6 Recruitment Metrics you Need to be Using

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6 Important Recruitment Metrics: Which Ones Are You Using?

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Without measuring metrics around your recruitment activity it’s difficult to know if your staff recruitment is a great success or failing to live up to your overall objectives. There are many metrics than can be tracked but what is important for any HR professional is knowing which metrics are really worth using – those that will help you to see the best return. To get your team started, Webrecruit has compiled its top 6 recruitment metrics to help you to benchmark your current KPIs.

Transcript of 6 Recruitment Metrics you Need to be Using

  • 6 Important Recruitment Metrics: Which Ones Are You Using?
  • 1. Cost-Per-Hire Are you tracking every penny spent when you make a new hire? Calculating your average cost-per-hire will aid you to drive down costs.
  • 2. Time-To-Hire Break down your time-to-hire by stages, such as: interview to offer, offer to acceptance and so on. Knowing the time spent on each stage will provide you with an understanding of where to look when tightening up your internal processes.
  • 3. Source of Application Without monitoring your source of applications, how can you know which is your most successful platform?
  • 4. Agency Usage Do you know what percentage of your recruitment is handled by agencies? Traditional recruitment agencies can be costly; this metric will aid you with forecasting your spend.
  • 5. Retention Rates Often feel you are recruiting for the same role? Identifying trends in your retention rates will allow you strive to change them.
  • 6. Talent Pool Usage How often are you successfully hiring from your own talent pool? Keeping track of this will help you to ensure your talent pool is as strong as you need it to be.
  • By focusing on the metrics that matter you can drive down your costs and dramatically improve your internal processes. Webrecruit works with HR professionals - aiding them to do just this. Want more information on recruitment solutions from Webrecruit? Request more info