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69 th Annual Shellfish Growers Conference and Tradeshow Hood River, OR September 22-24, 2015

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Transcript of 69th Annual Shellfish Growers Conference and Tradeshow - PCSGA | Pacific … · 2019-03-09 ·...

  • 69th Annual

    Shellfish Growers Conference and Tradeshow

    Hood River, ORSeptember 22-24, 2015

  • Pacific Coast shellfish... it’s tidally awesome!Welcome to the 69th Annual Shellfish Growers Conference and Tradeshow. Over the next three days growers, researchers, agency staff, industry partners, and students will explore new research findings, consider public policy issues facing the shellfish industry, share stories and learn from each others’ experiences.

    Our agenda offers an outstanding key-note speaker, Ian Duthie, with SeaPerfect in Tasmania. Duthie has been actively involved in all aspects of the Australian Pacific Oyster and broader shellfish industry for over 25 years, including the management and establishment of shellfish hatcheries, nurseries, and grow-out production systems for oysters and mussels. Duthie has traveled extensively throughout the world on a Nuffield Scholarship and private international consultancies. We are pleased to welcome him as the first recipient of the John Lentz Profiles in Innovation Speaker Series.

    On Wednesday, PCSGA will host their Annual General Membership (AGM) meeting, while NSA gathers for their annual meeting and lunch. The agenda also offers three different collaborative workshops, as well as a tool school - essentially a tutorial on using accessible tech-equipment to support the modern shellfish farmer. Remember to take time to enjoy yourself and Hood River. Join the annual Schley Golf Scramble and Full Sail Brewery Tour! Or, relax in the pool while soaking up the views in the evenings after the presentations.

    On behalf of the 2015 Conference Planning Committee, thank you for the generous volunteers, growers, sponsors and auction donators who contribute their time, service and energy in making this annual event a success. Thank you, also, for your part in the health and future of the aquaculture industry. We invite you to share what you have learned, be receptive to new ideas and welcome new opportunities and partnerships that will help all of us realize success.

    2015 Annual Conference Planning CommitteeMargaret P. Barrette, PCSGA Executive Director

    Connie Smith, PCSGA Assistant DirectorBecky Mabardy, PCSGA Outreach and Project Coordinator

    Laura Hoberecht, NSA-PCS Chair, NOAAP. Sean McDonald, NSA-PCS Vice-Chair, University of Washington

    Ralph Riccio, NSA-PCS Secretary, Jamestown S’Klallam TribeBethany Stevick, NSA-PCS Treasurer, Washington Department of Fish and WildlifeDavid Fyfe, NSA-PCS Member at Large, Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission

    Chris Burns, NSA-PCS Member at Large, Jamestown S’Klallam TribeMolly Jackson, NSA-PCS Member at Large, Taylor Shellfish Farms

    8:00 Schley Golf Scramble. Meet at the Green Mountain Golf Course. Pre-registration required. 11:00 Lunch on your own at the Full Sail Brewery1:00 Full Sail Brewery Tour - Enjoy award-winnig beer. It’s free!2:30 PCSGA Board Meeting, Riverview Room6:00 Dinner on your own

    Monday, September 21

  • Plenary Session, Gorge Room

    9:00 Conference Welcome Margaret P. Barrette, PCSGA and Laura Hoberecht, NOAA Fisheries9:15 Keynote: Shellfish Aquaculture from Down-Under, Ian Duthie, SeaPerfect, Tasmania

    Shellfish industries around the world face many of the same challenges and opportunities. How collective intelligence - sharing of ideas, innovations and working collaboratively - can help us all prosper.

    10:00 Larvae Without Borders: Understanding How Salinity Affects the Remote Settlement of Eastern Oyster (Crassostrea virginica) Larvae in the Mid-Atlantic, Anna Priester, University of Maryland

    10:15 Coffee break sponsored by Rock Point Oyster

    Making the ConnectionModerator: Kathleen Nisbet, Nisbet Oyster

    10:30 Health Risks and Gastronomic Rewards of Oyster Consumption in WA State: The Raw Facts, Jack Cheney, University of Washington

    10:45 From Farm to Facebook: Cultivating Authentic Relationships Between Oyster and Customer in a Social-Media-Mad World, Brenna Schlagenhauf, Hog Island Oyster Co.

    11:00 Aggregating Farmers, Restaurants, and Consumers of Oysters and Seafood into One Marketplace via a New Mobile App., Sam Asher, Founder,“Pearl”

    11:15 Shellfish in the Classroom, Jennifer Whipple and Nicole Gilmore, Taylor Shellfish Farms

    11:30 Marine Studies Initiative, Bob Cowen, Oregon State University & Hatfield Marine Science Center11:45 Q&A12:00 Luncheon and Film: Wildlife Detectives: The Poaching of Puget Sound Written, directed and

    produced by Katie Campbell, special correspondent with KCTS

    Tuesday, September 22

    Concurrent Session A, Gorge Room Concurrent Session B, Columbia Room

    Resource User Conflicts, Permitting, &Regulatory IssuesModerator: Laura Hoberecht, NOAA Fisheries

    Estuarine Habitat & Shellfish Culture InteractionsModerator: Glenn VanBlaricom, University of Washington

    2:00 Listening to our Stakeholders: How to Improve Shellfish Aquaculture Information, Bobbi Hudson, Pacific Shellfish Institute

    Understanding the Impact of Sea Lettuce (Ulva spp.) on Pacific Oyster (Crassostrea gigas) Growth, Audrey Lamb, Taylor Shellfish Farms

    2:15 Permitting Assistance and Recommendations from the WA SIP Team, Laura Hoberecht and Perry Lund, NOAA Fisheries

    Biofouling Benefits Shellfish Production, Andrew Jeffs and Hamish McDonald, Hydrocadent Technology

    2:30 Trends in Washington Shellfish Permit Appeals, Sonia Wolfman, WA Deptartment of Ecology

    What Effect Does Shellfish Cultivation Really Have on the South Puget Sound Ecosystem?, Bobbi Hudson, Pacific Shellfish Institute

    2:45 Shellfish Activities in California, Randy Lovell, CA Department of Fish and Wildlife

    Plastic Debris in the Marine Environment: How Much is Out There, Why it Matters, and What Can be Done?, Henry Carson, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife


    Strategies, Initiatives & PartnershipsModerator: Svein Wiese-Hanson, Pacific Seafood

    Crustaceans: Biology & ManagementModerator: Brett Dumbauld, USDA-ARS

    3:15 Surf to Turf Mussel Compost: Recycling Nutrients from Budd Inlet - An Update, Aimee Christy, Pacific Shellfish Institute

    Where Did All the Little Things Go? A Closer Examination of Burrowing Shrimp Recruitment to Coastal Estuaries, Brett Dumbauld, USDA-ARS

    Coffee Break sponsored by Rock Point Oyster

  • Concurrent Session A, Gorge Room Concurrent Session B, Columbia Room

    3:30 Filtration Services of the Native Olympia Oyster and the Introduced Pacific Oyster: Improved Resolution of Ecosystem Services, Matthew W. Gray, Oregon State University

    Ghost of Shrimp Past: Toxicity of Imidacloprid to Burrowing Shrimp in the Laboratory and Implications for Oyster Culture in Willapa Bay, WA, Christian E. Grue, University of Washington

    3:45 Washington State’s Partnership with Shellfish Growers to Protect Natural Resources During an Oil Spill, Max Gordon, Washington Department of Ecology

    Additional Analyses of Benthic Invertebrate Data from 11 Studies Related to Applications of Imidacloprid to Control Burrowing Shrimp in Willapa Bay, Steven Booth, Pacific Shellfish Institute

    Marine Pathogens & Shellfish DiseaseModerator: Carolyn Friedman, University of WA

    4:00 Oregon Shellfish Initiative: Update and Path Forward, Kessina Lee, OR Sea Grant

    Geographic Distribution and Quantification of Abalone Withering Syndrome from Wild and Farmed Populations Along the CA Coast, Lisa Crosson, University of Washington

    4:15 Molluscan Aquaculture in Brazil, Carlos Gomez, Universidade Federal de Santo Catarina

    Why are all the Oysters Dying? - Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome (POMS) - OsHV-1 microvariant, Ian Duthie, SeaPerfect, Tasmania

    4:30 Workshop: WA Shellfish Production Numbers Led by: Julie Horowitz, WA State Governor’s OfficeShare needs and interests in production and landings data reporting; understrand concerns related to data collection; identify next steps in path forward.

    De Novo Characterization of a Pinto Abalone Transcriptome and Gene Expression Analysis Upon Exposure to a Disease Stressor, Sean Bennett, University of Washington

    4:45 Shellfish Health Management and Probiotic Application, Ralph Elston, Aquatechnics

    Tuesday, September 22

    6:00 - Opening Night Tradeshow Reception, Shoreline RoomSponsored by Duncan & Associates Inc. and Seapa USA

    7:00 - “IRONCLAM 2015” - NSA Student Fundraiser

    Life is all about finding people who are your kind of crazy!

  • Concurrent Session A, Gorge Room Concurrent Session B, Columbia Room

    Seafood Inspection & Human Health IssuesModerator: Jerrod Davis, WA Department of Health

    Broodstock Development GeneticsModerator: Stuart Thomas, Taylor Shellfish Farms

    8:30 Marine Biotoxin Closures in Washington State: Historic and Recent Trends, Adi Hanein, WA Sea Grant and WA Department of Health

    Theoretical and Realized Heritabilities of Performance Traits of Pacific Oyster Families Produced by the MBP, Chris Langdon, Oregon State University

    8:45 Small Farm Vibrio parahaemolyticus Avoidance Techniques, Andrew Suhrbier, Pacific Shellfish Institute

    Update on the Molluscan Broodstock Program, Chris Langdon, Oregon State University

    9:00 Lessons Learned from the First Year of Implementing a Preventative Approach to Vibrio parahaemolyticus, Clara Hard, WA Department of Health

    Genetic Variation in Early- and Late-Stage Larval Performance Under Ocean Acidification in Hybrid Lines of the Pacific Oyster, Daniel Gillon, University of WashingtonResource Assessment & ManagementModerator: Perry Lund, NOAA Fisheries

    9:15 Norovirus: What We Can Learn from the Past Year and What To Do To Prevent Future Outbreaks, Lawrence Sullivan, WA Department of Health

    2015 Olympia Oyster, Ostrea lurida, Brooding Results from Northern Puget Sound, Jackie Dexter, Swinomish Indian Tribal Community

    9:30 Would you Like Ice with That? A Proposed Vibrio Retail Program, Teri King, WA Sea Grant

    Preliminary Results of a 40 Year Analysis on Native Clam Population Variability in the Salish Sea, Julie Barber, Swinomish Indian Tribal Community

    9:45 NOAA Seafood Inspection Program, Eric Staiger, NOAA Seafood Inspection Program

    Monitoring and Management of Treaty-Share Bivalve Resources on Private Tidelands: Survey, Harvest, and Enhancement, Luke Kelly, Suquamish Tribe Fisheries


    ISSC Proposal ReviewModerator: Miranda Ries, National Fish & Oyster

    Ocean Conditions: Climate Change, Ocean Chemistry & AcidificationModerator: Henry Carson, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

    10:15 ISSC Proposal Review, continued Detecting Ocean Acidification from Stable Isotope Records of Scallop Shells, Yongwen Gao, Makah Fisheries Management

    10:30 ISSC Proposal Review, continued Monitoring Risk: Ocean Conditions Influence Mussel Attachment, Laura Newcomb, University of Washington

    10:45 ISSC Proposal Review, continued Effects of Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia on the Olympia Oyster (Ostrea lurida), Carolyn Friedman, University of Washington

    Producing Algae for the Shellfish Hatchery Moderator: Sue Shotwell, Nisqually Indian Tribe

    11:00 The Basics of Algae Culture: How to Grow Algae for Shell-fish Aquaculture, Stuart Ryan, Puget Sound Restoration Fund

    Transgenerational Effects of Ocean Acidification on the Pacific Oyster, Daniel Gillon, University of Washington

    11:15 Shellfish Nutrition: What to Grow and What to Feed, Nate Wight, BWH Shellfish and Bremerton Environmental Labs

    Using Large Scale Seaweed Culture as a Means to Improve Carbonate Chemistry for Sensitive Marine Organisms, Joth Davis, Taylor Shellfish Farms

    11:30 Q&A Algae Session(Bourne & Chew: Memories and Reflections NSA Video)

    Advancing Ocean Acidification Research and Actions in Washington State and on the West Coast, Julie Horowitz, WA State Governor’s Office

    Wednesday, September 23

    Coffee Break sponsored by Commencement Bay Corrugated and May Packaging & Assoc. Inc

  • Concurrent Session A, Gorge Room Concurrent Session B, Columbia Room

    12:00 Lunch on your own

    PCSGA Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the Riverview Room Open to PCSGA Grower Members only, in good standing.

    Lunch and NSA Annual Meeting

    Emerging Species: Rock Scallops & Sea Cukes Moderator: Joth Davis, Taylor Shellfish Farms

    2:30 Red Sea Cucumber: Poly-Aquaculture for Nutrient Uptake and Seafood Export, Andrew Suhrbier, Pa-cific Shellfish Institute

    2:45 PCSGA AGM, continued Investigating Local Adaptation in Washington State Purple Hinged Rock Scallops, Molly Jackson, Univer-sity of Washington, Taylor Shellfish Farms

    3:00 PCSGA AGM, continued Prospects for Purple-Hinge Rock Scallop Cultivation on the West Coast - Studies on Aquaculture Potential, Joth Davis, Taylor Shellfish Farms

    3:153:30 PCSGA AGM, continued Assessing Population Structure and Local Adapta-

    tion of Rock Scallops to Inform Aquaculture Practice, Natalie Lowell, University of Washington

    3:45 PCSGA AGM, continued Update on Development of Commercial Hatchery Production Techniques for Purple Hinged Rock Scallop, Molly Jackson, University of Washington, Taylor Shellfish Farms

    4:30 PCSGA Member Reception with Ian Duthie Hospitality Suite, #1 Riverside Building

    Wednesday, September 23


    6:30 Grand Awards Banquet, Student and Industry Awards, Silent Auction - Gorge Room Sponsored by Penn Cove Shellfish LLC and Plauche & Carr, LLP

    Coffee Break sponsored by Commencement Bay Corrugated and May Packaging & Assoc. Inc.

    A special thank you to:Hospitality Suite

    Thank you to Norplex Inc for generously hosting, year after year!

    Student SponsorsVicki and Steve Wilson, Arcadia Point Seafoods

    Ralph Elston, Aquatechnics, Inc.Bill Dewey, Chuckanut Shellfish

    Todd Van Herpe, Humboldt Bay Oyster Co.Dave Steele, Rock Point Oyster

    Sue Cudd and Mark Wiegardt, Whiskey Creek Hatchery

    Shellfish DonorsEkone Oyster

    National Fish & Oyster Co.Oregon OysterPacific Seafood

    Penn Cove Shellfish

  • Concurrent Session A, Gorge Room Concurrent Session B, Columbia Room

    8:30 Accessible-Tech Tool & Equipment Information Exchange and Continental Breakfast, sponsored by YSI, Inc.Led by: Andrew Suhrbier, Pacific Shellfish InstituteRope tying, drones, water quality/salinity meters and weather stations: using accessible-tech tools on shellfish farms.

    Workshop: The Future of West Coast Shellfish Research: Establishing PrioritiesLed by: Bobbi Hudson, Pacific Shellfish Institute

    Shellfish & Seagrass: Functions, Values & InteractionsModerator: Chris Cziesla, Confluence Environmental

    9:15 Have your voice heard as the shellfish-producing community establishes priorities for the next decadeof shellfish research and information collection.

    Status and Trends of Eelgrass (Zostera marina) in Greater Puget Sound, Bart Christiaen, WA Department of Natural Resources

    9:30 Workshop, continued Seagrass Responses Across Disturbance Regimes, Jennifer Ruesink, University of Washington

    9:45 Workshop, continued Shellfish Aquaculture and Seagrass Seascaptes in Coastal Estuaries, Brett Dumbauld, USDA-ARS

    10:00 Workshop, continued Eelgrass Versus the “Blob” and Other Scary Things: Sorting Out Mechanisms of Effect and Resilience, Ronald Thom, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

    10:15 Workshop, continued Eelgrass-Shellfish Aquaculture Interactions in West Coast Estuaries: Using Meta-Analysis to Quantify Sources of Variation in Effect Size, Tish Conway-Cranos, NOAA Fisheries

    10:30 Coffee break Coffee break

    Down on the FarmModerator: Ian Jefferds, Penn Cove Shellfish

    10:45 Suquamish Tribe’s New Facility, Tony Forsman, Suquamish Tribe

    Shellfish Aquaculture and SAV: A State of Science Assessment to Inform Management, Kenneth L. Riley amd James A. Morris Jr., NOAA

    11:00 And We’re Doing This Because...?, Daniel Hanson, H.C. Snail

    Regulatory Framework: Federal, State, and Local Permitting, Amanda Carr, Plauche and Carr LLP

    11:15 Material Needs for Habitat Projects in Puget Sound, Brian Allen, Puget Sound Resoration Fund

    Beyond Acres and Turions: Improving Metrics for Eelgrass Mitigation, Marlene Meaders, Confluence Environmental Company

    11:30 News from Hog Island’s Flupsy Crew, John Finger, Terry Sawyer and Erik Schlagenhauf, Hog Island Oysters

    Seeing the Meadow of Blades - A Shellfish Growers Observations, Bill Dewey, Taylor Shellfish

    11:45 Workshop: Washington Department of Health Vibrio Control Plan Led by: Laura Johnson, Clara Hard, Darin Klein, DOH Discuss harvest plans, temperature-taking methods and collaboratively problem-solve issues that come up during the first year of the revised control plan implementation.

    Thursday, September 24

    12:45 Conference Adjourns

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    October 10 - 13Campbell’s Resort, Chelan, Washington