7 Essential Steps to Facebook Advertising Success

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Transcript of 7 Essential Steps to Facebook Advertising Success

  • 7 Essential Steps to Facebook Advertising Success While youre waiting Ill serenade you ;^D And could you write the city where youre from and your facebook page url in the box on the right? Thanky you!http://soundcloud.com/juliegallaher
  • 7 Essential Steps to Facebook Advertising Successhttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Julie Gallaherhttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • IntroSocial Media is FreeBut its not Easyhttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Todays Topics1. Goals2. Budget3. Targeting4. Ad Options5. Photos & Copy6. Landing Pages7. Test, Test, Testhttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Is your advertising Directionalvs.Creativehttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Google is Directional Users are looking for something specific They want to be directed to where they can find it http://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Facebook is Creative You must Create the interest Branding Limited Time Offershttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Goals & BudgetBefore you askHow much should I spend?AskWhat do I want to accomplish?http://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • 3 Ways to Make More Money Attract New Customers Get Current Customers to Spend More Get Former Customers to Come Backhttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Budget Work Backwards What kind of results do you want from your advertising How aggressive do you need to be to get those resultshttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Targeting Who is your best customer? What do you know about them?http://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • If I was your best customer What do you know about me Baby Boomer Music Jazz, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra Sports San Francisco Giants School St Francis High School, UC Davis Dachsunds Wine Cheerful, Happy Messaging Which of these interests do I share with your other top prospectshttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Ad Options 2 Principal Types Sidebar Can be promoted to anyone In-stream Only to fans and friends of fanshttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Ad Optionshttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Sidebar Ad OptionsMarketplace AdsPhoto Post AdVideo Post AdEvent Post AdLink Post AdOffer Adhttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • In-Stream Ad OptionsPromoted Photo Post AdPromoted Video Post AdPromoted Event Post AdPromoted Link Post AdPromoted Offer AdSponsored Like StorySponsored Check-In Storyhttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Sidebar Marketplace Adshttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Sidebar Great Marketplace Adshttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Sidebar Bad Marketplace Adshttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Sidebar Photo Posthttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Sidebar Photo Post Landing Pagehttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Sidebar Video Posthttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Sidebar Event Posthttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Sidebar Link Posthttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Sidebar Offershttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • In-Stream Promoted Posts You Need 400 Fans All the same types of ads used in Post ads, but more effective because theyre in the stream. Can only be used in 1st 3 days after posting.http://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • In-Stream Like Storieshttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • In-Stream Check-In Storieshttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Use a Mix of Adshttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Photos & Copy Remember your ideal customer what would he/she like Choose 3 Photos Write 2 descriptions Mix and Match to have 6 ads Photo is 100 x 65http://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Photos & Copy Check with Facebook to see ads they think you will like http://facebook.com/ads/adboard What posts have your fans likedhttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Photos & Copy On post ad first 75 90 characters will be seen, make em count Always include a call to action Like this if you want Salted Caramel to be our next specialhttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Landing Page With Marketplace Ads, your prospect can be directed to ANY page - your website, youtube, sales page #1 Reason ads are rejected ad and landing page dont matchhttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Photo Post Landing Pagehttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Landing Page Facebook Apphttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Landing Page Facebook Apphttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Landing Page Youtubehttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Landing Page Websitehttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Test, Test, Testhttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Test, Test, Testhttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • My Best Ads $.38 per click Spent $13.00 Raised nearly $1,000 for MDAhttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • My Best Ads $.31 per clickhttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • My Best Ads $.04 per clickhttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • My Best Ads Spent $50.00 17,999 Impressions 240 Actions 108 Post Likes 5 Shares Targeted to Small Biz Owners in Sacramento Areahttp://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • Breaking News You Can Target Your Email List!https://www.facebook.com/ads/manage/powereditor/intro.php?act=28160579http://facebook.com/getonthemap
  • My Plans More Webinars Speaking engagements Teaching Launching Soon Private Coaching Club http://getonthemap.us/hello
  • What did you like most about this webinar? GetOnTheMapFanReviews.com http://getonthemapfanreviews.com
  • What did you not like about this webinar? If youve got some constructive criticism, email me at [email protected]
  • Credits http://arstechnica.com/business/2011/ 01/no-opting-out-from-facebook- turning-your-check-ins-likes-into-ads/ Book Killer Facebook Ads by Marty Weintraub Facebook Apps NorthSocial.com
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