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VSU and the Valdosta community joined together for the 5k Fun Run/Walk, Saturday, Aug. 24 at 7 a.m.

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  • 1. Photos by Ritsuki Miyazaki

2. Runners stand on their marks waiting for the signal to start. The 5K Fun Run/Walk began at 7 a.m. 3. Colin Prinsloo, graduate accounting major, runs down Baytree road. 4. Rick Jay Smith, 23, member of the Air Force runs down Baytree road Saturday morning. 5. Tayler Thatcher, junior exercise physics major, heads towards the finish line on Baytree road. 6. Justyn Brownrudge, senior computer information system major, makes it to the end of the 5K on Baytree road, right in front of the Student Union. 7. Shaundon Moore, sophomore biology major, makes it across the finish line. 8. Ariel Godwin, 32, with his one and half year old daughter Becca, running towards the finish line. 9. Laura Ramirez, junior nursing major, and Ashley Valerio, senior nursing major, cross the finish line, on Baytree road, together. 10. Prizes were given to runners at the end of the event. 11. Prinsloo placed first with the record of 19 minutes and 50 seconds.