6 ways to get 16%

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6 WAYS TO GET 16% Simple! Overlooked? “Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while”

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You were already getting this revenue! Here are some basics you may have stopped doing. There may also be some new nuggets you are not.

Transcript of 6 ways to get 16%

  • 1. Simple! Overlooked?6 WAYS TO GET 16% Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while
  • 2. The Accountability ConundrumIf You Own the Business, You are Accountable
  • 3. Your people dont get distracted?Whos generating revenue in your company right now?
  • 4. #1 Cross sell - 3%
  • 5. #2 Customer Service Sales 2%Customers willsay things tocustomer servicethat your salesreps wont hear.Whos picking upon what theyresaying?
  • 6. #3 Make the Call! Dial Productively 5% Select a group of contacts geographically Dial progressively Minimize between call time Minimum 10% productivity 1% * 5 = 5% gain in top line revenue
  • 7. #4 Identify theMVP from yourwebsite 2%
  • 8. Social Networking NOT! Get your butt off Facebook and start working the LinkedIn referral system the way it was originally designed
  • 9. #5 Leverage LinkedIn and Jigsaw - 2% Get connected and use the connections wisely Get referred and introduced Cold calling is dead and a waste of time! Cut pursuit time and start selling
  • 10. #6 Know thy Prospect - 2% Thoroughly research your prospect likes dislikes Thoroughly research their business Understand whats keeping the CEO up at night Know how they think, how they make decisions Know what mindfood will make them respond positively. Dont waste their time, theyll respect you in the morning Cut pursuit time and start selling
  • 11. How do you track whats going on in your business?
  • 12. BONUS! CRM SCRM 2% C O MC MO UN NT IA CC AT T E Do you own one of these? MA EC ST SI AO GN IS N G If it isnt in here, it doesnt count!
  • 13. Overlook anything? [email protected]