7 great lessons from entrepreneurship

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7 Great Lessons from Entrepreneurship
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Transcript of 7 great lessons from entrepreneurship

7 Great Lessons from Entrepreneurship

7 Great Lessons from Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship may be a

road less travelled

but it is a journey

most will enjoy

#1 Who makes the biggest difference

in your journey?

A Coach is responsible for your Performance.

A Coach looks at

A Mentor is interested in YOU as a person

A Mentor values relationship

A mastermind group is interested in Raising Your Game

A Mastermind Group values Strategic Alliance

Mentor Coaches Masterminds

#2 Where is your most precious asset?

Database is 2nd only

to your cash flow

Build Your Database through Networking


ild y


r N







Remember a FEW

Network with ALL

Follow up with MOST

Refer SOME

#3 Which is your longest wait?

Time in Between Sowing and Reaping

The WAIT is meant to be Enjoyed not Endured.

Speaking from Sowing Experience

Who you sow to may not be who you will reap from

Where you sow from may not be where you reap from

How you sow may not be how you reap from

How to enjoy a life of abundance?

Enjoy a life of Giving without Expecting any Returns

#4 Who are your Best Business Friends?

The Mainstream Media, not Social Media

Be Recognized

Art of Publicity #1

Convert your value preposition

into news

Art of Publicity #2

Be Controversial ...Creatively

Art of Publicity #3

Leverage on

Understand Media

Mainstream media is just like a business.

It has stakeholders too. Know their target audience profile

#5 Which is your toughest call?

Set the criteria for walking away

Have an Exit Strategy

Never invest in anything you cannot afford to lose

Have a Plan B

#6 Which is the toughest part of your


Roadmap to Success

#1 : IDEAS


Roadmap to Success



Roadmap to Success



Golden Rules

Ideas are cheap

Implementation is expensive

Impact is priceless

An idea needs the right timing to see sustainable results

An idea worth nothing if it cannot be sold to the right people

You can share your ideas freely but protect your concepts so that they wont be stolen

#7 How to have the easiest marketing?

A Great Personal Branding!

Key Questions

Who are you?

What do you do?

Whom are you serving?

How to makes yourself unique?

Where are you going?

Why are you going there?

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