind of content and/or are into social media tid bits of this nature, then you my really enjoy my email newsletter, The Social Media Trend Watch Report (http://ruizmcpherson.com/email-newsletter/). You may also enjoy subscribing to my blog, The Better Social Business Blog, where I blog about life as a digital and social marketer as well as share insights, tips and highlight a number of marketing adventures: http://ruizmcpherson.com/subscribe.

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