6 Easy Eco Friendly Moving Tips

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Going green is the new "in". But moving results to a lot of waste if not done the right way. Golan's Moving & Storage knows so here are 6 Easy Eco Friendly Moving Tips that will help you relocate without the guilt. For more information visit www.golansmoving.com

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  • 6 Easy Eco-Friendly Moving Tips Green Tips by:
  • Moving can create a lot of waste. (when not done the right way)
  • However, with a little planning and preparation, its possible to reduce your carbon footprint when relocating.
  • Oh Yes GOING GREEN is the trend today! Thats why Golans Moving & Storage shares 6 of the easiest eco-friendly moving tips.
  • Tip #1: Recycle moving materials
  • Tip #3: Use REUSABLE BOXES
  • Tip #5: Dispose of non-recyclable properly
  • Tip #6:
  • (it isnt that hard!)
  • Need more moving tips? Visit www.golansmoving.com